How Can You Create An Effective Landing Page Design?

by | Oct 25, 2018

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How Can You Create An Effective Landing Page Design

In this internet world, most probably all major industries are moving their marketing strategies towards online marketing. A website with a great landing page can help them to achieve their target. The landing page is a page in your website, to which visitor lands and has a call to action. In other words, landing page design is so that it can capture leads and drive visitors to convert into customers by promoting products or services.

Along with your online marketing, the landing page is the first page to which the visitor lands after clicking on an ad, email, social media campaigns. Therefore, the landing page represents your company. You can provide people with a clear, direct call to action and make it easy for them to buy your products, services or sign up for your list. In short, a landing page is an important part of your website design and development process.

How can you create an effective landing page design?

As said – Content Is King

The content of your landing page is the main part of focusing on the product or service that you are offering to your customers. Keep in mind that you have only eight seconds to attract visitors and convince them for the offer, which you are giving is worth or not. Let’s start with headlines.

1. Catchy Headlines

When a visitor lands on a landing page, the first thing that they see is the headlines. Eye-catching headlines are a great chance to engage visitors. Use headlines that help visitors to understand what benefits are they exactly getting from the product or service you offer.

Besides that, the headlines should contain an essential message that is benefit-focused, not feature-focused. Once you give readers an irresistible headline, they will be eager to read the next sub-headlines, body, paragraph, etc. Below is an example of a carpet cleaning landing page with catchy and easy to understand headlines.

carpet cleaning landing page

2. Unique Sub-headlines and Short but informative Body

Sub-headlines and body of a landing page should further explain what you are offering. No matter what your headline is, the content in the body should be better matched to it. The message in the content should be simple, communicative and easy to understand. If you are promoting a sale then you need to ensure that you inculcate the sense of urgency in the body of the landing page design.

Whether you are asking for email addresses or phone numbers, be honest to let them know why you are asking for that information. Besides that, what future communication will they receive from you? Use the sub-headlines and the body to discuss the actual offerings.

3. Clear and Distinct Call To Action (CTA)

Call to action button is the important element of a perfect landing page design. CTA acts as a medium between the user and your product or service. It should clearly tell the reader what you want them to do. It should be so that it motivates the visitor to take action by clicking on the CTA button to make a purchase, fill up the quote form, sign up, request a demo, etc.

direct response landing page

Above is an example of a clear and visible call to action, which can act as direct response landing page.

Tips to improve you Call to Action Button:

  • The best place in your landing page for the CTA button is to keep at the top or bottom of the page. As it helps to make it easy for the visitor to take the desired action. Else you can add a floating CTA button, which is always visible on your landing page.
  • By using strong and bright colors, your CTA button will look nice. It will be great if you include color change or any animation. Similarly, it will make a great impression of your brand to the visitors.
  • Use decisive wording and actionable phrases for your CTA button like “Download Now”, “Start Now”, “Purchase Now”, “Get a Free Quote”. Being specific helps draw more action.

Use Beautiful Design Elements 

1. Relevant and quality Images/Photos

A landing page design with a beautiful image or graphics can grab the attention of your probable customers. Make use of high-quality images to showcase your products or services. Best graphics can engage visitors to your offers.

2. Smart Use of Videos

A video is yet another way to display your products or services on the landing page. Including video on the landing page can increase conversion rates. But only a few companies use video on their landing page. It is an effective tool to engage customers.

smart use of video in landing page

3. Effective Color Combination

Along with image and video, color is also an important aspect of your landing page design. Colors can make a big impact on the mind of your visitors. Suitable color palettes can improve the user interface of your landing page. Therefore, make a research to determine the appropriate color.

Great visuals can engage visitors to take action and help you increase your conversion rates and boost sales.

Keep simple Layout 

The best landing page design is attractive and not overloaded. Do not make the mistake of trying to fill every square inch of your page. Use a simple and clean design with plenty of white space. Maintaining a minimalist design is important because it improves visitor to focus on your offers and call to action on landings page.

Overloading your landing page with all offers data and other visual elements can distract visitors. In addition, it increases the bounce rate of your website. Therefore, keep the layout of your landing as simple as possible. Here is a landing page example with a minimalist design having a clear call to action and easy to understand.

Keep simple Layout for landing page

Display following information for simple layout:

  • Basic information about the offer on the landing page.
  • An important description of the benefits of the offer that helps the customer to solve their queries.
  • Clear Call to Action
  • Customer Reviews
  • Choose a big font to make it easy for visitors to read and understand what your landing page is all about.
  • Make sure your design does not increase the page loading time.

Provide Awesome Offers along with its Benefits 

A landing page is generally designed to promote products or services and increase sales. Thus, you need to provide proper details of your offer and how it is beneficial to the customers.

For that, you need to think like a customer. You need to design your landing page so as to provide a solution to their query. The modern consumer knows what are their basic requirements in a product or service and the price at which they can afford to buy.

Therefore, you need to highlight the benefits of the offer you are providing on your landing page. It is better to tell your customers, what exactly they are getting from your offer.

Build Trust with Customer Reviews 

Online customer reviews are important for a business. It directly impacts your brand. People usually search online before taking a decision to buy anything. They want to know what other customers think about the product or service which they are going to make a purchase.

Nowadays, most sites display social proof in form of customer reviews or testimonials. Reviews are considered to build trust among new visitors. These testimonials give the visitor the confidence to build trust in your brand and encourage them to convert into the customer by purchasing product or service.

As per  BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Therefore, inculcating customer testimonials in your landing page can helps potential customers to build trust in your brand.

For more information about customer reviews refer our article – The Power of Online Reviews

Mobile Responsive 

Mobile Responsive landing page

In this modern world, people make the use of a mobile/smartphone for most of their online work. If they want to purchase anything, any service or make a research, they use mobile. Most probably every online task can be carried out on mobile. From research of a product to its purchase, everything can be done online.

Nowadays, brands have started using mobile responsive policy in most of their web activity. Henceforth, you need to design your landing page responsive to mobile phones. So, it makes easy for mobile users to recognize your brand and help you to get most out of it. A fruitful landing page design must load speedily and appear great on mobile/smartphones.

Clickable Social Sharing Button 

Social media is growing higher and higher over many years. Most probably, all of us are on social media. Therefore, to get online visibility of your brand incorporates clickable social sharing buttons or icons in your landing page design.

Many people are more excited about their experience or found something beneficial to share on social media. Inculcating social sharing buttons on your landing page increases the chance of being shared on social media. Social media acts as word-of-mouth for your online promotion campaign.

Make the use of only those social media platforms that your target audience uses. You can also show your social sites followers, likes, shares on your landing page. This can be a bonus to build trust and credibility among your probable customers.

Clickable Social Sharing Button

Above is an example of a carpet cleaning landing page, which displays social sharing buttons on the top left corner.

More information on social media refer: Essential steps for using Social Media to boost business marketing

Minimize Page Load Time 

As I previously said, you have only a few seconds to impress visitors on your landing page. Longer page load time can disappoint the visitors and increase the bounce rate. If so, you are missing the chance to engage visitors with your call to action. Whether if your landing page is stylish, elegant and informative, it would not make visitors wait while it’s loading.

An effective landing page is built with minimal loading time. For that reason, minimize your page load time by optimizing large image files, fast transitions, quick loading video, and other similar circumstances to increase page load speed. Therefore, a speedy loading landing page helps to impress the visitors and engage them with your brand.

Create Urgency to Take Quick Action 

To boost up sales, the most common tool used nowadays is to display irresistible offers with limited time. Let me ask you a question – if you see an incredible deal of an expecting product with a limited time and limited stock, then what will you do? of course, you will take a quick decision to grab that offer.

This the same thing which you can display on your landing page. Create an urgency for your visitors to take quick action of your offer. Which will obviously increase your sales to achieve your target. Have a look at the landing page example that shows urgency:

Create Urgency to Take Quick Action

A/B Testing 

A/B testing a landing page is a great tool to collect insights about individual elements and check their performance that can be applied to create an effective landing page design. Testing can help you to better understand which layout is the best.

You can test different headlines, sub-headlines, images, videos, color combination for the best layout. Applying those changes can create a better user experience and engage visitors to interact with your landing page. There are always things that you can do to improve. Therefore, A/B testing is the best tool.


The bottom line is that the landing page is the best way to connect with your probable customers and increase conversion rates. Just by implementing a landing page in your online marketing strategy, you can boost up your sales and drive valuable traffic to your website.

I hope, by following these tips you can create an effective landing page design that can get more signup, more clicks, more sales for your business.

For deep information about benefits and types of landing pages, refer – How Landing Page Can be Beneficial for Carpet Cleaning Business?

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