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by | Apr 25, 2020

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perfect landing page checklist

You’ve got a product. You’ve got a service. And you need to promote it, to get it viral and, in the end, to trump competition you need to focus and decide a perfect landing page checklist that works for you.

Why Landing page is to be perfect ?

A landing page, as we already know, is a standalone page that exists to serve one single purpose: Convert.
Through landing pages, you can score more leads and, therefore get more sales, or you could grow your email list and get more leads to promote your product and services too.

And more leads means more chances to sell and go viral.

This technique will help your crowd grow and your revenue shoot upwards without asking a huge piece of your budget. In fact, some of the best email marketing services have a built-in landing page editor, proving just how important landing pages really are.

And I’m here to show you how to leverage of these 5 perfect landing page checklist.

So, shall we?

5 Perfect Landing Page Checklist:

1. Decide on a thing or two

The first thing you want to make sure you’ve got down to a tee, would be your unique selling point. But what is that?

a) Unique Selling Point (USP)

Your unique selling point is what makes you special. It could be a free plan that’s more lucrative than what your competitors have to offer, free shipping or coupons if your prospects share your offer with their friends and family and help you out with your affiliate marketing endeavors.

The reason behind this need is pretty simple: You want your users to have their attention on you and your landing page and nowhere else. And since you have only 15 seconds to grab attention, you need to make sure you’re pretty clear about what sets you apart from others in your niche.

In other words, you need to “dress to impress”… Sort of.

Kind of like…

Unique Selling Point


You see that this specific example shows the USP right up front: The top eCommerce trends for 2020. The value is right there, the copy is free and the guide is more than rich since we’re talking about 40 detailed examples.

The USP here is that the trends are free, the copy is free and friction is minimal since the user doesn’t need to give up too much info in order to get what they need.

b) Goals

Define what you expect your landing page to do, first of all. What is your landing page supposed to help you with?

Is it more sign-ups to your email list? Is it more leads for a lead-gen game that will startle everyone? Maybe more exposure and more sales?

Determining your main goal will help you down the line. For example, a lead-gen page needs zero evident friction, whereas you need clear, precise value if you need to get more sales going.

Whatever it may be, just make sure it’s a goal that is on par with your audience, seeing as you won’t have too many chances to make your landing page convert according to your wishes. And your audience is the main key to managing to make an impression.

The first thing to consider here would be to use AI and machine learning. This is something that will give your landing page a competitive edge, and here’s why: AI provides more than just segmentation.

Segmenting according to age, income and educational background is a great way to do business, but on the other hand, these are not the only segments you can use, in order to personalize the experience.

AI and machine learning, on the other hand, will help your business create more life-like, one-on-one segments that will help your personalization efforts immensely.

Just make sure to keep true to your brand tone-otherwise, people will lose trust-and build all visuals and copy around that.

2. Same look, same message, different channels and devices

Let’s assume that you’ve got a website that is all serious. I go in there, and I see that it means business and doesn’t muck around. Great. That’s the tone you’ve decided to set, correct?

Now, let’s say that I received an email of yours that will redirect me to a landing page with offers and benefits. And I see a page that’s fun and well-suited for a more youthful crowd… Well, at first, I’ll wonder if I clicked the right link, and this is not the kind of mistrust you need to get.

But mistrust is not your only concern in our case, since being forgotten could be another concern, just as serious. But what do I mean by that?

Okay, so another example: I’m browsing Facebook on my phone, and I bump into one of your Facebook ads. And I click on it, because I’m curious.

Better yet, I open an email and click on a CTA that makes me feel like it’s got more to say than it seems. And I get redirected to a “place” on the Internet that has unclear and broken design and it doesn’t really load and…

Well, that’s a landing page that’s not optimized for email for ya. And you don’t need that, seeing as mobile is gaining much ground.

mobile traffic on landing page


It’s a real shame to lose conversion just because you didn’t optimize for mobile. And even if one remembers the name of your brand and the landing page they saw that you made an impression-they won’t go back to a page that didn’t load in the first place.

3. Make them interact

Interaction is something that works for everyone and everything, end of. And an interactive landing page will set you apart from the crowd.

You can either use a chatbot or boxes that require information to be given out. The landing page can slide away and present a new one after submitting the information needed on the previous one.

This little trick will help your landing page lose more than a lot of friction and it will make it look considerably smaller. But this is not the only reason why you need an interactive landing page.

Interaction means that your users will stay on your page for a lot longer, making Google think that it’s useful and that it provides something, and will help a great deal with your SERPs. Oh, and don’t fret!

There’s more than one way to make your landing page interactive.

Use an interactive quiz to score a sale or a “hidden treasure” game with a QR code that will entice and have users looking for clues!

To create captivating and engaging experiences for your audience, incorporating QR codes into your landing page can be highly effective. When it comes to QR code generation, there are several options available, but it’s important to choose the best QR code generators that offer a seamless user experience.

Perhaps you’d like to get more leads? Have your users give you information as you change your landing page’s frame. Or maybe use that chatbot I mentioned above, like this:

for landing page chatbot is very useful


If you can think of a more clever way to get a user’s attention, please tell me! I’d love to know!

Note: Create An Effective Landing Page Design

4. Make them try new things and explain some old staples

This is a nod to all the things you can do just by adding a video to your landing page, which will be the hottest landing page trend for 2020.

You can just design your landing page and make it have a video right front and center. The video will showcase the core values of your brand, making your message clear and concise.

Consider video on landing pages to be the new type of TV advertising, if you will. But a whole lot better and with better results, seeing as it can get your click-through rates up by 27% and increase your website’s conversion by 34%.

If you’re not really convinced, just check out this case study with the landing page that took the world of razors by storm!

But let me tell you another couple of things as to why you need to use videos:

A video is supposed to contain small bits and pieces of information that are easy to digest. You’ll have to keep your message short and compact, easily memorable (this is where taglines come in!) and so good that your audience won’t feel like there’s something missing.

a) The kinds of videos you can use

There is no industry that can’t use video and there is no video that won’t be appropriate for what you need, when it comes to your landing page.

Just make sure that you’ve got your goals all set, as there are different kinds of videos that you can use, to get different kinds of engagement.

There are explainer videos that will make your brand awareness game better than you’d think. Explainer videos aim to explain what you’re about, what your brand’s goals are, and how you can help your prospects become their best selves.

Then, there are your customer’s testimonials. Those videos can help with lead generation as well as sales. If you’ve got a product that is difficult to sell because it’s too “niche” or it’s a plain luxury, a customer testimonial video will make your prospect stay on the landing page and get convinced without a sales pitch.

5. What do you need to subtract and what you need to add

A landing page, being the standalone page that needs to just convert and nothing else doesn’t need to have many links. You only need the bare basics when it comes to that.

a) Subtract the navigation links

Your landing page is not the place to explain what your company’s about in thorough detail and it’s not the place to help people get redirected to the appropriate section.

This means that there is zero need for distractions. If you think about it, each link is a threat to your conversion, as the prospect can get curious, click on it, and leave the page.

Of course, you can’t have a landing page that won’t include a single link. Your prospects may need a way out and not providing one, doesn’t make you look like the definition of trustworthy.

Include a homepage link that will help your users leave without any fuss and remember that CTAs are what guides users to the desired action and not links.

landing page without navigation links


“Join”, “Get started”: Two actionable verbs were all the above landing page needed, in order to convert. No links, apart from the apparent homepage, and no fuss at all.

b) Add trust badges

Trust badges are the elements that will make your prospect trust you with their personal data and they’re just too important not to include if you’re building a landing page that asks for sensitive data.

Especially useful for eCommerce and all landing pages that want to score sales as they’ll ask for credit card details. Therefore, trust badges are important indicators as to why your landing page-and by extension, your brand-is trustworthy enough

Check this statistic from five years ago:



The concerns about payment security are fourth on the list, and we’re talking about a time when eCommerce was not as big as it is now.

So, in order to make sure all of your prospects will know exactly how secure your landing page is, you’ll need some trust badges-unless you don’t want to get extra customer loyalty points.

Just do it like this:

types of payment you accept

Stating the types of payment you accept, means that you’re showing prospects a sign they can recognize for example, a sign they already trust and use.

If PayPal trusts you enough to allow you to use their badge, then so will the prospect.

And if the prospect trusts you, they’re that much more likely to buy, which is what you need, long-term.


I could be going on and on about more trends, but the truth is that AI will dominate the field, bringing hyper-personalization forth and making it a staple-so master it while you’ve got the time and set yourself apart from the competition!

Apart from that, you’ll need to use elements like interaction, that will boost the prospect’s stay time and your ranking on SERPs, and you’ll need to keep them busy on your landing page, with fancy quizzes, zero distractions (aka links) and trust badges that will make them feel safer.

Add actionable words and phrases to top it all off and make sure that you don’t distract them with unnecessary elements, like external links.

And finally, create two versions of your landing page that will differ in one key aspect, check the data you get from that… And always A/B test!

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