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Bloggers, digital marketers, and SEO professionals understand the importance of their website snippet shown on search engine result pages (SERP). Website elements like Meta Tags, URL, and logo play a crucial role in SEO and they must be optimized correctly. The snippet preview tool helps you with the same.

Branding Marketing Agency has a free snippet preview tool that helps you get an accurate preview of your webpage on SERP without actually publishing it. It shows the preview of title tags, meta description, website name, and logo.

This preview tool analyzes the length and readability of different elements and lets the users modify how their website will look on a search result. This tool is accurate and shows the preview in real-time to make it more convenient for the users. In addition to that, users can also download the screenshot of their snippet preview.

How To Use?

Using this word count calculator is simple. Follow the following steps.

1. As you land on the Snippet Preview Tool page you will see a user interface as below.
Snippet Preview Tool Screenshot (1)
2. Now fill in all the necessary details in the given sections.
Snippet Preview Tool Screenshot (2)
3. After that click the “Preview” tab and you will see the preview of your website in real time.
Snippet Preview Tool Screenshot (3)

4. Also, by clicking the Download Screenshot button, you can get the screenshot of your snippet preview in .png format.

Snippet Preview Tool Screenshot -4

Benefits of Snippet Preview Tool

This free snippet preview tool is a valuable asset for content writers, website owners, digital marketers, and SEOs. It has a simple and user-friendly interface where users will get an accurate preview of their content within a few seconds. Using this tool, users can easily optimize their website in real-time to get more online visibility and higher clicks on their site.

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