How To Get More Carpet Cleaning Customers With Latest Cleaning Techniques & Marketing Strategies

by | Mar 10, 2020

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Take Your Carpet Cleaning Business One Step Ahead With Latest Cleaning Techniques & Marketing Strategies

Starting a carpet cleaning business is advisable for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a business endeavor with less capital and overhead.

If you are already a carpet cleaning business owner or want to start one, then it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest cleaning techniques. This is because it helps eradicate bacteria and get more carpet cleaning customers.

Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Are you new to a commercial carpet cleaning business?

Want more customers for your existing truck-mounted carpet cleaning company?

Having a thorough knowledge of the advanced carpet cleaning system and the steps involved in it will help you to deliver satisfactory cleaning results.

The following are the effective carpet cleaning steps that assist you to stand out uniquely in this competitive cleaning market.

Step 1. Pre-Inspection and Fact Gathering

Every quality carpet cleaning begins with a proper pre-inspection. It all starts with fact-gathering where the following things examined:

  • Carpet condition
  • Location of carpet
  • History of cleaning
  • Traffic patterns
  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Carpet selection and usage
  • Budget.
  • Carpet construction and much more.

Once all the data is available, you need to focus on customer expectations and objectives. Providing cleaning services according to the client’s needs and keeping safety/health in mind will boost your business growth.

After identifying the carpet’s condition and type, it is vital to select the accurate cleaning method and quality equipment to clean the carpet.

Moreover, use sustainable cleaning methods to achieve improved indoor air quality, a healthier facility while reducing the carbon footprint of the carpet.

Step 2. Apply Soil Prevention Techniques 

Once you finish pre-inspection and fact-gathering procedure, now it’s time to apply techniques to remove deeply penetrated soil from the carpet. The following are the effective carpet soil prevention methods:

  • Routine cleaning (minimizing the effects of soiling)

Carpeting is expensive, so it is important to maintain it clean while removing accumulated soil. The best way to increase the longevity of the carpet is by performing routine carpet cleaning.

With routine cleaning, you can not only airborne particles from the carpets but also reduces the chances of injury and spreading illness. Overall, it minimizes the effects of soiling and extends the lifespan of the carpet.

  • Interim Cleaning (appearance management)

The process that happens between vacuuming and deep cleaning is known as interim cleaning and maintenance. You as a carpet cleaner can implement interim cleaning to restore the carpet look by removing dirt that damages the carpet fibers. Also, it refreshes texture by making the carpet fiber stand upright.

The hard work and patience you require in deep cleaning are not needed in interim cleaning. As a result, the process is convenient and less labor-intensive. Therefore, it is advisable to add interim cleaning your carpet maintenance plan and maintain a long-lasting carpet appearance.

  • Restorative deep cleaning (maximum soil removal)

For the maximum soil removal results, you need to perform a restorative deep cleaning method. It helps to restore the original look of the carpet within time. However, you need to perform restorative cleaning before the soil in the carpet becomes visible.

The basic steps covered under restorative deep cleaning methods are dry soil removal, soil suspension, extraction cleaning, grooming, and dying. Throughout the process, avoid the use of cleaning products that leave sticky residues, as it will increase the chances of resoiling.

Step 3. Choose the Right Cleaning Method

If you are new to the carpet cleaning business, then choosing the right cleaning method can challenge you. This is because every cleaning technique will vary according to the carpet type. Below is a list of the best carpet cleaning methods.

  • Absorbent Pad Extraction
  • Dry Compound Extraction
  • Encapsulation Extraction
  • Foam Extraction
  • Shampoo Extraction
  • Water rinse Extraction

All these techniques will help you achieve the desired carpet cleaning results while removing deep accumulated dust contaminants from carpet fibers.

Step 4. Develop a Carpet Cleaning System

The overall cleaning result will depend on the perfect cleaning system. If you want to get more carpet cleaning customers, then a proper system is necessary. It includes the implementation of principles, procedural components, and cleaning methods.

Implement principles of cleaning starting from dry soil removal, soil suspension, extraction, grooming, and drying. All these steps are part of deep cleaning which results in the sparkling clean carpet for years.

However, you can charge customers for carpet cleaning services depending on factors such as proper inspection, technician’s experience, system efficiency, environmental factors and location. If you are providing service in Roseville you can charge your customer differently than you are charging your customer for carpet cleaning services in London.

Step 5. Customizing Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Plans

Once your carpet cleaning system is ready to execute, it is vital to monitor and customize a maintenance plan according to a customer’s needs. You can provide a cleaning service as per the specifications of the customer to gain their trust and interest.

Modifying your carpet cleaning maintenance plans and frequency will help you achieve both short-term and long-term success goals. Also, you can guarantee that the carpets are receiving the exact level of care that customers require.

How To Get More Satisfied Carpet Cleaning Customers?

Performing the best cleaning process helps you achieve satisfactory results while eliminating maximum dirt from the carpet fibers.

When you deliver satisfying cleaning results, the possibility of getting positive reviews and customers referring your business to their relatives or friends increases.

As a result, you will see a great development in your carpet cleaning business with an increasing number of happy clients.

Carpet cleaning Step Infographics 1

Get a quick overview of the carpet cleaning process in this infographic.

Moreover, apart from improving or developing an effective carpet cleaning system, you can also opt for powerful marketing strategies to get profits and success quickly.

Let us see how incorporating carpet cleaning marketing strategies into your business plan helps to get ahead of other carpet cleaning competitors.

Carpet Cleaning Business Marketing Strategies To Generate More Leads

What marketing efforts are you making to attract customers?

Have you made any marketing plans?

As you are in an internet era, you need to make great efforts in your marketing to stay ahead of your competitors. For that, you need to start online marketing.

But remember that only online marketing is not important. Simultaneously, you need to incorporate offline marketing and keep some budget reserved in your marketing plan.

Whether you are a start-up or thinking to start or already running a carpet cleaning business; then here are some carpet cleaning business marketing strategies to grow your business.

1. Create A Powerful Business Identity Using Logo

Have you seen any brand without a Logo?

A strong logo is the beginning of your company’s branding and conveys your business’s vision.

You only have one chance to attract customers. Besides that, a logo is the first introduction to them. Having a well-designed logo can urge consumers to learn more about your carpet cleaning business.

Create A Powerful Business Identity Using Logo

As you can see in the above logo, Neighborhood Cleaning Services have a well-designed logo. Moreover, the business logo instantly seizes the viewer’s attention and conveys the company’s core benefits in an engaging way.

As they are a veteran-owned and operated company, they have used a veteran image to describe it. Also, the name – Neighborhood Cleaning Services is clear to understand that they provide cleaning services.

Therefore, a professional logo is necessary to build brand awareness and separate you from your competitors. On the contrary, if you are not having a logo you are losing a chance of being known in your area.

2. Flyering The Right Way (Offline Marketing)

We had already discussed that you need to retain some budget for offline marketing. It is also important in online marketing.

If you do not want your emails to go inside spam along with other banks and credit card emails, then you can opt for flyers. It still works. Design a simple and uncluttered flyer including your business logo, about your business, and what you are offering.

Flyers are one of the cost-effective and most straightforward ways to get more carpet cleaning customers. Moreover, if done right it can get your phone ringing and have new customers to your business.

3. Turn Your Cleaning Van Into A Rolling Advertisement

If you are running a carpet cleaning business, then you surely might be using your van to reach out to your customer’s location. Many people will see your van. You can advertise your business through your company van.

Your vehicle acts as a mobile billboard. To get a long-lasting advertisement you can opt to wrap your company van. Do not forget to include three major things. Such as Logo, Phone number and Website. You can also include your other cleaning services and any offerings.

Turn Your Cleaning Van Into A Rolling Advertisement

From the above van image, you can clearly understand that it is a carpet cleaning van. ASAP Carpet Cleaning company have included their business logo, phone number, and their website on the van. It creates trust among the local consumers, and they can easily call the business or to learn more they can visit the website.

4. Develop an Engaging Website That Ignite Your Business

Have you seen any brand that does not have a website?

Obviously, the answer is no. Nowadays everybody searches online whether it is research or purchase of a product or service. If people do not find your business website, how will they know about your business? You are losing great opportunities for your business growth.

In order to get online visibility set up a website that describes your carpet cleaning business and makes it easy for people to reach you. Show the benefits of your services including videos and images.

Check this carpet cleaning website template that describes everything that a consumer looks for a carpet cleaning business. Website showcases everything such as business logo, phone number, location, opening times, social media buttons, services, request a quote button, their values.

A website can also be used to fulfill various marketing efforts that help to grow business. Moreover, you can use your website to advertise on Google and other pay-per-click platforms.

5. Drive Profits To Your Door With Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is an important factor when it comes to business marketing strategy. If you are thinking to start or you are running a carpet cleaning business then with the help of social media marketing you can reach your customers.

Social Media provides unbelievable benefits. You can use it to increase your business visibility and build brand awareness. Social media marketing is the most cost-effective way to get in touch with your customers.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit are some popular social media platforms. Create business profiles on various social media platforms that your customers use the most.

This can help to communicate with your prospects in an engaging way. Besides that social media is a means to grab customers’ attention and build your brand loyalty. You can also increase your website traffic by sharing your website content on social media.

6. Climb Up The Search Results With Local SEO

With increasing competition, it is inevitable for any size small or large carpet cleaning business to invest in Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In simple meaning “Being found when people are searching locally”.

As per Bluelist: “92% of searchers select businesses on the first page of local search results”.

Local SEO is about top ranking on the search engine results page. Higher the ranking more is the website visitors. SEO makes it easier for people to communicate with your business.

Local SEO

The reason behind using local SEO for a carpet cleaning business is that it will target the people in the area where you offer services. For that, you need to incorporate location-specific keywords and phrases in your marketing strategies.

Moreover, SEO requires great efforts, but also provide long term results and it is an effective marketing strategy.

7. Achieve Amazing Results Using PPC Advertising

PPC is simply Pay Per Click advertising. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. There are various PPC platforms where you can advertise your business. Among them, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are more popular and provide great results if done properly.

Google Ads

The biggest advertising platform among all is Google Ads. It helps to reach 90% of internet users worldwide. To appear on top of Google search results you need to invest in Google Ads – previously known as Google AdWords.

Google Ads search results

Read More: Google Ads – how it is beneficial for a carpet cleaning business?

Facebook Ads

Generally, every people are using Facebook. Why not broadcast your carpet cleaning business in front of this highly used social media platform? Facebook Ads can help you get more carpet cleaning customers.

One of the major benefits of PPC advertising is that it provides quick results. Also, it has a drawback that it shows your ads only till you invest. Once you stop investing so as your ads stop.

8. Strategic Partnership With Other Small Businesses

To grow your carpet cleaning business quickly you can also partner with other small business owners. Together with strategic alliances, your phone can start ringing.

For example: As a carpet cleaner, you can partner with a car washing service provider. Together you can offer complete packages. Customers who require carpet cleaning and car washing can get benefit from it by selecting your package.

The Bottom Line

Get Endless Possibilities… Endless Business integrating the above mentioned advanced carpet cleaning techniques to your business plan. It not only helps to satisfy your clients providing quality cleaning results but also generates profits.

On the other hand, if you want to take your carpet cleaning business one step ahead, then these marketing strategies can help you. Consider it to get more carpet cleaning customers while achieving success goals.

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