Best Time to Post on Facebook

by | Jan 13, 2021

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Best Time to Post on Facebook

Want to grow your business online? Why not try using social media for the same? Social media marketing is probably one of the excellent ways to launch your business online. There is no doubt that social media operates by pushing traffic to your website, and raises brand visibility online. In addition to that, it also generates email lists of potential clients, which eventually grows your online sales.

If you were to stop random people on the streets and ask them if they are on Facebook, then you will be amazed to find that 7 out of 10 people would say yes. The increase in its popularity is due to its user-friendly interface. In today’s time, Facebook has over 2.27 billion active users and out of which 1.5 billion are daily active users. Thus, making it the biggest social media network platform around the globe.

As we know Facebook has faced many scandals in the past. However, research says, users, have not changed their behavior towards Facebook. Moreover, graphical research data portray Facebook as one of the best social media platforms for launching a new business. You can reach thousands and millions of potential clients on Facebook by proper targeting.

Which social media channels does your company see the most ROI from

Image Source: Hubspot

As you can understand by the above graphs, many companies around the globe prefer Facebook as the key social media platform to showcase their products or services. The reason behind this is simple, Facebook has over 1.5 billion daily active users. Apart from that, if you target people from your niche, then you can generate converting leads through Facebook. It is well known for it’s targeted digital advertising platform and Facebook’s popularity and affordability is an add on.

COVID-19 and Social Media

The fast-changing features on social media surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic focus on its ability to provide immediate mass communication. Besides that, for many people who are in lockdown or quarantine, social media platforms provide them entertainment.

Due to the global recession because of the pandemic, many people have been fired from their jobs. In such cases, social media has come to their rescue. A recent survey on social media states that they have seen a rise of 80% in people launching various businesses online.

Facebook’s Take on Pandemic

Fun Fact: Did you know that around 100 million active users signed in on Facebook in the second quarter as the pandemic has forced entrepreneurs towards the digital shift. This pandemic has changed the traditional way of doing business and made businessmen divert towards different social media sites to get more sales.

Although Facebook is the biggest social media network, it also has its boons and banes. For example, the recent change in Facebook posting policy saw a certain backlash from the public. While some hate-filled posts were being circulated on Facebook without being suspended, some Facebook posts stating facts were banned.

But when it comes to conducting business, Facebook is the best place to start. Though in the beginning, people have problems getting views on their posts. The answer to this dilemma is simple, focus on your timing, as it is everything. Finding the best time to publish posts on Facebook can help your enterprise to stand out.

Best Time To Publish Posts

Is there a certain time that you should show yourselves to get noticed? Which is the perfect time to post on Facebook? Determining the best times to post is difficult, so here is an insight into how you can get noticed just by using the right content on the right social media at the right time.

The best time to post on Facebook is from 01:00 pm- 03:00 pm during the week and on Saturdays. That’s because these are break timings at schools, colleges,
offices mostly everywhere. People want a break, they surf through, use their phones, and connect with others.

However, studies show that the best posting time on Facebook is:

All of these studies can help the advertisers to follow the correct path at the right time. Yet, almost every study shows a one-of-a-kind ‘fine time to publish’. But, in practice, the first-rate time to post depends on many variables that may be special to every business. For example, your industry type, target market, etc.

Let’s flip the conversation. So rather than looking for a conventional ‘quality time to post’, it’s better to focus more on the content of the post. As there isn’t a single “best” time to post. Instead, studies show variations on a suitable time to post as each industry has different target groups and traits.

⇒ Best Posting Time on Facebook For Consumer Goods

Best time to post for consumer goods Image on facebook

It’s no wonder that consumer goods brands thrive online all through weekdays. The regular engagement durations from Wednesday to Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. works well.

The lower engagement time is before 8 a.m. and after five p.m. So, public your posts accordingly.

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Educational Purposes

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Educational Purposes

Facebook began out as a social community for university students, as they wanted to give a platform for everyone to connect, irrespective of their background.

For enterprise segments, mornings and nights offer stronger opportunities like on the weekday, 9 a.m.–12 p.m as for Saturday, 12 p.m- 9 p.m.

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Nonprofits

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Nonprofits

Facebook is a super-platform for nonprofits to highlight their task about their social campaigns. It allows them to start discussions with the groups and audiences they serve.

The best time to post on Facebook is from Wednesday- Friday between 8 a.m.–3 p.m. But, the nonprofits also need to complete bottom engagement hours every day which is before 6 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Tech

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Tech

Research says that a social presence is important for software and tech organizations. Close to 86% of IT customers use Facebook to make informed choices. Whether it is B2C or B2B audiences, our findings show that Wednesday is a nice day to put up to get more engagement.

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Healthcare

Best Posting Time on Facebook For Healthcare

Because of the rise in online users, many healthcare companies also focus on getting clients through Facebook. For them, the best time to post is on Wednesday from 10 a.m.–noon while the worst days to post are on the weekend.

Facebook And Business

Each time you log onto Facebook you have approximately 1500 stories on your news feed. This means your post on Facebook is competing with 1500 other posts. Suddenly, the concept of best time doesn’t work. Though there is no specific best time, you can create marketing strategies that help achieve your target.

Facebook Insights

Facebook is diversified which implies different people in different time zones have unique surfing times. Then arises the question of how to find the best time to post on Facebook?

How to Find Your Best Posting Time on Facebook?

Facebook Insights is one of the most effective targeting resources available on Facebook. It simply showcases the user behavior of your own niche also based on topography and demography.

Facebook Insights

When you dig into your Facebook Observations, you’ll get a wealth of data to help you understand your possible client profile. It has many different data-points available to measure such as shares, interest, scope, demographics, insights, etc.

This information can help you understand how your content resonates with your audience. It also tells you by what percentage your profile is rising, and gives you an incredible summary of how your Facebook plan functions.

How Does the Facebook Algorithm Work?

Facebook keeps altering its algorithm for its users, the latest update was that rather than putting up content chronologically, posts, and ads are shown based on what Facebook sees as relevant to you, the user. In 2019, Facebook updated the news feed algorithm to favor meaningful interactions with family circles and colleagues over advertising material from brands.

Guide to Facebook Insights


Facebook insights show us when your fans are online, how long their active and their pattern as well as post timings of successful posts. It additionally tracks the attainment and engagement of all of your Facebook posts.

This aids in finding out who your fans are, what their age, where they are from, and what kind of content do they like more. Further, it puts your data into action and focuses on sharing your best content.

Steps to utilize insights smartly:

  • Find your pinnacle engagement instances on your Facebook Web Page insights.
  • Test your Facebook audience insights.
  • Use Creator Studio to look at what content is getting more engagement.
  • Then, experiment with different posting times and measure your progress accordingly.

Facebook Page: Insights offers you detailed analytics of your web page. So now you can see what works, learn what content of yours the audience can relate to, and enhance your results through different experiments.

Facebook Audience: Insights enables you to apprehend your Facebook audience so you can achieve higher commercial goals and create greater engaging content.

Facebook Analytics: In case, you use Facebook for commercial purposes, then Facebook analytics is your best friend. It’s packed with insights, data, and statistics that allow you to get to know your buyers and their buying habits properly.

Investing your time or money without returns is a waste. Facebook Analytics provides you valuable information to reach your business goals and refine strategies as well as to measure your ROI.

5 Facebook Analytics Tools:

1. Hootsuite Analytics

With Hootsuite Analytics, you can create and percentage custom reviews for your Facebook page. Plus, you can download these documents in Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, CSV formats, and percentage in just a couple of clicks.

2. Facebook Audience Insights and Advert Middle

This post covers how to use Facebook’s web page Insights. But there are more than one Facebook analytics tools constructed for this platform:

3. Brandwatch

Brandwatch lets you track Facebook metrics like attain and likes. Plus, it also helps you to track how many people are speaking about your content on the network.

4. Audiense

Audiense enables you to recognize your target audience in greater detail. You can then generate ideas on what your audience is relating to. This will help you create content material that hits the proper tone and gets great results.

5. Digimind

Digimind helps you recognize your audience on Facebook and tune in your performance against your competitors. You get to compare your voice to similar bands in your industry. It also additionally facilitates you to analyze key metrics like conversion rate and cost per lead.


There is no perfect or a universal best time to post on Facebook because each person/business is unique and each of them has different target audiences, their target audiences live in different time regions, etc which makes it difficult to attain a universal “best” time.

However, with the help of the above information, strategies, and guides you can create a huge impact over social media marketing as well as carve out a better
positioning strategy. The best time to post on Facebook depends on your audience’s behavior.

It’s more likely to get more involved when posts hit your audience at the right moment, which reflects the latest Facebook algorithms about an improved relationship with your public, leading to a better rating of your work. Get the perfect moment to leverage!

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