Essential steps for using Social Media to boost business marketing

by | Sep 27, 2018

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We all remember a time when social media was just an efficient way to communicate with friends. But, nowadays, it becomes the most efficient and inexpensive way to promote, expand and rise your business towards a new world of marketing.

Social media is growing day by day, Facebook just rolled out the statement that they have crossed 2.23 billion active users monthly. Can you believe this? And other social media platforms and applications are at the top of their all-time high user numbers.

If you are not taking advantage of social media to boost your business then you are doing a big mistake because social media channels are the best way to reach more people.

“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.”- George Kneller

Hence many marketers believe that doing marketing on social media is the key platform for a business to become a king of your field where no one can touch your popularity and sales. So, social media is a way that helps you to get connected with potential customers to create a better customer base for tomorrow. But, you might be confused that how can you use social media to boost your business right?

No worries we are here with another exciting content to provide you with the steps of using social media to boost your business marketing.

1. Audit Your Current Social Presence:

Before getting started with social media you should need to analyze your social presence. So, the following are the equations for which you need to find the answers before starting your social media marketing.

  • Which networks are you currently active on?
  • Which networks are currently able to bring more value to your business?
  • How does your profile give competition to your competitor’s profile?

Once you get the answer to all these questions then you are ready with a better understanding of your wants and what you need to improvise.

2. Set Your Goal:

Now you know which position you are in on social media right? So, you need to make a checklist that what you want to achieve next and what are your goals. For example, what are you attempting to achieve, do you want to boost your sales, are you concerned about customer service or want to increase the visibility of your business.

So, these all are the questions that you should ask yourself to set your social media marketing goals.

To achieve those goals, you need to follow all the below-mentioned steps.

Create and Improve your Existing Accounts: Once you are clear with the social media account which is best suitable for your business then start creating a social presence on each network according to your brand presence.

Further, if you already have an account then you need to improve your account details and start uploading valuable quality content related to your business. So, you need to be sure that your social media accounts are able to represent your brand values.

For example, if you feel that LinkedIn is the best medium to represent your business then you need to create an attractive LinkedIn company page.

For more information read this blog LinkedIn: A Stepping Stone for Professional Growth.

Do Research and Find Inspiration: Keep searching and observing what your industry is already sharing and use social listening to have awareness about trending topics in your industry. So, you are able to work on it and can deliver some interesting stuff to your users. Hence, “We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.” – Josh Bernoff

Maintain Pre-define Schedule: This is an essential part of your all-important content marketing plan. It should include the intended dates and times that you want to publish your content on social media like Facebook, Instagram posts, and tweets, as well as any other social media content.

3. List out Your Ideal Customers:

The main aim of marketing is to know your customers in a better way, so you can prepare your product according to their comfort which increases your sales automatically.

So, the most important thing, you need to be as determined as possible with this section. Hence, even the best marketers will not be able to get success if they are representing their product to the wrong bunch of people.

For Example, approximately 75% of people are using Facebook. But the question is how many from that visit your brand regularly? this is the reason why it is vital to know your customers. You should know what age group is suitable for your product and with which income level. So, now you are aware of why knowing your customers is vital while using Social Media to boost your business.

Further, you just need to get some basic details to target your potential customers.

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income
  • Job Title
  • Most Used Social Media Network
  • List of Issues (Which you can solve with your services)

4. Know the Demographic of Your Customers:

After knowing your customers, it is vital to know the demographics of your customers on social media.

This is the reason why most brands use the Social Media Dashboard which can provide an overview of your followers and who follows you on each social media.

So, it is necessary to have a social media dashboard that can manage your multiple accounts, keep track of your recent updates, campaigns, and keywords, measure team performance, and measure your audience demographic data.

Whether you’re an agency providing insights for your clients or an enterprise company discovering your own demographics, an all-in-one dashboard solution is critical.

5. Make Impactful Metrics:

Once we start promoting our brand we can get a little idea of brand awareness through likes, shares, and comments. But, it is not enough to tell the whole story.

You all have decided to use social media but not only for likes and comments on your page, right? There is some other milestone that you need to achieve through social media. So, here are some metrics which are playing a vital role in your business growth.

  • Engagement: Customer engagement is important for any business. You need to communicate with your customers to gain their trust.
  • Post Reach: This component shows how many users have seen your content and how far your content is spreading. So, this will help you to increase your business reach.
  • Clicks: It will help to check the number of clicks on your content which is vital to know which kind of content encourages customers to buy your products.
  • Hashtag: You need to check which hashtag you are using for your site and which one is more associated with your brand. Always try to use trending hashtags which increases the possibility to read more people. Keeping track of all these will give you a hint that which hashtag creates the most engagement. So, you can use the same in the future for a better outcome.

6. Build up the Following list with paid campaign

Sometimes you feel that it is hard to increase your following organically on some major social media platforms like Facebook. Even if you are performing a regular engaging task such as posting quality content.

So, in this case, you can go with a paid following campaign. A paid follower campaign can mean the difference between having 1000 followers and 10000 followers. It will help you to grow your audience and it is not a bad idea to invest some funds for having more followers with the help of paid following campaign.

7. Create Engaging Content:

So many marketers have a misconception that only having good content is enough for their business to get an audience and popularity.

But, it’s not true and I am sure by these above-mentioned steps have been clear to you that there are more efforts required for using social media to boost your business.

Let me tell you some interesting information regarding content posting. Now you all are aware of who your potential customers are and which type of content is attracting them right? So, all this information will help you to create engaging, useful, attractive, and high-quality content. But, do you know which types of content you need to add?

Here is the list for the same.

  • Images
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Company News
  • Infographics

These all are ways to represent quality content and you need to make sure this will represent your skills and goals towards your followers. This will help you to get more audience and be on the top. If you are not able to handle your social presence.

8. Confused about how to get unique content?

If you are not able to create content by yourself or don’t have enough time to for creating it. Then follow these below-mentioned steps to solve this issue.

  • Create a Social Media Team: It is very important to create a social media team to handle an effective social media presence. So, try to build a perfect team that can bring unique content to your business.
  • Hire a Good Content Writer: You need to hire a person who can create an attractive caption for your photos, write blogs, add good comments, and can handle all text-based operations.
  • Hire Someone who can handle Images and Videos Uploads: Hire a person who can create innovative images and videos for your website.

In end, if you are not convinced with the above-motioned concept then you can hire a professional digital marketing agency. Hence, they have years of experience in the digital marketing field and can able to handle your social media presence in a professional way.

9. Post While Most People Are Active:

You need to check at what time most people are active to get more views over the expected time period. For example, most people are active during lunchtime when they are at work or in the evening when relaxing at home.

So, choose an appropriate time to post your content to get the best outcome.

10. Track Your Success:

It is very vital to track the effectiveness of the post by applying new strategies to check which changes or improvements you need to apply in your existing plan.

This is the most important step when it comes to succeeding on social media.

11. Social Media Management Tool:

As we have seen in previous steps it is necessary for having an active social media account. But, maintaining all these accounts separately is time-consuming as well as hard to handle.

Hence, managing all your social media requires the right strategy with the right tool. Here are some useful tools to manage your social media accounts.

HootSuite: Whenever you are handling multiple accounts then Hootsuite offers a great feature to make your task simpler. Using Hootsuite you can easily maintain social content and automatically schedule hundreds of social media posts at once, across your social accounts.

IFTTT: IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, this is the best automation tool through which you can save time in managing your social media applications and websites. It allows you to share your content in an easy way and also provides a voice assistance facility.

In addition, this tool will link all the accounts together based on which works on the trigger and an action. For example, if you post a blog it will automatically perform an action by creating a tweet for the same.

Hubspot: There is a number of tools available in the market to handle your social media accounts. But with the help of Hubspot, you are able to track which things are most trending in the market which can help you to increase your sales.

There are a few more effective social media scheduling tools available that can help you to handle all your social media activities in a better way.

12. Follow Influencers for Better Understanding:

There are so many inspirational people available on social media who started their businesses with social media and now they have millions of followers who admire them. You also need to follow influencers to know something new from their content and build something brilliant for your business.

So here is a list of top marketing influencers who have a massive list of followers who trust them as an expert in their field.

Check out the influencers on Facebook who have increasable numbers of followers.

Check out the influencers on Twitter who have a number of followers.

Check out the below-mentioned influencer on Instagram with huge followers.

So, now you are aware of all the important steps of using social media for your business. You might be thinking that what are the benefits of using social media for marketing, right?

So, here is the answer to the top benefits of using social media for your business.

Increase Brand Awareness:

In the Present day, majority of people are using social media and that is the reason why social media is an important platform for business marketing and also increasing business visibility.

Let’s get started with the initial state of using social media for business. Now, you need to create a business account with all your business-related information on social media and start interacting with others.  Connect with your employee, users, and partners to get like, share,s and comments on your page. You need to start building your reputation as a trustable and well-maintained business, that will give your customers a reason to be potential customers for you and let them know about your brand in a much stronger and more impactful way.

By investing just a few hours the majority of marketers can feel the changes and believe that social media can really increase their exposure.  So, we can say without any doubt that social media is a bridge between your brand and audience which easily connects both of them for better prospects.

Attracts More Traffic:

While you are not on social media then your business reach is limited to your regular customers, employees, and your business partners. But, we all know that it is not enough to have a successful business, after all, you don’t have to start your business for limited customers, right?

Besides that, we all want to see our business at a prominent level. By using social media more people will get familiar with your brand.  Hence, People who are familiar with your brand are likely to search for you using the keywords for which you are already ranked and without social media, it is really a tough task to expand your customer base.

Each and every social media account is a way to reach your business website. The post you are uploading to your account is a fresh opportunity to acquire and attracts new customers. We all know there are different types of people available on social media with different thought processes and needs, they are not supposed to directly search your website because they are not aware of it.

For example, loyal customers for your business will search for your website with a particular keyword on Facebook, but there is a huge number of users who begin their search differently. By using social media for your business marketing, you are preparing your business to get wider and more versatile customers all over the world.

Higher Conversion Rates:

It has been proven with help of social media you are able to increase the visibility of your business.  And it also helps to gain more opportunities to gain conversions. Every post will lead to more traffic to your website. Hence, you are able to leave a positive impression on your audience.

It is important to leave a good impression on your visit because it is an effective factor in your sales

A great social media strategy is something that no one can provide you with a readymade plan. Hence, this is something on which you need to work constantly. So, get up and create some strategy to grow and learn about your business and audience by applying these steps of using social media to boost your business.

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