Doggy Daycare Business Plan with Infographics

by | Sep 21, 2020

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Doggy Daycare Business Plan

Dogs are now much more than a man’s best friend, they have become a part of the family. According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owner Survey, 63.4 million US homes have a pet dog. As per the Washington Post, dog adoptions have soared during the 2020 pandemic.

Because of their hectic schedule, most pet parents have no time to stay home with their dogs. Along with that, they’re also worried about their well-being if they are left alone. Hence, they’re always searching for a Doggy Daycare.

If you’re looking to set your foot in the doggy daycare business, don’t wait any further. But like every other business, detailed planning is a must. An elaborate and efficient doggy daycare business plan can smoothen the process of establishing a successful company.

What Should Your Doggy Daycare Business Plan Hold?

It’s a preconceived notion that forming a business plan is an expensive and time-consuming investment. But if you look at it in the long run, the expenses prove to be worth it. With the right business outline, you not only secure a set of loyal customers but also enhance future business prospects.

Are you having trouble formulating your business plan? Here is a list of pointers necessary to be addressed before you start your doggy daycare company.

1. Extensive Research

Before you build your Doggy Daycare business, research is a must. It is crucial to gather information about the target audience in your surroundings. Along with research, knowledge about dogs is a precondition. Every dog breed has different requirements.

Educate yourself about the different types of exercises, walk timings, dog’s temperature, etc. This type of information can help form a professional and trustworthy brand image with your clients.

Inquire about the expected doggy daycare services by the customers and include what is demanded. This can help in better organization and a strong start.

Extensive Research for doggy daycare business

Source: Washingtonpost

Give your business a brand name that can help in setting it apart in the market. With an innovative name and trademark phrase, your daycare business can leave a positive impact on the customers.

A good place to start research is through Wikipedia or City-Data.

Note: Always rely on official data and facts while conducting research.

2. Select A Location

Market research about the people’s requirements for a doggy daycare can help in determining its scope in that area. If you skip the inquiry, you might end up establishing a business where potential customers aren’t available.

Choosing a location for your doggy daycare business can depend on the rules and regulations of the local government, permit requirements, and financial proximities.

You also need to accept the fact that your doggy daycare business might not be the only one in your local area. So, it is necessary to learn from other established businesses to build a stronger empire.

3. Determine The Cost 

Money is mandatory for any business. Before stepping into the daycare industry, ascertain and calculate all the costs. This can range from the initial investment, property cost, permits, insurance, required tools, daily expenses, advertising, and marketing cost, etc.

Getting a reference point of the various costs is necessary before starting a business to procure the finances.

Paws Doggy Daycare has given an estimated cost of a doggy daycare startup that can give an idea about the total finances required.

Estimated cost of a doggy daycare startup

Keeping an eye on the cost is necessary to avoid unnecessary expenses. To maintain the finances along with the schedules, you can use various software like Doggie Dashboard available online.

Doggy Daycare Dashboard

A broad cost planning should be conducted to avoid any immediate expenses in the long run.

4. Get Your Business License

A permit is required from your local or state government to operate your daycare business. In the absence of a legitimate license, your company will get heavily fined.

The general requirements for acquiring a doggy daycare permit are a healthy environment, sanitized and vaccinated dogs, proper equipment, etc. The health department may regularly inspect to see whether there is proper waste disposal or not.

Permits may also defer according to the services provided by your doggy daycare. In the USA, they can approximately cost $1000.

5. Get Your Business Insured

Getting insurance has become a necessity in such uncertain times. It gives an extra layer of protection and security against unforeseen situations.

Accidents are prone to happen while dealing with dogs. To avoid any future liability issues from your clients or third parties, get your business secured with insurance.

Investing in doggy daycare insurance can protect your business, customers, staff, and assets from unpredictable events.

Along with that, your clients can also put their trust in an insured doggy daycare.

6. Decide Competitive Prices 

Doggy Daycare is a profitable venture. But every business has to incur a certain amount of loss before picking up the business. You should be prepared to incur the initial losses of the business.

The prices of your services are dependent on various factors. Your costing decides the range of your prices. If your expenses are way higher than the prices charged, it won’t prove to be fruitful in the long run.

Decide competitive prices

You must also research the prices charged by your competitors. This helps in determining your range. If you charge higher than the other doggy daycare companies, you won’t be able to attract any clients. A competitive pricing strategy is well appreciated for a business.

7. Dignify Your Business With A Website 

According to Statista, as of July 2022, almost 63% of the world’s population were active internet users. By creating its website, you can easily find a marketplace for your doggy daycare business online.

Having a website for your doggy daycare business can improve its authenticity and credibility. It helps in creating a cost-effective market for your services and business.

Doggy Day Care Website

Your website should include all the basic information like the name of the company, location, services rendered, operating timings, etc. This creates brand awareness on the web. Informative blogs and videos can increase the traffic on your website. Such leads can be converted into potential customers.

The following features should be included on your website to make it more professional:

  • Mobile-friendly for enhanced user experience.
  • Hassle-free online booking tab.
  • A CTA (Call to action) for the users to take further actions.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Customer review page
  • Interactive landing page 

8. Branding And Marketing 

Once you’ve established your business, you will need the tools of marketing to reach your end goal. Unless you don’t invest in digital marketing and branding, your daycare might not get the clients at their full potential.

a) Traditional Marketing

You can market your daycare through traditional ways like newspaper ads, flyers, or word-of-mouth techniques. But these methods take up too many resources and aren’t always guaranteed to work.

Always go where the market is. You can make flyers for your business and put in places like the veterinary clinic, dog food shops, parks, etc. Through this way, you can directly target your audience.


Above is an example of a flyer, which you can use to make your doggy daycare business. You can use it for door-to-door marketing. You can also incorporate QR code to your flyers. There are many dynamic QR code generator available online that you can use.

b) Digital Marketing

According to Packaged Facts, 41% of dog owners use the Internet to find local pet care services, including doggy daycare.

With the powerful tools of digital marketing, you can create an online presence of your doggy daycare business. With the help of Local SEO, you can gain high traffic through local searches. This can lead to a higher ranking of your doggy daycare business, eventually leading to more clients.

Local Search Results

As you can see in the above image we had made a search for “doggy daycare near me”. The Google local search appeared with the business near our area. Therefore it is vital to list on Google My Business for online recognition.

Gone are the days when people maintained a physical directory to search for local businesses. Listing your doggy daycare business online can expand its client base. Your potential clients can find your business on the online directory through Google Local listing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s list. These are the authentic sites where people can trust the specific type of company.

Social media has become highly influential in recent times. It has leaped from being a platform for communication to becoming the most effective marketing solution. You can create an official Facebook page to post photos and videos of your doggy daycare. There are several groups for pet lovers that you can be a part of to create a buzz for your daycare business.

Similarly, other social media like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest can assist in creating a positive online presence and interacting with potential clients.

9. Staff Training & Safety Measurements

To establish or grow your doggy daycare business, you will require new staff. But, hiring people who meet the qualifications or have experience is not enough.

Every doggy daycare facility has a different set of rules and regulations. Thus, training becomes extremely important.

First and foremost, you should always treat your staff with respect. If you want to retain your staff, you will have to treat them properly and with respect. Always diversify the jobs and define the responsibilities clearly. Determine the mental and physical capabilities of your staff and train them accordingly.

Establishments like Professional Animal Care Certification provide independent certifications to pet care industries. The International Boarding and Pet Services Association provides species-specific certification exams.

Besides that, having such certificates to your company’s name and educating your employees can enhance the authenticity of your daycare.

To avoid any accidents or health hazards in your Doggy Daycare, safety precautions are vital. Vaccinations, daily health, behavior, and physical check-up can help in maintaining its sanctity. It is also necessary to separate the dogs during playtime according to their size or temperament.

10. Exclusive Offers For Regular Clients

To build long-term relations with your existing clients, you must introduce offers or discounts. The referral program can help in retaining customers as well as bring in more clients. It can create brand awareness for your daycare company. With more number to people recommending your daycare, there will be a sense of reliability and trust associated with your business.

Special Offers for doggy daycare

Giving free dog tags engraved with your daycare’s name and contact can market your business and make your clients happy. Moreover, the introduction of gift certificates, coupons, and discounts can be a successful investment. It’s a great technique to market your business leading to mass exposure in your locality.

Gift certificates for a dog daycare company can be a great present for friends and families. They help in getting newer clients, all leading to more profit. Discounts for regular customers are a great method for retaining them for a long period of time.

Doggy Daycare Business Plan: A Key To Success

Now that you have all the necessary pointers for your doggy daycare business plan, get right to work on it.

Likewise, do factual research, find the perfect location and staff, and don’t forget to market it the right way. Don’t let minute things go unnoticed. Every aspect of a business plan plays an important role in the formulation and growth of your doggy daycare.

Always remember that your business is dependent on two things- the dogs’ wellness and your client’s trust. Maintain both factors equally and take your business to new levels of success.

Check the below infographics for an easy understanding of the Doggy Daycare Business Plan:

Doggy Daycare Business Plan Infographics

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