Tips While Designing a Carpet Cleaning Website

by | Jan 31, 2018

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Tips While Designing a Carpet Cleaning Website

Are you running a carpet cleaning business?

Are you seeking to boost online visibility?

Moreover, do you have a carpet cleaning website?

These days, when people are looking online for carpet cleaning services in their area, they go for a quick Google search. As per research, “91% of users use the internet to look for local goods or services”.

You want your carpet cleaning website to be on top of search results. Besides that, when that user clicks on your listing, you want your website to make a good impression. 

But what if you do not have an effective website? How will you attract customers and generate leads? For that, you need to refresh your website or need to create a new website.

So how do you manage an effective refresh of your company’s website? 

Make sure it contains key components that boost your business’s professionalism and compel your customer to call you. To help you visualize what these elements are, we’ve included examples of cleaning companies that have got the art of web design down pat.

  1. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners
  2. LCS Janitorial Services
  3. Xtreme Cleaning
  4. Call My Carpet Cleaner

Let’s design your carpet cleaning website. Moreover, keep in mind these basic tips while designing or refreshing your website. 

Tips to Design A Carpet Cleaning Website:

1. Develop a Responsive Website Design

If a consumer is browsing a website on a mobile device and find some issues in navigation and poor mobile experience, then what will be their reactions. Obviously, they will leave the site and go for others.

To cope up with all devices, the website should be responsive and well designed. Now you might wonder what is a responsive website.

Build a Responsive Website Design

A responsive website adjusts the layout on different sizes of devices to offer an optimized browsing experience. Moreover, the responsive website will appear fabulous and work fine on all devices whether it is a mobile phone, desktop or tablet. 

The responsive design makes access to flexible layouts, flexible images, and CSS media queries. When you use this design on a website, the web page will detect the visitor’s device screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

It is quite important to have your carpet cleaning website that is responsive in design. It helps to increase visibility in search engines. Besides that, user-friendly design across multiple devices increases the chance of purchase and more phone calls to your business. You can stay ahead of your competitors. 

2. Easy Website Navigation

As per Clutch, “Almost everyone (94%) says easy navigation is the most important website feature”.

By providing easy website navigation, users can switch through web pages easily and find a solution for their queries. In short, website navigation is a roadmap to different areas (pages) within your website.

Moreover, with poor website navigation, you are driving the users to the wrong page or path. You are losing all the potential sales that could occur because of easy website navigation. The user could leave your site without doing what they came for.

Having well designed and easy-to-understand navigation for your website is very beneficial and crucial for the overall user experience. It makes the whole process easy and smooth – from a cleaning service information to book an appointment. Likewise, it works well with SEO.

Desktop navigation bar

Basically, navigation bars are placed horizontally on top of the website or vertically on the left side. But for mobile devices, you can place the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. Below is the best example of the bottom-placed navigation bar.

Navigation bar

Standardized, organized, and uncluttered navigation design increases the overall aesthetic appeal of a website’s design. But do not place the navigation bar in the middle of the page. It may be more confusing for the visitors to navigate through your webpages and increase your website bounce rate.

3. Consistent And Simple Carpet Cleaning Website Layout

A clean website layout is just making the smart use of white space and cutting all the extra things from your design and focusing on what’s important for your customers. It makes it easier for the user to access the carpet cleaning services that you are offering. 

With a clean layout, you are decreasing the website loading time. Moreover, the websites that load quickly is highly preferred by the customers. Since smartphones have taken over every device, a clean layout that is mobile-responsive will load your site faster and engage mobile users.

Simplicity and consistency are important elements for a website layout. The alignment, sidebar sizes, scrolling type, etc. should be consistent throughout. If you have a layout that is not consistent, then it may annoy the website visitors. 

4. Use Most Relevant And Quality Content On Your Website

People are visiting your website with some query or some intention in mind. The quality and value of your content will determine whether to stay or leave. It will also decide whether people will return in the future and become or remain a customer.

Basically, content is the main element on your website that presents your consumers with relevant information. The content incorporates the copy on your website pages, cleaning service pages, images, videos, company information page, and blog pages.

The content on your website should be unique, easy to understand, and engaging. Provide your users with the content they want, they need, and they expect. This will grow website conversions and increase your sales. High – quality content gets shared more often.

Clean Layout

As you can see in the above image, Extreme TCS has perfectly used a clean and simple layout. A great use of white space, clear images, playable video, simple and understandable content makes this website look fantastic. Visitors can easily navigate between pages, contact them or book a service.

Try to opt for a website design that places more content above the fold. It creates an instant impression on the visitor’s mind. It is more essential to incorporate specific keywords in the content of all your webpages. 

5. Make It Easy For Customers To Contact You

What if a user is looking for a cleaning service, lands on a web page, and does not find contact information? They will immediately leave the website and go for another site. Think if this happens with you. What are your reactions? You probably might frustrate.

As a website is important so as your contact information. The main purpose of creating a website is to get in touch with customers. You need to make it easy for consumers to find your phone number, email address and business information, such as hours and service areas.

Make It Easy For Customers To Contact You

Try to incorporate your phone number in the top header portion of your website and make it so it is clearly visible and clickable to make a phone call from a call enabled device. You can also create a separate contact page and include it in the navigation bar. 

6. Use Engaging Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

The placement of a call-to-action button is quite essential while designing a carpet cleaning website. It is the foundation of successful online marketing. 

CTA button is just a button on your website landing page and upon clicking it drives the user to the next step or a specific action that benefits you. Whether it is to book an appointment, get a quote, call now, learn more, read more, contact us or book now, you can use it to attract more conversions.

The call-to-action button is a direct link to sales. Therefore, choosing the right color for your CTA is more important. Make sure that your CTA button stands out from the whole webpage. Use contrast colors and attention-grabbing fonts that make it unique.

Attractive Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

As you can see in the above, CRP House Cleaning has used a distinct CTA button to attract customers and make it easy for them to take further action. It helps to improve your conversion rates.

7. Incorporate Social Proof Into Your Website

The best way to showcase your trustworthiness and dependability is to provide online reviews and testimonials on your website. It is social proof that attracts the users and tells them how much you care about them and how are your services.

It is feedback about your services and your business that a user has provided on Google, Facebook or any other social platform. Social proof can influence people whether to trust your business and make a purchase or not.

Online reviews can make or break your sales. If there are more positive reviews, it can build trust among users and keep your phone ringing. Moreover, if there are negative reviews, it can create a negative impact on consumers’ minds.

Incorporate Social Proof Into Your Website

In the above image, Xtreme Cleaning provides their customer’s online reviews on their homepage to build trust among new visitors. You can display certifications, star ratings, awards, and memberships on your site’s home page. Also, incorporate testimonials, online reviews, and links to your review platforms into your webpage.

8. Show Before And After Images Of Your Services

Only telling your customers what you do is not enough, you also need to show them. By providing before and after images of your carpet cleaning services on your website, you can attract more customers.

You can also incorporate the name of the team members who performed the work in the images. By adding before and after images, you are showing the customers how prominent you are in the cleaning field. 

Show Before And After Images Of Your Services

As you can see in the above image, All American Carpet Cleaning have smartly presented their cleaning services through before and after images on their homepage. You can showcase images on the portfolio section of your website homepage. Moreover, you can also create a separate gallery page.

9. Showcase Your Service Areas And Locations

The best way to get found online is to include your services and service areas on your website. It makes easy for customers to find you if you provide cleaning services in their areas and contact you.

If you include your service areas and locations on your website, then it helps Google to understand your business. And if someone searches about cleaning services in your area, then it helps to show your website in location-specific (local) search results.

Display Your Service Areas And Locations

TNT Carpet Care is the best example of it. They have added locations tab in the navigation bar and created separate pages for each location and service. 

To get the most beneficial results, add your service areas and locations on your website homepage. You can add them to the header or footer or create separate pages. Do not forget to add them to the contact page. Also, using keywords including location names with each service is quite necessary to boost up your website ranking.

10. Use Page Titles

Page title is an important component of SEO in website design. It plays an immense role in the success of your website in Google search results. It is a key ranking factor. 

Let your page titles communicate what your page is all about. In short, try to make in such a way that the readers and search engines get an overview of what your page is about. 

For example, if you are writing a cleaning service page it is the title of your service page. Moreover, if you are writing a blog post, it is the title of your blog.

The clickable headlines that you see on the Google search result page are the page titles. Therefore, it should be a brief and precise reflection of the content on your webpage. Also, do not forget to include your keyword in the page titles.

Basically, the character length for page title is 70 characters. But it is recommended to keep in between 40 to 70 characters.

Page title & meta description

11. Use Meta Descriptions

Meta Description is also a crucial part of SEO in website design. It advises users & search engines about what’s your page is all about by giving important and descriptive data or information on every page. 

The meta description plays an essential role not only in Google indexing but also in making a better user experience. It is a small summary (also called snippet) below the page URL that appears on the search result page. 

Moreover, writing keyword-rich descriptions can engage more users and increase click-through rates. Write a unique description for each of your carpet cleaning web pages. 

Generally, the character length for the meta description is 160 characters. But it is recommended to keep in between 150 to 160 characters so it fits on the search results page.

12. Use Descriptive Alt Tags For Your Images

Adding images to your pages is very important, especially when you want the readers to have a clearer idea of what you’re trying to explain. Unfortunately, search engines can’t “see” pictures in detail as we humans do. They need to read what the images are about, for that reason, descriptive alt tags are necessary.

The Bottom Line

Designing a carpet cleaning website is not an easy task. You need to take special care of every single detail that can attract website visitors and help them learn more about your cleaning business. 

Make sure you timely update your website. Update some important sections at regular intervals such as before and after images, testimonials, videos, services, and service areas – (if you have expanded your business).

You only have a few seconds to impress the visitors. Therefore, design a website that creates a first impression and easily get a solution to their queries. Your website needs to clearly communicate with your audience what you do (cleaning services), how to get them (contact info) and where you do it (locations).

If you are looking for the best template to design your carpet cleaning website, then read our article: Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Website Template Designing Hacks.


    1. Add social sharing buttons.
    2. You can include chatbot or instant messaging system.
    3. Add a Blog page and start posting blogs.
    4. You can Post before/After images of your work on your website.
    5. You can create a Q/A page for the visitors.
    6. The feedback page would help to improve your website.

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