Facebook A Better Way To Grow Your Business

by | Jul 25, 2018

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Facebook A Better Way To Grow Your Business

Do you want to grow your business using Facebook Marketing?

If yes then Facebook is the best option to promote your website with your service/product.


Facebook has more information about all web users than Google.

For an example, Facebook knows your likes and dislikes very well, hobbies, favorite food, color, social behavior, family and many more.

This means Facebook serves more targeted and relevant ads to the users, which is more beneficial for the marketers who are seeking for Facebook marketing.

Drive Traffic to your business from your Facebook page

Facebook is a lot more useful and powerful when you have an active website, which receives traffic.

Estimated there are 4 billion internet users in 2018. That is a big increase if you consider back in 2000 only 400 million users are using the internet.

The customer uses the internet to search the product and service they want. Using Facebook, you can spread your brand awareness on social media. It helps to convert web users into customers.

Facebook post ads example

Grow your Facebook Business Page through Advertising

You may have questioning that why a Facebook Business Page is so important for business marketing.

A Facebook Business page is your business home on the Facebook. It’s where customers wound learn more about your business on Facebook.

As of December 2016, Facebook has 1.86 billing monthly users. That is a really huge count of users.

With such a huge number of the active crowd on Facebook each month, your business should have its own Facebook business page. This allows your brand to get better marketing opportunities.

Now, you just do not need only to set-up your Facebook business page and leave it, but you need to promote your page to potential users. Facebook lets you do the same with ease.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing, partnering with a Meta agency can provide invaluable insights and strategies for maximizing your Facebook Business Page’s potential

However, the good news is that Facebook ads are cheap. You only need to pay when someone like your page. That is the way; you can build loyal customers on Facebook using Facebook marketing.

Facebook Contest

Running a contest on Facebook is a smart way to get more likes for your Facebook page and spread awareness of your product or service that you provide to people.

The Facebook contest works, and it is cheap, you do not need any technical skills to organize it. You just need to give a single click and your job done with contest making on Facebook.

Facebook marketing keep promoting your content through advertising on the platform.

Creating Facebook Goals

Every marketing strategy you have read probably suggested creating goals for your specific market to stay on the right path towards success. The reason behind this is that goals are essential to address your biggest marketing needs.

If you are looking for the Facebook marketing or looking to improve your business, you must have some needs. Do not create unrealistic goals that chase likes and followers on Facebook. Instead, address your biggest challenge on Facebook through proper tracking tool.

Here are some common yearly goals, which are beneficiary for businesses and how an effective Facebook marketing can help you in 2018:

Increasing Quality of Sales:

Improving the quality of sales will start with better targeting. Through a well spend Facebook Marketing strategy; you can reach your target audience more efficiently.

Just because the pound is bigger, does not mean that you will get better fish. Work on what you know and use your Facebook as a source to improve your reach.

Adding More Value towards Organization:

Facebook can better take care of customers, Improve awareness and provide more resources to your audience. Make Facebook your go-out source of information using Facebook marketing.

Better Understanding of Industry:

Are your competitors always one-step ahead?

With the help of social media tools, you can track, report and listen to all social conversations rotating around you, your industry or competitor. Always try to increase your listening power before speaking.

Smart Growth:

Limiting spends and increasing acquisition to all parts of a successful business, on the other hand, Facebook can help you in each of these areas. Whether it is from target increasing or more selling through social media.

Addressing your Facebook Marketing strategy will keep you one step closer towards your goal.

These goals will not fulfill everyone’s need, but you can see a trend that how social media marketing can affect the whole organization. You must have heard this “work smarter, not harder.”

Start Interacting With Other Facebook Pages:

Even when you have a Facebook business page, Facebook allows you to like and interact with other pages. It does not matter if it belongs to your industry or not.

You need to understand their strategy which can help your business as well as you can be able to create a relationship with them. That can open the opportunity to collaborate with content creation or even partnership with them.

Schedule Facebook Content to Your Social Media Calendar

Sometimes people want to do a quick post to Facebook for the sake of publishing the content.

Planning the content means, you put more effort into the best quality post because the quality is must to attract users in Facebook branding.

This gives you major change to inspire and engage your audience.

However, you do not always have time to create content. That is the reason why using social media publishing tool like Sprout Social can help you to stay on track with the right content. You can easily maintain your Facebook publishing with the help of social media calendar view.

facebook scheduling by sprout social

With these scheduling tools, you can set up posts easily using all networks and build your Facebook contents for weeks in advance. Do not rush to schedule. Save time and let the tool manage and publish all at once.

Create Facebook Groups or Join

There are millions of active Facebook groups today. There’s a group available for every interesting topic on the earth.

In fact, there are Facebook groups for carpet cleaning, commercial roofing, and janitorial cleaning services.

join facebook group

You can use Facebook groups to build your business and grow your business development, which is the main aim of Facebook Marketing.

You need to join the Facebook group that is useful for your services or products. Doing that will help you to connect with probable clients.

If you are not able to find any group, which is according to your brand, no need to get worried about it, you can create a new one. It is just that it will take some time to build up the new members of a new group. As you know “new paths are always difficult and untried” so once you add some efforts you will definitely get the outcome.

Promote Your Post with ads

A Facebook business page is like a real website. The difference is that Facebook hosts it. It is like your business home on Facebook.

Just like, you publish content on your own website so that visitors can read the content and understand about the service or product, the same strategy used for the Facebook business page.

facebook post with ad

Therefore, Facebook marketing is the best option to promote and grow your business. Due to that, you are able to publish your product and service related content.

Your Facebook business page should not be inactive.

An inactive Facebook business page make it difficult for visitors to trust and do business with that brand.

It is really important for you to keep posting unique and quality content on your Facebook business page.

However, this is not enough, but you need to do more.

You cannot just post on the Facebook business page, fold your hands, and keep waiting for your Facebook fans to see it. You need to promote your Facebook posts if you are serious about your business growth.

Use Your Facebook Cover Photo For Marketing

Many Small Business avoid setting their Facebook cover photos. They are a powerful medium to advertise your product/services and allow you to gain more subscribers, which lead to an increase in business profit.

Monster Steamer is a carpet cleaning company, which is famous in San Diego. They use their Facebook cover to tell anyone who landed on their page why they are the best.

facebook cover photo

Facebook Marketing allows you to convey a strong marketing message through your cover page photo.

Start Writing Good content

Today’s most successful Facebook marketers are content machines; they create a unique content day to day.

For Facebook Marketing successful content provider, never stop writing new content. The moment you stop producing new content, the moment you start losing your business to competitors.

Facebook Marketing allows you to update your content like articles, videos, podcasts, guest posts, infographics, interviews you produce, the more stuff you have to share on Facebook and other content distribution channels.

In addition, the more you share on Facebook, the more your business become famous.

It is called content writing, which performs a vital role in Facebook marketing.

There are such business owners who write 5-6 blog post per week. Some ever right books. They publish really hard.

The logic behind their business is simple.

They turned themselves into content machines.

When you are producing so much remarkable and unique content on Facebook, achieving the success using Facebook Marketing become easier.

Post at Optimal Time

In Facebook Marketing, knowing the best time to post is an important thing. Why post something when your fans do not see it.

The more you know about your fans, the better you know when they are likely to see your new posts.

For example, if you know that most of your fans are in the United States, you need to upload your post according to their time zone. That they can see your post on their time and you can spread brand awareness to more people.

posting time zone

According to CoSchedule, the best days to post on Facebook are Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In addition, the best times for the same are 9:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

Customer Feedback

Facebook Marketing allows you to interact openly with customers and you can take their feedback in order to take any steps to make any necessary changes if required.

You may ask your Followers below mentioned questions…

  • Their favorite products
  • The element of your service which is most frustrating to them
  • Names for your new product, menu item, feature, etc.
  • Their demographic information

customer feedback

While not all of your followers will end up seeing it, but you will definitely able to get some valuable insight into your customers.

To Know More About Reviews Read: Reviews Can Help Small-Scale Business to Grow


Facebook has 1.8 billion monthly active users. There is no doubt that Facebook Marketing is one of the primary platforms you will ever have.

Marketing on Facebook is cheaper and very effective at the same time. It is very easy to gather high quality leads on Facebook because they provide you with all the information you need.

It is also easy to gain fans trust on Facebook. People become addicted to Facebook and they unconsciously sign in every day. That makes them viral your brand every day.

Facebook Marketing increase traffic to your website and help you to expand your business. You should take advantage of Facebook marketing to expand your business in a unique and effective way.

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