Tips to Consider for Growing Your business With Customer Testimonials

by | Oct 3, 2018

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Customer Testimonials

As we all know “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” The most difficult task to compete with today’s generation is that they don’t believe anyone and don’t even ask someone about your product.

They will search online about your company and product reviews. So, for the destination of acquiring huge crowd, the customer testimonials are the best path on which new customers will walk and reach your business for purchasing product or service.

Tips to Consider for Growing Your business With Customer Testimonials

It’s not a hard task for marketers to show how well their company is; they just need to use strong content and their job is done. But the thing is no one can control what people will say about your product or organization. So, having good customer testimonials is important for any organization which is proof of your services and product quality.  

But, the most important question is do you know what is Testimonials?  

If you simply search on google that “What is the meaning of testimonials?” Then you will get the result that “testimonials are a formal statement which is used for testifying someone’s character and qualifications”. So, the customer testimonials are useful to show the world what people think about your brand.  

Create Different Places to Leave Reviews:

You need to make sure that your customers can get proper information about your business. No matter on which platform they are searching, they must be able to read your reviews anywhere. 

There are few sites available who let your users understand more about your business.  


As per the BrightLocal – Yelp is a customer’s most trusted medium on which they believe about any companies review.

So, firstly you should be registered with Yelp with the all updated details. By claiming your Yelp business pageyou have created a better opportunity for viewers to know about your business in details.

Yelp for Business Owners

Further, you need to make sure you are regularly visiting your profile and all the communication coming through your Yelp profile. Hence, responsive business pages will be shorted by response time and rate. Which proves that you are concerned about what your user thinks about your brand and the same will encourage your viewers to become your customers. 


Nowadays Social media is a place where everyone will get whatever information they want and Facebook is one the most popular social media. So, you should make sure you are owning a business account on Facebook to spread more brand awareness among your viewers.

Further, you need to assign a person who can handle all the conversations coming through Facebook for better engagement with your customers.  

What to know more about Facebook marketing? Then know here Facebook a Better Way to Grow Your Business. 

Better Business Bureau: 

For businesses in Mexico, the United States and Canada Better Business Bureau is another trustable site.

Further, you need to make sure your contact information’s like the website, working hours and key features are available on your business page.  

Google My Business:  

You can use Google Business Profile to register your business with world’s most used search engine. So, if your potential customers will find your information on google they will get the required result.

Google My Business page

Know more about Google reviews read Google Business Review Guide

Angie’s List: 

Angie’s List is also a review platform. It helps you to connect your business with quality members and also promote it.

How to Display Customer Testimonials?

1. Transform it into the Case Study:

Having a good customer testimonial will not going to convince your customers for your product purchasing. But yes, they make your customers click on it and at least check once. 

Use your customer’s testimonials as a weapon which makes the viewer think a bit for your product. 

2. Secure Testimonials from Your Best Customers:

Testimonials which you are showing to the world should be original and relatable to your product. 

Customer testimonials should be from your target audience members. The customer should mention how your services proved beneficiary for them. This kind of reviews will get caught by viewers easily. 

3. Testimonials Should Highlight the Benefit:

As we said earlier, testimonials should highlight the benefit. Here we’ll tell you why. 

There are so many markers who say their products are best. But, instead of that, you need to mention what are the benefits of using your product so a customer can relate easily and can find the solution of their issues in it. You need to create an attractive and useful image of your brand which your visitors can easily remember.


Further, you can add testimonials in a video for strong representation with an interesting way. 

4. Share Positive Reviews on Social Media:

If you are receiving positive reviews then you must highlight them. For Example, if you have received any appreciating review on Facebook then you can re-share it in your social media account with your customer name. 

This is one of the most powerful tactics of marketing which make other people more curious to do the same. Which would be ultimately beneficiary for your business and also expand your brand awareness. 

5. Visual Engaging:

The best testimonials paint a picture with words so readers can learn exactly what the value of making a purchase from your organization. Be sure to feature testimonials with descriptive language that can help your audience and convince them to make a purchase. 

Take your testimonial page one step further by incorporating more visual elements. Such as images, videos, and social media feeds are relatively easy ways to make testimonial content more engaging. And also to prove towards the readers that the testimonial is coming from a real person or brand. 

6. Let Your Customer Call You the Best:

You might have seen some marketers compare their services with competitors. But, this will add negative content in your website. 

So, it is advisable not to add this kind of content in your website and let your customer calls you the best comparing to others. 

7. Add Attractive Quotes:

Quotes related to your life will never fail to catch attention. Customer testimonials in quote format are easy-to-read and understand. Plus, putting the image of the particular person will make your quotes look more trustable. That will add credibility and genuineness to your testimonials. 

Keep quotes short, snappy and easy to read – and for authenticity, always try to include a full name, company and job title of your customers. 

So, these are the ways of using reviews once the customer has left it for you. But, what if you are not getting the reviews as per expectations. 

Here are some tips for acquiring user reviews. 

1. Optimize Your Website:

Reviews which you are receiving from other websites must be in unsolid form. Which might be from happy customers or unhappy customers. 

So, you have a chance to get favorable reviews from your customers. You need to make sure when customers are on your site, it should be easy for them to leave reviews. So, for providing this facility it is necessary to optimize your website. 

Optimize your website

Start optimizing your website, blogs, and social media to provide space where they can write reviews. Further, you can use one of the below-mentioned ways to optimize your website. 

  • Your website should be optimized for mobiles. So, it makes easy for the people who are browsing your website through their phone. 
  • Add badges through which you can easily direct your audience towards Yelp or Facebook to read and view reviews.
  • If you are asking your customers about review via email or SMS then it should be short and sweet and also contain the link to review platform. 

2. Give them a Solid Reason to Leave Reviews:

No one has much time to browse your website and leave reviews for you until you are giving them a solid reason for it. 

You can attract them by giving offers, gifts or a discount coupon, which increase the crowd towards your website. For example, Google pay provides exciting seasonal cashback offers for their users.  

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2. Ask for the Reviews at Right Time:

Asking your customers for the review is not a bad idea. But it is very important to ask them at the right time throughout their journey with your business to get the favorable result.  

Because it is possible if you ask them at the wrong time then they can leave a negative review, Right?  

Right Time

So, you need to make sure that you ask customers for the review after their positive experience with your brand. For example, you can consider below-mentioned conditions when you can ask for a review. 

  • While they repurchase your product.  
  • If you feel that customers are satisfied with your services then you can ask for the review.  
  • If they have tagged your brand with some positive caption on social media. 
  • Also, if they refer another customer to you. 

So, these all are the positive sign of having a favorable review.  

3. Ask for the Review in Well Prepared Way:

You can’t ask the customer to leave on a particular site, for example, you cannot force them to leave a review on Yelp, Google or Facebook.  

So, it’s better to be well prepared before sending them SMS or Email for the review. Therefore, you need to be sure that you are proving right link which guides the customer to an appropriate platform for leaving the review.  

Further, don’t ask them for review directly. You need to make them feel like you are worried about their comfort, so ask them for the review with some useful information about the product.  

4. Learn a Way How to Ask for the Review:

As we mentioned above you can’t ask the customer for review directly. You need to start with some sensible topic. For example, you can start with open-ended questions like “Would like to renew your purchase?” Or “How was your first interaction with our customer service?” 

So, With the help of this start, you can judge the level of satisfaction and can avoid any mistake in asking for a review. 

5. Increase Engagement with Customers by Responding to Review:

Sometimes negative reviews are also beneficiary hence no one is perfect. So, there is no need to ignore bad reviews and respond to each and every review which helps you to gain more trust among viewers.  

But, it is necessary to ensure that you are responding in the right way. Know more on “How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews. 

No one can reach the milestone of the success by just delivering the best feature until those features are useful for your customers. And you will not be able to know about how your features are working for their issues until they don’t share it, right?  

So, the customer testimonials are like the mark-sheet which displays marks of your services. To become the first in the race of business success and you need to learn that how to play with the reviews. Hence, we are sure above-mentioned information’s are enough to maintain your customer testimonials well. 

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