Unique Ways To Generate Leads for Carpet Cleaning Business

by | May 26, 2018

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carpet cleaning lead generation

Are you in a carpet cleaning business?

Do you want to grow your business?

Want to get business leads?

Here are the unique ways to generate leads for carpet cleaning business:

Why should a customer select you?

You need to simply answer the questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What are the services you provide?
  • How can you do it better?
  • The goal of your business
  • Why are you in Business?

By making a statement with answers, you can let customers know why they should select you over other companies. You can add these details to your website and all other advertising you do for your business.

Create an attractive LOGO

To become a no. 1 carpet cleaner, create a professionally designed attractive Logo for your advertising. You need this for 2 main reasons:

  • To create a Brand Name
  • To look like a professional reliable business

When you get your logo professionally designed, you can put it on various promotional items to easily boost your business’s branding and professional appeal.

Now let me give you an example:

You have a stain on your expensive carpet and you want it to be cleaned by professionals. First of all, you drive to the town to search professional carpet cleaner, who can help you out. Then you see posters or banners of various carpet cleaners in town. Furthermore, you see a banner that is well organized and their logo looks attractive and professional.

You are going to call the company which looks like a professional. Because you know their name from their ad, you can also google for that.

This is a plus point for your business. You can generate leads with a professionally designed logo.

Create a great website with an attractive homepage

The website is actually a major part of the carpet cleaning marketing strategy.

Most people visit your website before buying any service or making any decision.

Therefore, your website should contain the following details:

  • Who you are
  • Which services do you provide
  • How to contact you
  • And your service area

The visitor will not stay long on your website if it feels a bit confusing.

For example:

attractive website hompeage

As you can see that the homepage is organized so well. You can see the attractive professional logo in the upper left-hand corner. It looks great.

The homepage is likely decorated with special offers and savings. The major benefit of this website is how easy they make it for visitors to contact them. Visitors can check the services they offer and schedule appointments online.

Thus, a well-organized homepage helps you attract more customers and generate leads.

Create great content using keywords

A website with great content has become an essential ingredient in creating awareness, building trust, converting leads, serving customers, and generating referrals.

Through your knowledge and by using keyword tools like Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker, develop a list of content topics related to your services for carpet cleaning.

After creating topics write content on that specific service by taking keywords under consideration.

However– without great content, you’ll have no audience and no leads, and you won’t be able to make sales online. Period.

Keep your content as more as possible. More content will engage visitors to stay on that page for a long time.

Here are some of the best content types for generating leads. Pick a few from this list that you will use as lead magnets.
  • Useful resources – these can be checklists of tools or lists of resources.
  • eBooks & Free Reports – these offer something educational.
  • Webinars – webinars work really well as lead magnets because of their high perceived value.
  • Discounts & Coupons – perfect if you have an eCommerce business. All you have to do is offer a coupon code in exchange for an email address.
  • Free Trial – if you sell software, you could offer a free trial download or a lite version.
  • Quizzes – you could offer a free quiz, but for your users to get their results they’ll have to give you their email addresses.
  • Mini Course – this could be a series of emails or a series of videos explaining how to do something.
  • Free Challenge – if you help people to overcome obstacles or achieve goals, you could offer a free challenge to accomplish one thing over a set period of time.

You have probably heard the old adage, “Content is King”. That is because great content attracts an audience. With an audience, you can generate leads. And once you’ve captured those leads, you can market your products and services to make sales.

Add fill-in forms on your website

To maximize your carpet cleaning advertising dollars, you need to capture the identity of those interested visitors so you can follow up with them, keeping your business top of mind…

So, when they need your services, they do not hesitate to call YOU!

With a fill-in the form, like this one:

catchy contact form

This form can be called a lead capture form this form works because online visitors do not need to search to contact you. They simply enter their details in the lead capture form.

Generally, people do not give their personal details to strangers. To attract them you need to provide some special offers on your website. Finally, you get their email address phone no. and other details. Now you can call them and ask them whether they need your service or you can email them your special offers and updates regularly.

This can generate leads and can help you stay in contact with your customer.

Optimize your About page

The about page is very important to your business. This is where people see who you are and what you are about. It’s also a great place to have a call to action.

Many people overlook this fact, but it’s true, and if your about page is bare, conflicting, or poorly worded, you’re missing a lead.

By optimizing your about page, you will be strengthening one of your main connection points for customers and you will help to boost your lead generation efforts massively.

You can do this by:
  • Including a clearly defined value proposition in your headline
  • Breaking your copy up into smaller, more attractive blocks
  • Ending with a compelling call to action
  • Including an eye-grabbing image or graphic

Take these measures and you will start to see results in no time.

Give special offers or schemes

You can provide special offers to make your phone ring. The purpose of giving special offers are:

  • to attract new customers
  • to bind current customers

The main purpose of special offers is to attract more customers to your business. By having more customers in your business your leads are increased directly.

Target your ideal customers

Do not waste your money on advertising to customers who do not require your service. You only need to target your ideal customers who require your services.

For example:

You live in a highly populated area. Mailing to every single person can be expensive. Therefore focus on ideal customers.

Who are your ideal customers?

The answer is your current customers. Get more information about your current customers, their jobs or their businesses. List out the characteristics of your ideal customers (income, geography, individual vs. business, etc.).

Save more money on your carpet marketing by only paying to advertise to people who will actually help you grow your business and increase leads.

Online listings help you to reach more online customers

About 93% of people search online before buying any service or product. Many of the people who see your ads can directly go to your website. Many of them will search for the service which they require, like: “carpet cleaning in (your town)”

And they will see several listings, many of which will be search and review sites, like:

  • Google
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Home Advisor

Do not just sign up for accounts with online listing sites and think you are done.

Make sure you are listed on those sites and your business profile is correct, up-to-date, and filled with photos of your work (like before-and-after images). Or you have a risk of losing all of those visitors to your competitors.

Write Blogs and publish them regularly

A blog is a great way to connect more deeply with your existing or would-be customers, build a community around your business, give a human personality and ‘voice’ to an organization, evolve your business and relationships in sometimes unexpected or surprising ways, and yes, drive sales.

Through blogging, you can create fresh content with regularity, rich in the keywords and phrases that you want to get found on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

You need to publish a blog with content that is related to the carpet cleaning business. Give tips & tricks, the benefits of their services, and how people can clean if they have faced a stain, spill, or leak in your blog.

While writing content includes your keywords. When someone searches on Google for carpet cleaning, Google suggests your website to that keyword used on your website pages and blog.

So, blogging is also great for building trust in your brand and helping to generate leads through your sales pipeline.

Get your Free Google listing

Google search engine will be extremely beneficial for local businesses. It will help you to rank your business on the local map.

Visit www.google.com/business/ and create a Free Google Business Profile account.

When someone searches on Google for carpet cleaning services, the first thing Google will show the Google business listing as below:

google my profile account

Google Business Profile shows the data that you have entered on it.

Therefore, you need to enter your data correctly like:
  • Your Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Business timings
  • Category of business

Re-verify and make sure that the contact information that you have entered in your Google Business Profile account is correct. Wrong info can be confusing and will not show in google searches.

Update your Google Business Profile page, if there are any changes in your business-like hours, phone no., address, etc.

Appropriate business information on Google Business Profile makes it easier for customers to get to you with the help of Google Maps. Updated information about your address shows on Google Maps.

google maps showing carpet cleaning businesses

Let me explain you.

When someone searches on google “carpet cleaning near me”, Google provides a specific search result based on that geographic location.

google local and organic map results

As you can see, the search results contain local google maps result at the top of the page. Below that the organic results are shown on google search result page.

Therefore, keep your business updated with google listings. Because when someone searches on google for your business, it shows your correct information and they can contact or reach you easily.

For more information read: How To Grow Your Local Business Using Local SEO?

Use the Google review platform

Google search result page contains Google reviews for businesses to which customers had rated with stars and written reviews.

People are interested to click on the business’s website which has positive Google reviews and more star ratings.

google review platform

Achieve as many as possible 4 and 5-star reviews for your carpet cleaning business to generate higher leads.

You can achieve reviews in the following ways:
  • Have your staff tell customers they would appreciate a review
  • Make sure customers know HOW to leave a Google review
  • Add a link in your email signature
  • Send gentle email reminders that you would appreciate a review

You also need to take time to respond to negative reviews. When you see a negative review, immediately respond to them with a sincere apology.

So, handle the review well, and they could turn into a happy customer!

Use Paid Search Ads to Generate More Leads

Do you know what Google Ads is?

Google Ads is a great platform for Pay Per Click ads. It is an advertising service developed by Google, where you pay to display brief advertising copy, product listings, and video content within the Google Ad network to web users.

Why use Google Ads?
  • attract more customers
  • reach the right people at the right time
  • advertise locally or globally

You can use Google Ads to display your Ad on Google. Using Google Ads, your carpet cleaning ad appears above local Google Maps results or below organic results.

google ads for carpet cleaning

Google Ads system based on keywords determined by advertisers. Google uses these characteristics to place advertising copy on pages where they think it might be relevant. The Ads program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. Partner websites receive a lot of the produced income.

The main benefit of Ads is that you do not have to pay to display your ad, but you are charged when someone clicks on your ad. You can start your carpet cleaning marketing with any budget you prefer.

You might be thinking why should I spend money on Google Ads for my cleaning business?

Two Reasons to Use Google Ads for Your Cleaning Business
  • Ads will get you leads, that you cannot get anywhere else.
  • Ads are quick and trackable.

For more information read: Google Ads – how it is beneficial for carpet cleaning business?

Sincerely, Ads are not an easy task. It takes time to manage all your ad campaigns and might seem difficult.

Therefore, it is great to hire a professional PPC company to do all your advertising on google.

Use Facebook to reach customers

Mostly, people are using Facebook.

Facebook has become a great platform to attract customers.

Facebook marketing is becoming more and more popular year by year.

According to the Facebook Newsroom:

  • 1.45 billion daily active users on average for March 2018
  • 2.20 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2018

Hence, Facebook is a medium to generate great leads for your carpet cleaning marketing. Like Google My Profile, Facebook also has Facebook Business Page. You can create a Business Page from your Facebook account.

Benefits of Facebook Business Page for Carpet Cleaning Marketing:

  • Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy
  • Share basic information about your business
  • Share pictures and videos from your business
  • Talk to existing and potential customers
  • Provide customer support
  • Raise brand awareness and promote positive word-of-mouth
  • Facebook can drive traffic to your website
  • Create Facebook forms to generate leads
  • Targeted advertising
  • Offer deals through Facebook Places

You can also use Facebook Ads for your carpet cleaning marketing.

facebook ads example for carpet cleaning business

Your Facebook Ad can show like the above image on Facebook. You can run your ads on device platforms such as mobile, tablet, and computer.

The Facebook ad has another benefit you can choose where you want to run your ad, either on Facebook, Instagram, or the apps and websites in Audience Network – or across all of them.

Finally, your carpet cleaning marketing will be shown everywhere at your convenience, which will generate leads for your business.

Note: Best Tips to Create High-Converting Facebook Ad Copy

Create videos of your services

Create videos of your services that contain the visuals of the cleaning process, before and after cleaning the appearance of the carpet.

Using these videos, you can start video marketing for your business.

The video is progressing rapidly and will reach new heights sooner than you think. Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the newest additions to your promotion toolbox.

According to Forbes:

The statistics tell a powerful tale. Research reveals video viewers are between 64% and 85% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video for it, and 71% of marketers report higher conversion rates for video than for any other form of marketing.

Benefits of video marketing and the reasons why you should use it now.

  • More customers are watching video
  • Video Builds Trust
  • Use alongside current content strategy
  • Videos can be found easily via Google
  • Share an inside view into your business
  • Video Encourages Social Shares
  • Shows your business is modern
  • Videos can convince people to buy
  • Not many businesses use video – you have the advantage
  • Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Thus, creating videos and advertising it through YouTube, Facebook, and email or any other social media platform can boost your sales.


Twitter is a dream for generating leads. Use it to reach out to influencers in your industry and get into conversations with them.

Their followers, who are probably some of your potential customers, will see your interactions and follow you or visit your site.

You can also follow trending subjects that pertain to your business and interject your thoughts into the general discussion by using the # symbol.

Promote your tweets

Customers exposed to multiple promoted tweets are 12% more likely to have an intent to purchase.

Promoted tweets are a form of sponsored content, they should resemble typical tweets you see in your feed. Yes, you’re paying to be in front of an audience, but you still need to keep the tweets fun and valuable to your audience.

To maximize the potential of promoted tweets, link to a landing page that is on the same subject as the tweet. For your lead generation campaigns, this will help continue the conversation and ultimately increase conversions.

Note: Twitter Trends to Follow for Social Media Marketing

Always stay in touch with your customers with an Email Newsletter

Always communicate with existing customers. Keep your communication open for existing customers.

Existing customers are the biggest asset of your company. They are not only the source of current business but also for referrals, which are free leads.

Therefore, it is very necessary to keep in touch with customers because they can help to grow your business.

Be in touch with your customers by sending them Email Newsletter.

You can feature almost anything in your newsletter, but here are some ideas:

  • Current specials and promotions
  • New team additions
  • Any changes to your business
  • New pricing (or discounts!)
  • New services you’re adding
  • That you’re on social media

An email newsletter is the best and most effective way you can promote daily to get more out of your brand. Hence staying in touch with your customers with the help of an email newsletter can help them to know more about your business. This helps you to generate leads.

Boost up your Google ranking with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re not using SEO as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing a great opportunity to get more qualified organic leads by attracting more traffic to your website.

How does SEO help with lead generation? Here’s how it works:

  • SEO increases your site’s search ranking for content using the business-related keywords you want to target
  • When potential customers search for those keywords, they find your content in the search results and may follow those links back to your site, creating organic traffic
  • If your content meets their needs, you have the chance to convert those visitors into leads, and eventually make sales

google organic results

SEO serves as a map or funnels bringing a stream of leads to your website, making your website one of the best lead generation tools you have. To make the most of the opportunity, you need to create and optimize quality content so that search engines and searchers see the value in what you offer and want to sign up or buy services or products.

Reasons you need to use SEO for lead generation:

  • Increases Brand Visibility
  • Achieves More Useful Content
  • Can Help Your Reputation
  • Offers a High Return on Investment
  • Sets You Apart from the Competition

SEO is still one of the most important aspects of any online marketing campaign to generate leads.

The following articles will be really helpful to explore other marketing strategies for your carpet cleaning business:

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