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Whether it is a play, film, or advertisement commercial, video script is the most crucial element that can make or break your project. A script time calculator is a valuable tool for scriptwriters and video producers that helps plan and manage their work more effectively by providing a convenient estimate of the running time of a script.

Branding Marketing Agency offers an online script time calculator. That will help you instantly estimate the script length and recording time of your video with the best accuracy and in real time, based on different average reading times.

It is an easy-to-use tool that uses the latest AI algorithms to calculate and provide the most accurate results within a few seconds. It has a simple user interface and 5 different reading speeds to make your task more convenient. Apart from that, users can either calculate the time by providing the number of works or can directly paste the script.

How To Use?

Start your calculation using the following steps.

1. Once you visit the Script Time Calculator page, you will see two text boxes. One will be for the number of words and the second will be for script text.

Script Time Calculator Screenshot (1)
2. You can either insert the word count of your video script or can directly paste the script in the given space.
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3. You can change the pace of delivery by moving the slider. It has 5 different delivery speeds from one word per second to five words per second.
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4. Now click on the Calculate tab and you get the estimated time as your selected speed.
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Benefits of Script Time Calculator

This easy-to-use free word count calculator is helpful for writers, video producers, and content creators to get the accurate estimated recording time of your video. This tool is accurate and provides quick results. It’s two different options where you can calculate by number of words or directly using the script. Its multiple delivery speed options make this tool more convenient and effective.

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