How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews for Your Business

by | Aug 27, 2018

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Negative Online Reviews

Negative online reviews are like a nightmare for every business and as a result, it affects our business by less customer count.

As per a survey, it has been proven that “two-third customers form their opinion of a business after reading just four reviews”.

Some businessman believes that any bad review affects the quality of the business and on the other hand some businessmen are not worried about bad reviews because they think bad reviews don’t hurt.

So, what is your opinion about a negative review for business?

Let’s see some good and not so good things about a negative review.

Does Bad Review Really Affect your Business

And the answer is yes. In today’s digital world most of the people check reviews before they decide to make a purchase. Similarly, if there is any negative review available about your product then it would definitely affect your sales. After all, having a negative review shows that your company is not that perfect, isn’t it?

Negative Online Reviews

How does the Bad Reviews Actually Help?

The reality is sensible and knowledgeable customer knows that any products, companies, and organizations aren’t perfect. Therefore, so many customers only take good reviews into consideration and put trust in the organization. And they believe if they are getting all the things they want in one product, so few bad reviews actually don’t matter.

While if the customer is not able to find any negative online reviews for your product, then the customer assume that the company is not a genuine company. Hence, no organization is perfect either they are hiding the negative online reviews (which is not good) or reviews are not legal, which is definitely worse.

So, one thing is clear that bad reviews are also important for your business even if they affect your sales. Hence, they also help you to prove geniality of your company.

Now, we know the advantages and disadvantages but we can’t leave this as it is. We need to find some solution which decreases the count of negative online reviews to a minimum. Here are some important tips which you should follow to deal with negative google reviews.

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Quick Actions:

Most importantly, you need to check your customer’s reviews frequently and give a response. To adjust your business lifecycle, taking care of your customer’s experience is a totally different logic.

Every business wants to be known as one that listens to their customers. If you notice the same complaint by the user in reviews then you need to take proper action against that. If you are making your customer wait then they will make you wait forever.

For example. LEGO Ideas is an online community where members can discover cool creations by other fans and submit their own designs for new sets. Fans can vote on submissions and give feedback. Furthermore, if a project gets 10,000 votes, LEGO reviews the idea and picks a winner for an official LEGO Ideas set to be created and sold worldwide.

Negative online reviews can have a very strong influence over potential customers. However, it does not mean the end for your business. Take this as a learning advice and get ready to create something best which can fulfill all the needs of your customers. Hence, if you can’t accept the reality today, you will never be able to create the history tomorrow.

A few bad experiences are inevitable. Take each one as an opportunity to learn and to develop your business.

Reach Out to Your Customers:

The first thing you need to do is reach out to your customers and apologize for their experience related to your services. You need to speak to your customer through call or email. So, can able to know what was the issue.

Once you start validating your customer’s review and making a list of it, you will be able to know that some of them are valid and need to get action. Offer them a gift card, a discount or some useful offer so hopefully, they have a better experience.

Don’t Take Tension:

Negative online reviews which are given by one or two customers will not be going to stop your business. If there is one person who finds some difficulties with your product there might be 10 people who love your product, right? So, you just need to give your best in solving the issues which would help you to collect more positive revise.

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Negative Online Reviews

How to Respond:

Before we start what, you should do towards the review.

Let’s talk about what you should not do.

You don’t need to react emotionally. What you are going to say will affect your whole business and your reputation as well. It’s true that you need to rectify the situation immediately, but having a mature strategy is a must. So, think about it and then reply cleverly.

It definitely makes you feel bad when a random person has authority to destroy all your efforts which you have put for growing your business. No one knows many nights you have spent sleepless just to see your business at the top.

But, we can’t help it because customers are the more important aspect of your business. You just need to find the problem and work out to fix it and no one can stop you. Afterall, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

authentication of reviews

Check the Authenticity of Customers

We all know that the internet is a world of fake and fraud people. But the most important thing is anyone can use it to harm someone without even disclosing their identity. So, all you need to do is, just identify the customer. If they are actual user of your product or not who gave a negative online review of the product.

I know it is difficult to identify one customer among many, but trust me, it’s not impossible. You just need to put some efforts and you will get the details. Because it’s important to identify the authenticity of the customer before responding to anything.

Once you are sure that negative online review is fake, then see below what you need to do next.

fake reviews

How to respond to the Fraud/Fake Review

You just need to keep one thing in mind that you need to prove to your potential customers that you care about them. Now, you know that review is not genuine. So, you need to apply another strategy to handle the situation.

Just need to reply with immediate effect including an apology for not satisfying with your product. You don’t know about the situation. So, just remember one thing that you know the review is not true and you just need to ask the person to reveal themselves. You also need to pretend that you really want to help them with their concern.

Leave your personal Email id, contact number or anything through which they can contact you. So, you are able to handle the situation in a better way.

How Review Help to Build Reputation?

Your reputation will automatically get a place if you are providing the best services. Further, every customer wants to know that which kind of service you will provide when they have some issue.

The best thing about google review is it allows you to show how much your organization concern about customers satisfaction.

So moral of the story is you can do whatever you want if you have right spirit to do that, and so what, if numbers of speed breakers are available in your way.

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