Keyword Mixer Tool

Merge Words To Create Different Combinations

Generate Best Keyword Combinations For Your Campaign

The Keyword Mixer tool helps you create keyword combinations for search engine marketing (SEM) and Ads campaigns. It allows users to produce different keyword combinations based on their input, allowing them to improve their advertising campaigns and target certain audiences more efficiently.

How To Use?

Its simple to use. Just follow these steps:

Input Keywords


Input Keywords:

Enter relevant keywords into the designated text areas for Keywords A, B, and C. These keywords can be related to your products, services, or any other terms you want to target in your SEO and Ad campaigns.

Select Options


Select Combination Options:

Choose the desired merge option from the dropdown menu. The options available are:

  • Option 1: Generates combinations for A, A+B, and A+B+C.
  • Option 2: Generates combinations for A+B and A+B+C.
  • Option 3: Generates combinations for A+B+C.
Select Match Type


Select Match Type:

Choose the match type for your keywords from the dropdown menu. The options available are:

  • Broad match is denoted by “space”.
  • Phrase match is enclosing the keywords in quotes ” “
  • Exact match wraps the KWs in square brackets [ ]
Generate Combinations


Generate Combinations:

Click the “Mix Keywords” button to generate keyword combinations based on your inputs and selected options.

View Output


View Output:

The generated keyword combinations will be displayed in the “Mixed Keywords” text area. Additionally, the total number of combinations will be shown in the “Total combinations” section below.

Benefits of Keyword Mixing + Combining Tool

The Keyword Mixer tool streamlines the process of creating keyword combinations, saving users time and effort.

Users can test alternative keyword combinations and match types to optimize their advertising strategies and campaign results.

Using these combinations, a content writer, SEO or Ads specialist can create and generate “long tail keywords,” which have been proven to increase traffic significantly.

Combine Your Words To Get Keywords