How to Gain More Customers Using Google Local Listing?

by | Jun 12, 2018

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How to Gain More Customers Using Google Local Listing?

We may be practicing it already but many of us might be unknown about the technical terms related to it. This blog is specially written to focus on one of the most useful and important features of Google that are “Google Local Listing”.

Google Local Listing helps to register your business online including the specific details of the business. Details such as the name of the business, phone, number, website address, local address, timings, etc. are stored online for making it easy for the customer’s access. This blog will help you to find how you can gain more customers after your business listing.

Basically, there are many more listing portals for a business like Bing places, Yahoo!, Yelp, Merchant Circle and many more but here we will talk about Google Local Listing. There is nothing to worry about, the other portal also performs on the same method and steps as Google and in the end, I will also provide you a link for 50 free websites for local listing. Therefore, you can visit and list your business for free!

Our daily lives are the epitome of the ease that is provided by this feature and just how often we Google it to check for the phone number or the local address of any random office, restaurants, some institutions, etc.

There are several Google local business directories available, which allow a local business to register their business freely on their sites. However, why should one register anywhere else when they can simply get their business registered on Google Local listing?

What is Google Local Listing?

To make it simple for you, Google Local Listing is a feature of Google, which aims at maintaining a directory of the local business in an area. It helps in registering your business online and increasing visibility to the customers.

google local business listing

The goal of Google local business listing is to make the business more accurate and searchable and can be categorized under the local search marketing campaign that aims at creating and maintaining the listicles of the several local area businesses running in the nearby localities. The Google listing keeps updated information on the local business, their address, contact number, the location on the local Google map photos, etc.

This cannot be denied that when one business decides to go online its reach is increased. This is because the new generation prefers accessing the internet to find out details. It is obvious if you can get everything by just clicking a search button, that too in a few seconds. Then why not?

Thus, at present, a majority of businesses prefer to have their business registered online to have better connectivity with the customers, follow them and provide an informative approach.

So, one of the best ways to boost sales is to get your business visible to the people living or working near your business area. One of the best tools to achieve this is Google Business Profile. A listing is free, easy to use, and very important for a small organization wishing to promote its services to a local market.

Do you know what is Google Business Profile and how does it work?

Altogether, a local search tool organizes results according to specific locations. Business owner uploads a business profile and whenever, a customer looks specific service for eg: carpet cleaner in their area, a list of local businesses is displayed.

The business should have a free Google account to register, but once a business profile is submitted and verified, the listing is ready and will be running within a few days. Google Business Profile displays your business information on search, Maps etc so that customers can easily find you, on any type of device.

It is very easy to register your business on Google Business Profile. Visit our previous blog related to how to rank your business locally using Google Business Profile, I have also mentioned step to register your business on Google Business Profile.

How Does Listing Affect Business marketing?

As I already mentioned before that local listing is another way to increase your online reach and to make it simpler for the clients. By inserting correct information across multiple listing portals or websites. You can increase your SEO; you can add your authority and display credibility in your business.

Categories vary in every local business listing, but some data you want to make sure you include are:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Contact number, with extension, fax numbers, and toll-free numbers
  • Photos
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Categories

Additionally, make sure there are no duplicates found in your information section on your website. Many times, what happens a business owner creates a profile and leaves incomplete information in the air. When trying to clean up these listings, make sure these incomplete profiles are either deleted or completed.

1. Use ideal keywords so customers can easily find you

As content is the key in digital marketing, similarly keywords play a crucial part in ranking. All I want to say is that the keyword is putting together an effective description of your business. Like a normal website, as Google crawlers crawl each and everything, so it is very important to create a relevant description, SEO-friendly profile of your company using ideal keywords and tags.

It is all about knowing how your customers can search you online. For eg, if you are a carpet cleaning service company, you might want to include the words rugs, or upholstery to make your profile more specific. There are no rules – you just need to think that how your potential customers would try to find you out.

2. Boost up your ranking on Google

Some people ask us, is it possible to boost up the ranking once we submit Google profile?

Let me tell you, ranking depends mainly on two factors – one, how close your organization or business office is to the area mentioned in the search, and second, user interaction with your profile will help to make a prominent place in the listing.

The goal is to get as many clicks on your link from the customers so Google will analyze and see this as the relevance and will arrange results accordingly. All in all, your website position will increase.

3. Reviews by customers

Customer review plays a vital role. “The more positive reviews, the more positive reputation among the business as well as the customers” so always encourage buyers to leave feedback about your services or products. Another way you can influence ranking is to register with other local directories such as Yelp, Yahoo! Local, etc.

One more thing, updating your business profile is vital to make sure that information stays relevant. Time to time trend, taste changes, so make sure keywords remain accurate and relevant. Check your profile at least every quarter to keep on top of things.

As I already said Local listing is best for the small business, let’s see some benefits of Local listing for SEO.

4. Helps in boosting SEO

One of the best reasons to use local listing is that they add another link to your site, in most cases, and it will help you to raise your rank on the search results. Local listing is great for helping boost your SEO. By adding a location, it aids people who are looking for businesses like in your area. It helps in SEO efforts.

Having multiple links on your site from multiple listing gives you quality links. The SE (search engine) tend to provide more credence to these links, similarly as they do with social media links. Together they can help to boost SEO ranking.

Note: Must Read Local SEO Ranking Factors

5. Cost-Effective

The biggest problem faced by a small business when it comes to advertising and marketing is the budget. It can be tough to find a cost-effective way to create brand awareness and increase their online visibility; still, local listing and SEO provides a solution to this problem. Many online directories allow you to list your business on their directory for free.

Google My Business is the most impactful online listing that a business can have because it increases your chance of showing up in the search result. When putting your business on local directories, you will get high-quality brand exposure that will not go in wain, which will provide you a great ROI.

6. Visibility Increases

Investing in local services is worth, it increases your brand‘s visibility. As I already said there are many directories and publishers available where you can list your business. That means you have multiple platforms to make a potential customer. This will not only increase your online visibility, but traffic to your website and store location is likely to increase your online visibility.

Since they are searching for your business, they will end up meeting you and purchasing something from you.

7. Helpful in getting reviews

Do you face problems in getting reviews for your business?

Are you confused about where people should leave reviews?

Once you visit local listing directories, you will find that there are areas where customers can give reviews for your business on those sites. There is a possibility that you can get negative reviews with a positive one. Well, it is internet nature. You need to be careful and make sure you respond to the negative reviews responsibly and make them believe you are there to solve their problem and you will do the best possible thing.

B2B marketing or B2C marketing

Online local directory listing helps to connect you with targeted audiences. More amount of clients will able to know about your business. Improvement can be noticed day by day. Listings are divided into categories by such directory sites. According to your occupation specialty, you can make your entry. This will make your directory listing more accurate and targeted.

Best for SEO listing your business to a local online advertising site is ideal for search engine optimization. If you own a site, connect it with the local advertising ad. With feedback from your company, attach a link to your site. It helps to attract more local visits. It nourishes your online existence. We are excited to say that you can get double benefits that are a strong online presence and increasing visits to your website.

Get Started Soon

Now you are aware of the benefits the local listing has for SEO; so it is an ideal time to start with. It is very easy to sign up for the local listing, and it will not cost you anything more than time. Make sure you come back and update the list if any changes in your company, such as phone number or address or timings.

Working with local listings, and staying on top of them, can be a fantastic boost that your business needs.

As I promised, I will provide you free 50 websites for listing. So here are they, go and enjoy your business listing

Local SEO also play is the most important check How to Grow Your Local Business – Local SEO Guide. It is a complete guide that will help you to rule the market with your local business.

Can you visualize doing SEO manually? No? We cannot either!

It is virtually impossible to do any SEO task without the help of a tool.

However, with the lots of choices available in the market, how do you know what tool is best for which SEO task?

Branding Marketing Agency’s brand new eBook, Essential Tools for SEO, covers the most valuable SEO tools that you should use them. This guide includes information about how much each tool costs, key features, and tips.

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