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by | Jun 26, 2019

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Whether you have a carpet cleaning, real estate or any other small business, advertising your company on Facebook is a great way to attract your potential customers. If you are new to the platform or already a pro, there are always new things you can learn about creating the best possible Facebook ad copy to achieve the desired conversion rates.

If you wish to take up your Facebook ad game, then don’t quit and know where to focus to create the highest converting ads. Here are some of the best tips to help you out with this process.

1. Find your target audience 

The very first step to creating the right Facebook ad copy for your business is taking the time to figure out the people you wish to attract with your content. There are quite a few tips you can follow in order to discover exactly the people you wish to attract to your brand.

Facebook Ads Copy - Find the target audience

The very first factor you should take into consideration is the actual people that make up your current customer base. Whether you have previously put thought into your target audience or not, all you have to do is look at the people that already support your brand.

If you wish to do this more efficiently, then choose some specific criteria to target your ad copies better. Obtain the result through website analytics. You can use them in many ways. Some of these criteria include:

  • The age of your target audience members
  • Their preferred genders if your products cater to certain needs
  • The location of your target customers
  • Their psychographics

When you started creating your products and services, you probably had a certain target audience in mind that would be interested in what you offered. The more your brand grows, it is normal for you to continue expanding the range of people you wish to attract. So don’t be confused if your demographics start to change over time.

2. Use simple language

The audience that comes in contact with your ad content might be of various ages and backgrounds. One thing that will significantly help you increase your potential customers is the type of language you use in your ad content.

“The simpler the language you use in your content, the more people will relate to it and understand it. Using complex vocabulary is not always going to help you, suggests Ethan Dunwill, content creator for SupremeDissertations

Below mentioned is a great example of Facebook ad content writing. It is easy to understand and simple ad content covering all the details of the company plus offerings.

Facebook ad Copy - Use simple language

There are quite a few tips you can incorporate into your writing tactic to make your Facebook ad copy simpler to understand.

First, start with the vocabulary you are using. Not everyone will be fond of complex terms and you shouldn’t include any words that will decrease the readability of your text. Along with this, it is also a good idea to stick with shorter sentences instead of larger ones. This will help you keep your Facebook ad smaller and easy to follow.

3. Always proofread your ad copy

Another thing you should always take into consideration when creating any content for your online audience is to make sure it is free of any grammatical or spelling errors.

This is definitely an issue that can make your brand look less professional. If you present ad copy which includes errors in the text, then it is possible that the potential customers you are trying so hard to target will question the legitimacy of your business.

To prevent this from happening, you can easily run a proofreading check on your content through an online professional tool or service. Here are some trustworthy ones to choose from:

Facebook Ads Copy Proofreading

This free online editor will help you find all of your grammar and spelling mistakes easily. The trick behind it is that it uses a color-coordinated system which shows you which types of mistakes you need to correct based on the color they are lined with.

If you are in need of proofreading a copy but lack the time to do it yourself, then you can always work with a professional who can get the job done for you in a very short amount of time. This service specializes in helping you get in contact with the professional writer who will meet your demands on time.

Grammarly is one of the most popular free browser extensions, which can help you correct your grammar and spelling mistakes with little effort.

Along with proofreading, there is another factor you need to take into consideration and that is editing your content so that your sentences are clearer and better put-together. You can find a professional editor who will polish your content through this online platform.

4. Create multiple ads for different occasions

Depending on your target audience and their location around the world, you should try and create multiple targeted ads for different occasions.

For example, depending on the products and services you offer, take advantage of holidays such as Christmas, certain national holidays, or global events. Do promotion of a product or service that could be of help or fitting to that event.

You can also opt for seasonal advertising, i.e., posting Facebook ad targeting particular season like spring or winter. This way you can reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Facebook Ads Copy - ads for different occasions

To make this even more appealing to your target audience, help them understand right away that this certain service and offer is targeted towards this specific event. You can easily achieve this by incorporating a picture into your ad which will show your potential customers the exact reason for the promotion.

For example, if you have a real estate business, then during spring you can use a picture of landscaping with greenery. Else, on the 4th of July, you can use a picture of an American flag or emoji hearts in the colors of the flag.

This will definitely help increase your chances of people making a purchase through your ad on that very day. In general, people are more prone to making impulse purchases when they are happy about something or celebrating some holiday or event. This is exactly why targeting your Facebook Ad accordingly can help you achieve the sales numbers you wish for.

5. Use the right-hand column ads

The right-hand column ads are called that exactly because they will appear on the very right rail of the user’s Facebook screen.  They can also appear in other places of the site too, under certain circumstances. This form of advertising is only available to those who use their laptop or desktop computers, but it is a great way of marketing your brand and products on the platform.

The good thing about these ads is that they are much more affordable to place as they have less expensive clicks and conversions. They look more like a traditional ad rather than a sponsored post, and they are also much smaller in size.

These ads are more visually appealing which can catch the user’s attention as they can’t be scrolled by in the was sponsored posts cam. Right-hand column ads are often used for retargeting purposes. So, you can use them to have a second chance with users who showed an interest in what you have to offer but never made the move to commit to a purchase.

right hand column facebook ads

6. Create the right audiovisual content

Online social media platform users love to watch audiovisual content. Pictures and videos are the best way to catch someone’s eye and hold their attention while they are also being informed about your company and products or services.

Facebook Ads Copy - audiovisual content

The most effective Facebook ads are those that present the viewer with pictures and videos. Creating your original audiovisual content might be challenging at first. But there are definitely many benefits to being able to create new videos and pictures without having to give credit to anyone or buy ready-made images.

7. Create a sense of urgency

One trick you can definitely use to make sure that more people make a quick purchase and become customers is creating a sense of urgency in your posts. There are many ways for you to achieve this and make your ad posts higher converting and more successful.

surveymonkey facebook ad copy

A tactic that always seems to work is adding urgency to an offer you are proposing. For example, you have created a post that presents your target audience with a discount on a certain product or service you are selling. What you can do is include a time frame within which your audience can use a certain discount code in order to “unlock” this offer.

This action will create a sense of urgency for the customer, as they will want your product for a much cheaper price. As a result, you get higher conversion rates through your ads and also in a much shorter amount of time.

8. Don’t hide the costs of your services 

Last but definitely not least, always remember that hiding the costs of your services will not help you. This applies whether you are selling a physical product or online carpet cleaning or real estate services. If you are advertising a sale or one of your top-selling products or services through Facebook, then it is only normal to assume that people will be interested in the price.

Facebook Ads Copy - Don’t hide the costs of your services

The best thing you can do is lead your ad with the numbers and include the price of the sale you are offering in the description of your ad. This will definitely get more people interested in seeing more about the offer on your website. Also, you have more chances of them visiting and liking your page to see if you have more offers available.

Another thing you can do to be upfront about your selling prices is to reply to comments and personal messages to those who ask you for the price of the product you are advertising. This process though will be a lot more time-consuming and you need to keep in mind that many people will be interested and decide to reach out to you but most of them won’t go through with the purchase.

Creating the ad content that best suits your brand

Creating good quality ad copy for your Facebook page will help you reach out to an even broader audience. Facebook supports advertising a lot and tries to help its users get in touch with their target audience a lot easier.

These tips will definitely help you learn more about how to create a Facebook ad copy, which will help you make your products and services easier to market.

Which of these tips do you believe your Facebook ad copy strategy is currently missing out on?

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