9 Essential SEO Ranking Factors To Optimize Your Website

by | Sep 11, 2018

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9 Essential SEO Ranking Factors To Optimize Your Website

As we all know Google provides an open platform for those who have the potential to do the right things. Similarly, Google allows performing SEO to improvise your website quality and gain more organic views on your website. Here are nine essential SEO ranking factors to optimize your website.

1. Search Engine Success Factors

Are you doing SEO for the first time or about to perform the same for the website? There are three major aspects that you need to understand before performing SEO which can provide an effective result.

  • One Page Ranking
  • Off-Page Ranking
  • SEO Violations and Ranking Penalties

To achieve the best SEO result it’s important that these three factors are working well. If one of these three are good and not others, then it won’t work! Because these three factors relate to each other.

Let’s see the same with more clarification.

On-Page Ranking:

To attract people only having good SEO operations is not sufficient. Your content should be bang on from which the user can get valuable knowledge. This factor is in control of the publisher. This is something that we called on-page SEO.

The publisher can control what and which content to publish, which HTML title and keywords need to include, which images and videos need to upload with the content to make it easy to understand by viewers.

Off-Page Ranking:

This actor is in use by the search engine and not controlled by the publisher. Search engines believe in facts and Off-Page ranking is required because On-Page ranking is not sufficient to make your webpages identical among the bunch of webpages on the internet.

It depends on trustable content and quality links. The content of your website should be enough information and the link which you are providing should guide the viewer towards the trustable and informative webpage.

SEO Violations and Ranking Penalties.

Google has mentioned some criteria to perform SEO and gain popularity among viewers which everyone should follow. If you mess with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines then it will throw you out of the race by blocking your website or can reduce your page ranking.

You should be careful at the time of creating links. The link should be genuine and real which is not just created to increase views on your website, hence it will affect your SEO quality. Each and every link of your website should redirect your viewer towards some meaningful and relevant stuff.

2. Content Quality and Search Engine Success

Bang on Content:

If you are writing the same content which is already available over the internet, then why should someone read your content? Or how can the search engine make it identical from the numbers of another webpage?

So, the only option is the unique content! You need to create unique and informative content to create a strong base that can represent your all SEO effects.

Effective Keywords:

Your job of creating good content is not done yet, you need to add some important and meaningful keywords by doing proper indepth keyword research. You need to think like users who will be going to search for your content and then add those keywords which can give the exact and effective answer.

If you really want to highlight your page among so many pages with the same information then try to use the keyword maximum times in your copy. All you need to use some common sense and add the word for which you want your page to be searched.

Importance of Vertical Search:

While you are creating content, you need to make sure that it should be perfect in all aspects. And the most important aspect is Vertical Search. This section measured on the basis of Images, videos, news in your content. If you have these things in your blog, then the search engine might show up your content with a special section.

For example, while you are searching on google for any data you probably get your required content, right? But, you also get special sections like images and videos. This search is known as vertical search.

If your content is not that strong then having an effective vertical search will help you to succeed.

3. SEO Search Engine Architecture: 

Everything we upload will get stored in the huge index of the search engine. Whenever the search engine will get command to search any particular information, then it will search best among all information from the index and pick that page up. If you really want to be at the top of that index then you need to have the best content.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors

Speed Factor:

The search engine like Google wants to make the web a faster place where a slow website will get fewer chances to rank. But, that doesn’t mean if your site is faster than it will be on the top of the search engine.

A speedy website will definitely impact other factors which can make your website on high and make your website more user-friendly. So, speed up your website, boost up your content, search engine and humans both will appreciate your work for sure.

Further, your URL should have a descriptive word that can represent your page content. You must be thinking its non-sense, right? But, trust me it really affects.

Google prefers websites that can run on the HTTPS server in order to provide better security to the user. It doesn’t mean that your website will be on top of Google if you have it. But, thinking about the user’s security is also an important thing.

In-Depth Information: Google Chrome Marks “Not Secure” to HTTP sites from July 2018 – Why?

Duplication Issue:

Search Engine will get confused when it will get the same information on every page. It becomes difficult to find the exact information from so many same pages. Having this on your website will definitely affect the quality and ranking of your website.

This will also cause due to having the fake link in the website which redirects on the same page and creates duplication. This is the reason why white-box testing is important. Further, Google has also mentioned some rules for performing SEO which we already discussed in the previous section.


In today’s fast world people are searching the web through mobile more than a desktop. Google also starts appreciating the websites which are more mobile-friendly.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors

Source: Search Engine Land

So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly which increases chances to increase your website ranking. If you have the mobile application make sure about its linking and indexing.

4. Effect Of HTML Code On Search Engine

We all know HTML is a well-known language to create webpages and the search engine will pick up the webpages on the basis of the particular tag of HTML, which is as mentioned below.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors

Source: slideplayer

HTML Title Tag:

HTML title tag is used to give a title to the documents. For example, how will you find a particular address if all houses in society have the same house number? It will definitely create a huge confusion, right? So, having a unique identity aspect is important.

Similarly, how your website will get ranked if it does not have a unique title or have a title but with one or two words. HTML title is the thing that will get used by the search engine to short the web pages.

The search engine will also use an HTML tag to understand the content of the page. If you have not given a suitable name to your webpage, it will be hard for the Search Engine to locate your page on the basis of content. So, if you perform SEO in the right way then slowly and steadily you will be able to rank your page on Google.

Meta Tag:

Meta Tag allows you to give a short description of your content that readers can easily understand what your content is all about. For example, the Meta tag is like a blurb that is given on the backside of the book to describe the book shortly.

It’s true that a meta tag will not only help you to rank your page, but it has the capability to attract your user if your page is on the page of google. Because it contains the keywords which can catch by the readers’ eyes. As we all know so many people judge the whole movie by just one look. So, the meta tag is like the first look of your content.

Structured Data:

As we all know search engines use Markup code to understand your content in their own language.; which can make it easy to understand your content structure.

The effective result of structured data with Google is the ranking and reviews. It is true that it does not have a direct effect but its final result has a clear effect on its reviews and ratings.

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Header Tag:

Have you seen the headline at the top of the page? So, this is called header Tag. Html code is used to provide a header tag. For example, H1.

Further, if you want to give Sub-heading then the H2 tag will be used. A header tag is used to identify the keyword of your webpage. If you have added the keyword in the header tag on your page, then there are chances of getting ranked on the search engine.

5. Trust, Authority & Search Rankings

If there are no links are provided on the webpage then what you think a search engine will work? And the answer is “of course not”. Having the right links which lead to correct information is important to improve your site ranking. This is what called “site trust” and it plays a vital role in SEO.

Site Authority:

The main goal of having a site is, it should be widely recognized in its particular field. No one from us knows how the search engine calculates the authority of your site. There are so many perspectives on which your site authority depends, like the type of links your site receives, all the social references and the time of the clicks. Further, negative reviews may definitely affect your site authority.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors Source: CIO


If you own a site, then you must have a meaningful interaction with your clients. SEO measures your interaction (engagement) with the client in different ways to check your website quality.

For example, the search engine will measure that for how much time you hold your client on your page, how many clicks they have done, did they get an immediate result or go somewhere else to get the information. So, these criteria will get checked to decide that your content is engaging or not.

Social media also perform a vital role such as comments, shares and likes are a different way to measure your social engagement. So, the simple thing is you must have good user engagement to rank your site and make it popular among the crowd which can indirectly increase the organic search for your website.


On the internet, everything will get measured frequently. Similarly, your website will also get revived from time to time by the search engine to check how your website performed over time.

Having bad content or having the content which not covered the whole topic will not even get considered by the search engine for the Ranking.  Further, you also should take care of SEO rules because violation of SEO guidelines or having multiple penalties will also spoil your website history.

If you have a good history then it would be a beneficiary for your website compared to the new one. Because you already have that trust by your performance which others should have to gain by spending, weeks, months or years with the search engine.

6. Role of Link Building and Ranking in SEO

Links are something that performs an important role in SEO and may also affect off-page SEO. Google is a first search engine who have measured that having the links will improve relevancy to your content.

Quality Link:

Having stuff doesn’t make a difference, but having quality stuff really makes a huge difference. For example. Why people prefer to have an iPhone? I mean, if you go outside you can be able to see there are numbers of options available then why only iPhone?

It’s just because people trust its quality and brand. Similarly, the search engine will measure all your page links but it will only consider those which deliver quality content. So, it’s important to add a quality link to your webpage to improve ranking.

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You might be having one question, that what does the quality link mean?

So, the answer is the link that has some meaningful content and also redirects to the respected site is known as a quality link. Besides that, links that relate to your relevant site will also increase your count of quality.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors

Source: Google

Link and anchor text:

We can’t control people that what are they going to search for. People can search for anything they feel right. For example, Walmart has millions of links. But it doesn’t rank for boat and it ranks for books. So, the reason is it sell the books and not the boats.

In the world of a search engine, the text or anchor with your link is the way of describing another website. This means if someone mentions you in a particular topic means they describe you as an expert in it.

Number of Links:

Try to deliver the best content, hence if your content is good you will get more views and might be many websites provide links to your website. Which is the beneficiary of SEO? So, just start working well and be the best runner in your race.

Having a large number of links is beneficial, but that doesn’t mean you choose the wrong way to gain more links. Hence the same is against SEO guidelines and can have a bad impact on your website history you will get penalized for the same.

7. Effect of SEO On Personalization

Did you notice that not everyone is getting the same result by the search engine? Yes, it’s also right that not everyone is getting completely different but everything you are getting from the search engine is personalized.

Country Personalization

The easiest example of personalization is country-wise personalization.

For example, people who search for Carpet cleaning services in Canada will get personalized result by the Canadian carpet cleaning company and a person in the US will get the personalized result of US.

Further, if your site is not considered for specific then you should need to make changes in your internal SEO to have some better results.

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Personal History

You might have noticed that you will frequently get updates for the website or application you search the most on the search engine. This is because the search engine keeps the history of each user about what they have searched.

So, this type of personal history is used by the search engine to affect the result. This is an easy way to make yourself relevant.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors Source: Horizon Web Marketing

If some customers visiting your site, again and again, it defines believe in your product and services. It is also representing that you are providing good services. Further, if some user has shared a positive review on social media share, like or comment then it provides a good effect on your product or brand.

Locality Wise Personalization

The search engine not only personalizes the data based on country or personal history it also reflects the result based on the city or particular area.

For example, you might have searched “ATM nearby me” on google and got an appropriate list of the ATM nearby you, right? This is what called “Location Wise Personalization”.

So, same as country personalization, if you want your site as the result of city-specific search then you must be sure your site should be related to that specific city. That people in your city will easily find your website and can enjoy your services which can increase your business.

8. Social Media the Ranking Factor of SEO

Off-page ranking factor gives great help in SEO a result, but with some reasons, links can lose their effects. In this case, Social media perform a vital role in the marketing aspect.

If links are a way for the people to vote for your site, then social media sharing is a way to maintain that voting. Social media increase your engagement with the user and make people more aware of your product if you keep posting regularly.

Social Media

It’s not necessary that if you have a social account, then your page will get ranked. But, it has an indirect effect which increases our SEO result as well. Hence having a business account on social media have a huge impact on your SEO result.

Social Reputation:

As we mentioned before search engine can’t review all links, similarly it also can’t review all social accounts. Hence anyone can create numbers of accounts on the social network and no one can stop it.

Nothing, other than the fact that fake accounts like these can often be easy to spot. They may only have a handful of “quality” friends in their network, and few might pass along the material they share.

But, don’t worry fake accounts will get easily recognized. You just need to keep your account updated with the recent post. After all, it will help you to increase awareness of your brand and product towards the crowd.

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Social Shares:

Just upload your content on a Single social network like only Facebook will not be going to work.

You should be active on whole social media that users can able to check your product details anywhere like Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

So as much you share your product on different social media networks, it will help your website to get more organic views.

9. Violations And Penalties Of SEO Guidelines

As we have discussed earlier that Google has mentioned some rule to follow and same are vital to enjoying the positive effect of SEO. Till now we have seen all the positive points, so let me make you aware of some negative effects too.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors

If the user will get spammed, then the search engine will check all the signals and possibilities before deciding to penalize someone. Here we have mentioned some things which you should avoid having a good website history.

Panda Update:

Google launched Panda Updated in 2011 which can detect poor or shallow content from your website. Further, if you have made the necessary changes then it also will escape your website.

This is necessary to do because copied, irrelevant or low-quality content will decrease your website rank. Most importantly today its only case of relevant content, its also about having quality content which is useful for the user which can answer all the queries of the customers.


Clocking will show different content to the user the GoogleBot. But, clocking is not advisable as per Guidelines and similarly, it is not part of White Hat SEO which is the ideal method.

If you prefer clocking for your website then trust me it’s the worst thing to do. Further, if you are caught while doing this, you will get panelized for sure. So, be real and use the right ways to get success.

Keyword stuffing

Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing at all. This is the oldest method of manipulating the search engine. As we all know it’s good to have a keyword in your content to get the best result for SEO. But, what about if the same keyword will be written in the same row for 100 times?

This is called Keyword stuffing. Most importantly, this will not be going to make an impact on Google. In fact, you will get a penalty if Google recognizes the same in your website.

Hidden Text:

You will add keyword stuff but what about your customers? What happens if they will see the same keyword in the same line which doesn’t make any sense?

At this time people choose to hide the text which is not useful for the user. For example, give a white color to the text that it can blend with the background and people can’t see it. Essential SEO Ranking Factors

But don’t forget, the search engine is smart enough to detect this kind of spam and can give you the penalty for the same.

Link Spam:

Link spam is the way to give a more external link to your page. This link will redirect the user to the customer’s comment which is absolutely not relevant and useful information for customers.

Link Spam is not preferable for performing good SEO. If Google has recognized you with link spam then they will give you a huge penalty which can spoil your website history.

Further, if you have these links in your site you can remove all of them to have a fresh start with the search engine.

Heavy Layout:

You might have noticed that on some websites it’s hard to fetch the content because of its layout. So, try to make a user-friendly website that users don’t need to search too much because it can frustrate your user.

If your website layout is too hard, then google can decrease your ranking.

Now, if you have read all of the above-mentioned topics of SEO then congratulations. You know all the things which are necessary to perform essential SEO for your website.

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