Why Should Carpet Cleaning Industry Invest In PPC Advertising?

by | Jul 7, 2020

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Why Should Carpet Cleaning Industry Invest In PPC Advertising

It is not hidden that PPC advertising comes with great benefits. One of the major advantages is that it provides immediate results. So why should the carpet cleaning industry lose this golden opportunity? Nowadays almost every small business is investing in PPC advertising. Moreover, in the era of online technology to get quick online recognition, the carpet cleaning industry needs to invest in PPC advertising an opportunity.

Carpet cleaning is a vast industry. As per the IBIS World report, about 32,841 carpet cleaning firms are operating within the U.S. industry. To stay ahead of your competitors, investing only in SEO, will not give you immediate results. Simultaneously, you also need to invest in pay-per-click advertising.

Why Carpet Cleaning Industry Should Consider Investing In PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising?

This is a frequently asked question by every small business owner. Everybody, including you and me, use a search engine to carry out the search for a product or service. The search engine might be Google, Bing, and many others. But the most used search engine among all is Google.

After carrying out the search, what do you see first on the search engine result page (SERP)? It covers the top portion with the Ads and as per human psychology, people click on the top ads if they find something relevant to their search query.

PPC advertising

Therefore, as a carpet cleaning business owner if you want to grab the top position in the search results, then you should invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Here are more accurate reasons why the carpet cleaning industry should consider PPC advertising.

1. Various Platforms to Advertise

The first thing that strikes in mind for PPC advertising is Google Ads.

Google Ads is the biggest among all advertising platforms. But, there are also other platforms that help you advertise your carpet cleaning business. Here are a few of them – Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Amazon Ads.

a) Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords)

Google Ads - Carpet Cleaning Industry Invest In PPC

Google Ads is the king in the PPC advertising world. As Google is the most preferred search engine, Google Ads is a highly used advertising platform. It is the first choice of all marketers. As a carpet cleaning business owner, you can broadcast your business in front of potential customers.

Google Ads is a vast network comprising partner websites like YouTube and Gmail. Advertising using Google Ads, you can reach your local customers including 90% of worldwide internet users.

While designing the Google Ads platform, Google has kept every small business in mind. It allows you to run ads as per your desired budget, target audience, and time (business hours). To achieve great leads, Google Ads is the best advertising platform.

As per your carpet cleaning business, Google Ads comes with great benefits. It offers different types of ads such as search ads, call-only ads, display ads, and video ads to advertise your services on Google.

b) Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

As Facebook is a widely used social media platform, you can introduce your carpet cleaning business to customers who are actively looking for cleaning services like yours. With several targeting options, Facebook Ads allows you to interact with your audience directly.

Rather than focusing on keywords, Facebook allows you to target people based upon their interests and likes.

People are regularly browsing through Facebook and by advertising your carpet cleaning business on it, you can help people learn more about your business and offerings.

c) Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads)

Bing Ads

Besides Google, Bing is also a well-known search engine. It has millions of everyday searches, and it is the second choice of advertisers. The Microsoft Advertising network is built up of search engines such as Bing, AOL, and Yahoo.

Microsoft Advertising allows you to advertise your services across your target areas in Microsoft network. Besides that, if you find Google Ads more competitive then you can run ads on Microsoft, which is both cost-effective and fruitful.

2. Pay Only When Someone Clicks Your PPC Ads

As per the name i.e., pay per click (PPC) – you only have to pay when someone clicks your PPC ad. No clicks, no pay. You are not paying for ad views unless you are using cost per view (CPV) as your bidding strategy (only for video ads).

pay per click

This is the most beneficial feature for the carpet cleaning industry because small business owners are concerned directly with the marketing budget. Therefore, with PPC advertising, you don’t have to worry about the cost. Pay only for clicks for your ads.

3. Target Local Customers

Most carpet cleaning business provides cleaning services to their local customers. Therefore, PPC advertising gives you full access to target your local customers or the specific locations that you serve.

No matter, whether you are serving a small area, a zip code, or an entire city, you can target the audience easily using PPC advertising. Targeting local consumers and increasing the customer base is the main aim of any service provider company.

Target local customers

Let me explain to you with an example using Google Ads. The above image is the interface to add locations to your ad campaign. Here the target location is Jacksonville city. Also, there are other options such as a specific radius around your location and the area zip code that you can use to select the target area.

4. Control Over Budget & Advertising Cost

As a carpet cleaning business owner, you might think about how much does PPC advertising cost. There is no fixed budget or amount to invest in PPC Advertising. It gives you full control to set your own budget.

Control over budget

You can start PPC campaigns with a budget you want to spend to get a new customer. You can change, increase, or decrease your daily or monthly advertising budget anytime. In short, you have complete control over your spending.

5. Generate Leads

PPC advertising if done correctly will help you achieve great leads that no other form of advertising will give you. When people need carpet cleaning services, they search online and they are likely to click over top search results.

As a carpet cleaning business owner, you might have a question about how to get more carpet cleaning customers. The utmost goal is to generate leads by getting in front of customers who are searching for cleaning services like yours.

The best way to get your business on top of the search results is by implementing PPC advertising as your carpet cleaning marketing strategy. It will also increase website traffic by driving users to your landing page.


6. Quick Results

Everybody wants speedy results! PPC advertising provides your carpet cleaning business with quick results if you know how to create and manage ads properly. After creating a new ad account or new campaign on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Microsoft Advertising, your ads show up within 24 to 48 hours.

Isn’t it great? Meanwhile, if someone searches for carpet cleaning services in your target area, then your ad shows up in the search results. Clicking your search ad, potential customers will drive directly to your carpet cleaning landing page. And upon finding something trustworthy on your website they are more likely to call you.

7. Measure and Monitor Real-Time Results

In other forms of advertising, you shall have to wait until the completion of the campaign to see the results. But, with PPC advertising, you do not have to wait for a long time. It provides you the facility to measure and monitor real-time data easily.

Measure Performance

The above image summarizes the Google Ads campaign status interface. It shows real-time data of clicks, impressions, phone calls, cost-per-click, conversions, interactions, and other useful insights. You have access to track all your PPC advertising efforts.

It provides all-time and real-time results of your campaign. This helps you measure your PPC campaign’s performance. However, if you are unhappy with the results, then you can make changes accordingly.

8. PPC Ads differ from Organic Results

You will see PPC ads on the top and bottom of the search engine result page. The organic results do not have as much information as the PPC ads. This is the feature that makes PPC ads unique from other search results. Below is a snapshot of a Google search engine result page on the computer of a search for carpet cleaning.

PPC Ads are Different - Carpet Cleaning Industry Invest In PPC

The PPC Ads are more descriptive than organic results. You can see the difference in the above image. In the search result for ‘carpet cleaning San Diego’ PPC Ads has a phone number, location, useful website links, and more detailed information.

This helps users to make informed decisions while looking for carpet cleaning services near their location. Moreover, while making a Google search from a mobile device, for the ads showing with a phone number, users can directly call that business by clicking on the phone number.

9. Full Control On PPC Campaigns

Using PPC advertising as your carpet cleaning marketing strategy, you can fully customize your campaigns. You can select your keywords, target locations, demographics, and advertising budget. Additionally, you can choose the time when to run ads and who can see your ads.

You can start and pause your PPC campaigns anytime. Likewise, if you feel it is not working as per your desire, then you can make changes to make it more fruitful.

10. Test Your PPC Campaigns

Testing advertising campaigns is necessary to check whether the ads are profitable or not. You can carry out a test for your carpet cleaning ads by creating a campaign with an offer and another without an offer. You can use A/B testing to see which campaign yields the best results quickly.


Along with PPC advertising, you can also test your ad copy using different combinations to increase your return on investment (ROI) and click-through rates (CTR). To succeed with PPC ads for your carpet cleaning business, you need to keep testing your ads.

The Bottom Line

PPC advertising is highly beneficial for the carpet cleaning industry. Irrelevant to budget, it provides quick results. It also helps you gain information about your competitors and their strategies.

Having full control in your hands, you can beat the top position on the search engine result page by implementing PPC ads. Therefore, if you are a carpet cleaning business owner, then you should definitely invest in PPC advertising.


Checkout the below infographics for a quick understanding of why the carpet cleaning industry should invest In PPC advertising:

Why Should Carpet Cleaning Industry Invest In PPC Advertising- Infographics

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