How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business?

by | Jul 23, 2018

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In today’s world, almost everyone is the slave of the internet. The Internet has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. It has many pros and cons, some people use it for good cause like to explore themselves, to gain more knowledge or to keep themselves update what’s new on the globe.

However, talking about the most beneficial sector through the internet is “Digital Marketing” commonly known as Online Marketing. The Internet has influenced Digital Marketing in many ways. Through it, business owners are successful in increasing their company revenue day by day.

The era of the digital world has already started and business owners (small as well as big) need to update their strategies as well as the business trend. Positively majority of business owners have understood the significance of “Digital Marketing”. They have come up with their websites related to services/product they provide.

As we already mentioned above everyone is dependent on the internet. For instance, if a person wants to take an appointment to consult a doctor, he would certainly Google it! Hitting the keywords such as “the best doctors near me”.

So all in all, the reason for giving this example is to make you understand that nowadays the majority of people google it, whenever they are in need of some specific service. So it is vital for the business owner to have an online presence.

Landing Page

Well, now consider you have a website and you have spent lots of time and given your heart and soul in developing your website. You are also managing it well enough but not able to convert customers as much as you targeted. What could be the reason? There are many factors, which play a crucial role in online marketing, but the most important factor is “Landing Page”.

It is also has a common term among people called “Destination Page”. Landing Page is a separate page on your website, specially designed for the customers. It is specifically designed for the purpose of marketing or advertising campaigns.

Visitors are directed to the page who click on your online advertisement. If explained in core Digital Marketing language, Landing Page is designed with a single focused objective known as “Call To Action” (CTA). This helps in generating conversions.

Ok, so this was just a snippet about Landing Page. To give you the basic knowledge about what is Landing Page? Now let us go in deep to understand why Landing Page is considered as a crucial part in websites. Let’s see the other vital things related to it.

Why and How Landing Pages can be used for?

Well, I have an answer for you, if you want to see your business at a prominent level. It is a big YES, it is very important for you to have a Landing Page because it increases your conversion rates. At the end of the article, I will share a few Pro tips that will help you increase your sale by 40% using Landing Page.

You might be thinking that I might have gone unpredictable. Don’t trust me? Ok, wait until the article concludes. The focal reason is that product/service specific Landing Page is a single objective that suits the intent of the ad that your visitor clicked on to reach your page.

How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business

If you ponder the instance of sending traffic to your standalone landing page vs homepage, you can understand that your homepage is designed more for general purpose. It talks more about overall and corporate values and it is typically loaded with links and navigation different pages on site. Each link on your page that does not represent your conversion goal is a distraction that will dilute your messages and decrease your conversion rate.

The basic aspect of the conversion-centered design is message match. It is the potential of your landing page to accurately reflect the messaging presented on the important ad. Majority of customers are very impatient and will bounce back from your website in a few seconds of arrival if you do not reinforce their operation with a relevant headline and purpose rapidly and clearly.

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Let us make it simpler with an example:

The example given below shows the comparison of good and bad message match on a landing page of an advertising campaign.

Bad Message Match

Ad Message: Get Flat 40% off on full house carpet cleaning. Landing Page Message: Welcome to Chris Carpet Cleaning Company.

Good Message Match

Ad Message: Get flat 40% off on full house carpet cleaning.

Landing Page Message: Get Flat 40% off on full house carpet cleaning at Chris Carpet Cleaning Company.

Having a strong message match ensures the visitors that they made an ideal click. Landing pages can be used by any business, whether you want to sell products online. Besides that, want visitors to make an appointment to meet or are trying to divert visitors into your store for your festival sale.

To know how to design landing page read – How Can You Create An Effective Landing Page Design?

Here are some of carpet cleaning landing page samples where you can use landing pages.

  • You can use landing page in every carpet cleaning or other cleaning service ad (Experts advice must use it in every ad), PPC or offline, to drive visitors to a page to get more information about the carpet cleaning services.
  • You can make carpet cleaning landing page for your cleaning events.
  • Carpet cleaning landing page can be made for your new service/product launch.
  • You can make the carpet cleaning landing page to enroll people in your newsletter.
  • You can make the carpet cleaning landing page to promote your free eBook.

The landing page can be used in many ways, but the reason behind giving a sample is to make you understand what can be the possibilities.

What Strategies Could be applied on Landing Page?  

No business likes to settle on average. There are many industries, who have managed to get higher conversion rates. These can be achieved by implementing some of the strategies on your landing page.

Now let us see the strategies you can implement on the landing page to increase your conversion rate.

The strategies given below with images can be followed to get a good response on landing pages:

Invite Your Visitors with an Irresistible Offer

How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business

Limited Choices on Landing Page

How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business

Provide Customer Service with a Lighter Touch

How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business

Show Them Social Proof

How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business

Show Them Scarcity and Urgency To Take Quick

How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business

Also, Show them The Cost

Benefits of Landing Page

The landing page has many advantages, which set them apart from a business website and make them a successful lead generating and marketing tool. Your business website includes various pages while landing pages accommodate a more specific action. Let’s see the top 5 benefits of the landing page:

1. Support Business Goals

One of the main advantages of the landing page is that they directly support your business goal such as reaching a new niche market, promoting a new product, closing more sales, or getting new customers.

Landing pages benefit your business because they can serve to a specific audience or goal you are targeting, and allow you to analyze success in relation to that goal.

Designed around specific actions that can be tailored to meet your business goals, the landing page can encourage people to take action such as sign up for contact information, your mailing list, subscription of newsletter, inquiry request, or to make a purchase.

2. It Increases Conversions

Your website contains information that influences a visitor’s decision to take action. An excellent landing page will do the same. A landing page creates a clear action for visitors to take and makes it simpler as possible for them. This is called as Call To Action.

Landing page benefits your business because conversion typically leads to more customer and more money revenue for your business.

3. They also Generate Data & Insights

When a campaign is linked to a landing page, you can see which channels are bringing the maximum leads, which campaigns are performing at the top or which topic has more interest.

Tracking of user behavior is one of the best things for landing pages that can generate valuable insights. These types of insights can help categorize your audience and can improve through overall modification.

4. Grow your Email list

Landing pages are usually used for lead generation, means a business gets telephone calls or form submissions from interested people who then convert to potential customers. As such as name, email address, phone number or company.

If you use a form on your landing page that asks for email, your landing page can then benefit your business by growing your email list.

5. Improves Brand Awareness

When you design a landing page, it is very important that the landing page look, style, feel is consistent with the content that links to it. A landing page with consistent branding is an extra way to enhance brand awareness in marketing.

This will help your business by improving the consistency of your branding over social media. Which will create more opportunities to recognize and connect with the brand?

When someone lands on your landing page, they will be more familiar with your business’s branding and more likely to make a purchase or may use the service you provide. All in all, it is important they remember you.

Top 4 Types of Landing Page

  1. Click Through: This one is the most basic type of landing page and is, therefore, the one that is usually considered first. This landing page has general information about the service such as why professional carpet cleaning is important when it is the best time for upholstery steam cleaning, etc. and has a button, which takes the visitor to the page, where they can book the service.
  2. Lead Capture: There is no exit way when it comes to a lead-capture landing page. The company expects visitors to come and fill out the information page. So the company can use this information to connect on social media, call for special offers, to send email marketing campaigns etc.
  3. Viral: This type of landing pages are trying to generate buzz in the large group of people, so they are full of social sharing buttons and great content. Websites having landing page full of the blog post and attractive photos and videos are considered viral.
  4. Mobile: Developing a mobile landing page is all about keeping in mind the small device. You do not want lots of content nor the image covering up the entire screen. You want some catchy lines with a nice call to action button.

There are many free tools to develop a landing page. During my research, I found an excellent web page, which has the best list of free tools for developing a landing page.

As I said, I will share Pro tips at the end, so here they are:

  1.  Make it attractive with limited options on it (simplicity).
  2. Keep brand logo on landing pages and on the content.
  3. Add social proofs.
  4. Be consistent.  
  5. Include videos on landing pages (video length under 60 seconds).
  6. Big Call to Actions.
  7. Make landing page forms mobile friendly.
  8. Never underestimate formatting.
  9. Optimize your landing page.
  10. A/B testing will be beneficial.

To conclude, a Landing Page is the collection of keyword group that gives an instant call to action for the keywords being targeted. By collaborating with rich content with good links, we can leverage landing pages for not only ranking for primary keywords but also targeting the long tail keywords. Above all, landing pages can serve the visitors and they may convert to a loyal customer.

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