Why & What should You Have On Roofing Landing Page?

by | Dec 1, 2018

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Are you in a Roofing Business?

Are you a Roofing Contractor?

If you are marketing your roofing business online, then Landing Page in your website can be the best way to generate leads.

Confused about the landing page!

What is a landing page?

Let me give you a short snippet…

A landing page is simply a specific page on your website that is designed to convert. It is the first page to which the visitor lands when they click on your PPC ad or social media marketing campaign. The landing page can be helpful to identify and convert unknown website visitors into customers. It can a powerful tool for business development.

For in-depth information about landing pages read How Can You Create An Effective Landing Page Design?

Why should your roofing website have a landing page?

⇒ For Lead Generation

Basically, if you are running a digital advertising campaign for your roofing business then the landing page is the best marketing strategy for lead generation. If you are not incorporating a landing page on your website for your online marketing campaigns, you are probably wasting lots of dollars. In addition, increasing your bounce rates and paying for clicks that do not convert.

lead generation roofing landing page

Moreover, people click on your ad because they are curious to know more about your company. After clicking on your ad, if they land on a page that does not convince them to take some action, they will go for your competitor.

Let me give you an example: Imagine you are searching on google for “roofing repair near me”. You get many results. You probably click on an ad. But, it directly drives you to the homepage for some other service, where roofing repair is not described. What would you do? You mostly exit the page, right?

Therefore, if your landing page design is not proper, you are losing your customers. So, the landing page is crucial for successful marketing campaigns because they convert clicks into your roofing leads and generate traffic to your website. A well-designed landing page attracts visitors and compels them to convert.

This sounds interesting, isn’t it? Now let’s move further to SEO.

⇒ For Search Engine Optimization

A landing page that is well-designed, makes it simple for Google to index it. Also, show them for the relevant search term for your roofing business. Having different landing pages for different services or products increases your visibility with great content.

This helps position your website at the top for better search engine ranking. It also helps potential customers to find you due to the content on your landing page. This improves their experience, which brings more conversions.

search engine optimization roofing landing page

Search engine-optimized landing pages will increase your page quality rating. Visitors can easily find what they are looking for. They can get all the answers to their search query. Therefore, optimizing your roofing landing page with SEO can help your business in long term.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. You do not get results overnight. The improvements may take time for the search engine to recognize. But the results are accurate and cost less than PPC campaigns. Thus it saves you a lot of money without requiring PPC marketing.

For more information on SEO read our article What is Search Engine Optimization?

What should be included on a roofing landing page?

⇒ Conversion Focused Design

The design of your roofing landing page should be conversion-focused. If you are running Google Ads or any PPC campaign, then your landing page design should be easy to understand for the visitors and help them to convert.

The campaign-focused landing page does not waste time on promotional material or any extra information. It clearly states what your business has to offer and has a call-to-action button or a contact form.

If you do not have a specific landing page that does this, people will read through your site, get excited about what you offer, and get back to browsing other websites. Adversely you will have to pay for the clicks that do not convert. Thus decreasing your conversion rates and increasing the cost per campaign.

A landing page is what gets results from the marketing campaign. Whether you are encouraging people to sign up for a free trial or free quote or having an offer on any roofing product or service, you need to design your landing page that directs the visitor toward your goals. Every element needs to lead to one place.

Messaging Consistency roofing landing pageSource: C39 Roofing

⇒ Messaging Consistency

Keep the messaging of your landing page consistent. Design a specific landing page for a specific product or service that you offer in your Ad. The messaging of your Ad should match the messaging of your specific roofing landing page.

If the text of your roofing Ad promotes a service, but when clicked, it lands on a product page, where’s the message match. It’s totally a mismatch of the message conveyed through your Ad. The visitors directly bounce back to some other website.

The visitor saw your promotional sale Ad and clicked on it. But, ends up on a landing page that looks and feels different and they saw nothing about the sale, they are less likely to convert. Therefore, messaging consistency is the primary reason why landing pages occur. The best way to obtain perfect messaging consistency is simply to create a specific landing page for each variation of your ads.

A home page is created to meet many different needs. Whereas a roofing landing page with a good marketing campaign delivers traffic with one specific need. Without consistent messaging, you run the risk of confusion among visitors. Thus messaging consistency is very important for your landing page.

⇒ Heading/Headlines

The headline is the perfect place to start. It is the first thing people notice after landing on your landing page. Headlines play a vital role to attract visitors. It’s also the first opportunity for your visitor to decide whether to continue or leave the page.

The main objective of the headline should be to clearly state the benefits of your company. It should be relevant to what the prospect is searching for. Your headline should get straight to the point. The headline should describe the visitor’s need to solve a specific problem for what they are looking for. If your headline needs more explanation, you can use a subheading.

Unique CTA for roofing landing page


⇒ Unique Call To Action (CTA)

If you are promoting any roofing service or any roofing product, then you should have a call to action button on your roofing landing page. It must be unique and clearly visible, so that visitors can take further action to book a service or buy a product.

“Your call-to-action represents a handshake agreement between you and your probable customers”

To get the most out of your landing page the call-to-action button should be attractive and with a different color. The wording that you are using on your CTA button must be decisive and easy to understand for the visitor. It should have action verbs to get people to act.

Better placement of the CTA button can help visitors to take the desired action. You can place it on top or bottom of the roofing landing page or you can keep it floating. Make the use of CTA button if possible only once on your landing page. While many CTA buttons can confuse visitors about the purpose of the landing page.

⇒ Fill Out Forms

Landing page forms are one of the most important parts of a landing page. It can also be called a lead capture form. Make sure your form is above the fold and is clearly visible and distinct from other content on the landing page.

fill out forms for roofing landing page

Source: Blue Collar Roofing

If fill out forms are too long, you are risking your visitors from converting. And if the form is too short you may not gather the information you need about the visitors or their queries. In short, you are losing valuable leads. Therefore, include enough fields to capture the information you need in order to qualify your leads.

Usually, visitors do not give you information unless you have something for them. So, make the fill-out form attractive to prospects and easy to read. You can use different types of fill out a form such as:

  • Multi-step forms
  • Single step forms
  • Short forms
  • Longer forms
  • Forms behind the CTA
  • And more types

⇒ Trust Signs (Social Proof)

Building trust among the visitors to your roofing landing page is also an important aspect. A Trust sign is a piece of information that will build trust in your landing page visitor. You can use different types of trust signs such as:


Testimonials from your customers that are happy about your roofing product or service prove that you can deliver what you promise. You can ask for customer testimonials after you provide a service or product and they are happy with it. Also, make sure you provide the source of each testimonial.

For more detailed info on testimonials read our article Tips to Consider for Growing Your Business With Customer Testimonials

reviews and rating in roofing landing page

Source: Beldon Roofing

Reviews & Star Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are also a huge part of your online reputation. Star rating is simply the number of stars that customers give your business as a result of one good or bad experience. Online reviews can build trust and increase conversations.

Showing customer reviews on your landing page help validate your business without forcing that customer to leave the landing page. There are many review platforms where customers can leave a review or rate your product or service. Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and Houzz are some of them.

To get more information about customer reviews, read Reviews Can Help Small-Scale Business to Grow

certification in roofing landing page

Source: Ready Roofing & Renovation


This is a unique way to build trust. If you have a roofing association or your company is accredited with top-notch companies such as BBB, Home Advisor, Conklin Roofing Systems, etc. you can display certification logos on your landing page. This would show you are genuine and qualified with the right credentials to perform the job.

Images of your work

Using real images of your work will add authenticity to your message on the landing page. You can showcase your product or use before and after images of your services.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials work better than text testimonials. You can use videos, as they increase engagement and help determine the benefits of the product or service in a concise way.

phone number on roofing landing page

Source: Mancha Roofing

Show Your Phone Number

People trust businesses that has a phone number on landing. Providing the option to call is not only nice for your prospects and customers but it benefits you also. It tells people that your business is genuine and there are real people at the end of the phone line. A landing page with a phone number will drive more high-quality conversions that turn into sales.

“75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response”

⇒ Keep Things Simple

Landing pages should be simple and clean, to better highlight the call to action. While designing a roofing landing page, if you keep the layout simple it makes it easy to understand for visitors. Also, it helps them to believe in you and convert. All in all, you need to keep the layout of your roofing landing page simple and professional.

What you should not have on a roofing landing page?

→ Not Checking Mobile Compatibility

Are your landing page mobile-friendly?

Mobile compatibility of roofing landing page

Source: The Home Depot

Mobile is a huge part of online marketing strategy. If you have not optimized your landing page for mobile, then you are losing great leads. Mobile compatibility ensures that your visitors have the best experience on your landing page even on a small screen, which increases your conversion rates. Therefore, if you want your customers to buy your product or service, you need to ensure your pages look good on their smartphones.

→ Missing Call-To-Action Button

If a visitor lands on your landing page, but does not find a clear call to action button, they will leave without converting. Make sure you have a clear and attractive CTA button and clicking on it may fulfill what they are looking for.

→ Too Many Call-To-Action Buttons

Do not use too many CTA buttons as it can confuse visitors about where to take action. As a result, it lowers the conversion rate.

→ Extra and Unnecessary Information

By providing too much information you are wasting visitors’ time. They already have enough information and have decided to land on your landing page for the offer. They only want to know how to grab that offer.

→ Slow Page Speed

If your landing page fails to load speedily, there are chances of people walking away without even viewing the offer on your page. Speed has a big impact on your landing page performance. Test your page speed using online tools such as Pingdom, and Google’s PageSpeed Insights.


If you are promoting your roofing business online on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other PPC platform, then the landing page is incredibly important. A well-designed landing page can be a situation between making and losing money. Now you know what and why should you have it on your landing page.

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