Leaked Yandex Ranking Factors & How They Can Benefit You

by | Feb 3, 2023

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Leaked Yandex Ranking Factors

Yandex – the 4th largest search engine worldwide was breached and around 1922 ranking factors were leaked by a former employee. This is the most trending news for the SEO community as some of these ranking factors are similar to our familiar search engine giant – Google.

What is that leaked data?

The leaked torrent file contains Yandex git sources and 44.7 GB of data. This data includes technical data on different products of the Russian tech company. The list of products is as follows – 

  • Yandex search engine and indexing bot
  • Yandex Maps
  • Alice (AI assistant)
  • Yandex Taxi
  • Yandex Direct (ads service)
  • Yandex Mail
  • Yandex Disk (cloud storage service)
  • Yandex Market
  • Yandex Travel (travel booking platform)
  • Yandex360 (workspaces service)
  • Yandex Cloud
  • Yandex Pay (payment processing service)
  • Yandex Metrika (website analytics service)

This is not the first time the Russian tech giant has been under a cyber attack. In 2016, someone was selling the account data of 6.3 million Yandex users. Furthermore, in 2021 Yandex was hit by one of the largest DDoS attacks

What did Yandex Said? 

The company officials have denied the information of the system being hacked stating –

“Yandex was not hacked. Our security service found code fragments from an internal repository in the public domain, but the content differs from the current version of the repository used in Yandex services.

A repository is a tool for storing and working with code. Code is used in this way internally by most companies.

Repositories are needed to work with code and are not intended for the storage of personal user data. We are conducting an internal investigation into the reasons for the release of source code fragments to the public, but we do not see any threat to user data or platform performance.” 

How are Leaked Yandex Ranking Factors Beneficial? 

The list of over 1900 ranking factors has some amazing factors that you might not know. 

Even if it is not Google, Yandex was built as a Google clone, making this news super important. Since most of the feature and ranking metrics of both of these search engines are the same, these leaked data can be useful for the SEO community to get helpful insights that can be implemented in their SEO practices. 

leaked yandex tweets by alex buraks

Leaked Yandex Ranking Factors

  • Page Ranking 

As per this leaked ranking factor the overall page ranking of your site is considered as one of the rankings for new pages.

page rank code

  • Crawl Depth

Yandex crawl depth code

Crawl depth is how many pages a search engine bot can index at a time. According to this ranking factor, your crawl depth should be high or you should keep the important pages near the homepage of the website hierarchy. 

  •  Backlink Anchor

Yandex Backlink Anchor

If the anchor of your backlink contains all the words of your targeted keywords, it can be helpful for SEO

  • Number of Bad Links

Yandex Bad Links

It is a common factor for almost every search engine. Reduce the number of bad and spammy links on your website. 

  • Links with Exact Match

Yandex Links with Exact Match

The number of links in your webpage that has an exact match with the search query. 

  • Geographical Searches

Yandex Georaphical Searches

It is to determine whether the sites have the same geographical location for the search query.

  • SEO Content

Yandex SEO Content Code

This sounds similar to Google’s helpful content update, where the search engine giant states to make content useful for humans and not for SEO guidelines to rank higher. 

  • Ranking Factor for Wikipedia 

Yandex Ranking Factor for Wikipedia code

Yandex will prefer Wikipedia for informational content as there is a different factor for it. 

  • Link Age

Yandex Link Age Code

The age of the link is another ranking factor. The backlinks with ages between 3 -7 years can be valuable for you.

  • Snippet

Yandex Snippets Code

A snippet is a small presentation of a webpage on a search engine result page. The ranking factor is based on how high-quality snippets can be made from the content available on your webpage. 

  • Old Date in URL

Yandex Old Date in URL Code

If the URL of your webpage contains an old date, it will be considered an old document which might not be that useful. And then its chances of ranking will be low. 

  • Website Traffic and New Visitors

Yandex Visitors Code

Yandex Web Traffic Code

The overall website traffic and number of unique visitors can affect your ranking. Running PPC ads can be beneficial to attract new visitors.

  • Numbers in URL

Yandex Numbers in URL Code

Avoid adding numbers in your URLs as they can lower the ranking 

  • Number of Slashes in URL

Yandex Number of Slashes Code

Avoid using multiple slashes in your URL; it can affect the ranking of your site. 

  • Host Reliability 

Yandex Host Reliability Code

Host reliability is decided based on the number of URLs without any errors. 

  • Local Search Queries

Yandex Nearby Code

Yandex City Code

Yandex Area Code

This factor is related to local search queries and is also applicable to Google. Your web content must be relevant to query when someone searches for “near me” on “in the particular city.”

  • Backlinks from Main Pages

Yandex Backlinks from Main Pages Code

The number of backlinks from the main pages plays an important role in the overall ranking. 

  • Non-letters in URL

Yandex Non letters in URL Code

Avoid the non-letters like @, #, $, %, etc in your site URL. 

  • CTR of your site

Yandex CTR Code

This is also applicable to Google. The average CTR, bounce rate, and user time are some crucial factors that are responsible for ranking. 

  • Publishing and Update Month 

Yandex Publishing Month Code

Yandex Update Month Code

The month of publishing and updating content plays a crucial role. 

  • Host (Domain) Position & Searches

Yandex Host Position Code

Yandex Search Queries Code

The host/domain position and the number of search queries for your site are ranking factors. 

  • Visits from Wikipedia

Yandex Visits from Wikipedia Code

  • Bookmarks 

Yandex Bookmarks Code

How many users bookmark your site can affect its ranking.

  • Ranking for short videos

Yandex Ranking of Short Videos

There is a separate ranking factor for pages with short videos like TikTok, Reels, and shorts)

  • ? Symbol in URL

? Symbol

Avoid using the “?” symbol in your URLs. 

  • Dots and Spaces in URL

Yandex Dots and Spaces in URL Code

Avoid using Dots and Spaces in URLs.

  • Map API on Web pages

Yandex Map API Code

Availability of Map APIs (like Google Maps) wherever necessary is a ranking factor.

  • Content Quality 

Yandex Content Quality Code

Not a new thing. The quality of content on your site is a ranking factor. 

  • Advertisements on Your Site 

Yandex Ads on Site Code

The number of ads on your site is a ranking factor.

  • Backlinks from the top 100 Websites

Yandex Backlinks from good websites Code

If your website has backlink/s from the top 100 websites, it has a high chance of ranking. 

Summing Up 

Here I have shared some common ranking factors from the huge leaked data. Some of these factors you might already know, but I’m sure a lot of them are surprising to you. There is a lot of helpful information that can be helpful to us.

However, even if Yandex is not Google there are many factors listed above that are applicable to Google. So why not let us try the remaining as well?

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