Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas from Ad Copy to Landing Page

by | May 9, 2019

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Everyone likes to have more and more clicks for their Ads.

Only having clicks is not important. The clicks should be so that convert prospects to customers. Clicks must achieve your end goal. Therefore, your Google Ads copy needs to be effective.

If you are managing Google Ads campaigns, then the most important element is ad copy testing. You need to incorporate new technology into existing strategies. This can boost your click through rate (CTR) and decrease the cost per click (CPC).

Above that, if you are not testing yours google ads copy, then you are probably missing out those worthy and converting clicks. These are some Google Ads copy testing ideas starting with ad copy up to the landing page that you must try to meet your expected return on investment (ROI). It is critical to test ad copy to determine what works best for your business.

1. Create Effective New Ads and Select the Best one

For testing your Google Ads copy, you need to have two to three different Ad copy in your ad group. Create an effective Google Ads copy by keeping your end goal (i.e. increased conversion rate) in mind. You need to be aware of things that could affect the performance of your ad.

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The expressive ad copy simply defines the offering or product. Similarly, it should mirror the keywords so that your ad copies match the actual search term in the search engine result page (SERP). Now, you have 2-3 different ad copy, therefore test them using A/B testing and choose the best performing ad.

2. Keep Eye on Competitor’s Ads

Competition is tough, isn’t it? Carry out a search with your highly searched keyword in Google and check out the competitor’s ad copy. Exploring the competitive landscape can provide you with fresh ideas and boost your creativity.

Check on which element they are focusing on. Are your competitors bidding on the keyword that you have missed? Check out your competitor’s keyword by The Keyword Gap tool from SEMrush.

“Enriching your keyword list with additional search terms can increase your chances of appearing in the SERPs next to your top competitors’ websites. The larger your keyword pool, the better your chances of reaching your prospective clients.”

Are they focusing on price? Check your ad copy and test it by incorporating pricing. Identify their Ad schedule. Test your ads by running with the schedule as per competitor. Also, have a look at their budget. No matter what, do not lose eyesight of what the competitor is doing in their ad copy or else you could be missing out great leads.

Now you have created Ad, so start testing them. First, start with Headlines. Then move to Description, Call-To-Action, Display URL, and finally the Landing Page.

3. Test Headlines

Headlines have a huge influence on the success of your campaigns. Headlines are the first text prospects will read when they see your ad in the search result. It is your first chance to tell users why they should take time to read or view the rest of your ad. Above that, having a strong headline is the first step to getting customers to click.

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You need to write headlines that will stand out from your competition as well as represent exactly what you are offering. And if your headline is boring, people won’t click. They will ignore you. If you are not running a sale, then do not display a sale in your headlines. Write the correct message that you need to convey through your ad copy.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

Make the best use of all 30 + 30 + 30 characters in all headline-1, headline-2, and headline-3. Test your headlines by writing in different ways. If possible, incorporate keywords in headlines. Change the sequence of the headlines.

You can carry out the following tests for your headlines:

a. Test using Promotional Offers

Usually, in PPC advertising, the promotions are in the form of special offers, competitive pricing, and some discounts. You must know how customers respond to promotional efforts.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

Let me give you an example. As per above Ad copy, instead of writing “1 Room for $19” they had written “3 Rooms for $56”. The promotional wordings may vary by different industry.

b. Test using Keywords

The keyword is the base of any ad copy. Smart placement of keyword in your headlines can increase your click-through rates (CTR). Besides that, keywords placed in the ad copy itself can help your ad stand out from the rest because they appear in bold after a user make the search for a query including keyword in Google. Test by placing the keyword in any of the headlines.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

As you can see in the above image, I have made a search for “carpet cleaning”. The search result appeared with the keyword in the headline. This helps the user to create trust in your ad and can take a chance to click on your ad.

c. Test using Punctuation

Punctuation is important. It is used in the top performing ad copy. Exclamation point, commas, question mark, percentile, dollar sign are pretty much used in an ad copy. Test using punctuations in your headlines as well as a description.

d. Test asking Questions

Questions make people curious. Curiosity makes people click. Many of the advertisers are not asking questions in their ad copy. If you want to stand out from your competitors, ask questions that speak to your prospects about their query. Find a way to answer them in your description.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

e. Test Adding, Modifying and Removing Price

Price in headlines can make or break your clicks. On one way displaying the price of your service or product can help people with the information they want and can take quick decision to make a purchase. On the other way, the price can turn people off by reminding them that they need to spend money. It is true if your pricing is not cheap than your competitors.

Changing the way your pricing is shown in your ads might attract prospects who actually want to buy.

f. Test using Competitor’s Headlines.

As I said above, keep an eye on competitor’s ads. Carry out a test using competitor’s headlines in your ad copy.

g. Test using Short Headlines, Words, Phrases.

Every single word in your ad copy is important. According to WordStream, the most appearing words in non-branded text ads are ‘Your, Free, Now, Get, Online, Our, Save, Best, Shipping, and You’. Test using these words or make a phrase using these words in your headlines. Make sure your ad copy speaks to your customer; do not make it all about you!

h. Test Matching Headlines of your Ad Copy with Headlines of your Landing Page.

If a person lands to your landing page by clicking on your ad and find the same headline on your landing page as on your ad, it might help the person feel like they are in the right place. It can increase your conversion rate.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

i. Test Capitalizing Initial Letter of Each Word of Your Headlines.

This thing is common now in all ads. If you are not capitalizing every word in your ad copy, it seems less important and you are losing those clicks.

j. Test using the Brand Name in Headline-2

Run a test including the brand name in headline-2. This can help you to develop an identity. Besides that, users can rest assure that they are not clicking on any random company ads. But on those, they can trust.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

k. Test Writing Benefits in Headline-2

One way it is essential to be clear in your ad copy headlines, on the other way it is crucial to inculcate benefit in it. Most importantly, test writing benefits in your headline-2, which can urge people to click on your ad.

l. Test changing Adjectives

By changing the extra word or adjectives in your headline, you can convey a different message that will attract different customers. Besides that, testing different headline adjectives can help you decide which ad copy performs the best.

m. Flip Headlines

This is a simple test to flip Headline-1, Headline-2, and Headline-3 or vice-a-versa can give your ad copy new look. Besides that, it can be attractive.

4. Test Description

The description is the second thing that a searcher sees in your ad copy. Make the perfect use of 90 + 90 characters in Description-1 and Description-2 and make your product or service or offer as appealing as possible. So that the searcher gets an answer to their query and clicks on your ad.

Try running following tests for description in your ad copy:

a. Test adding Keyword

If you cannot add the keyword in your headlines, then you can add in the description of your ad copy. In shot adding the keyword in your ad copy is very important.

b. Test adding Benefits/Features

Carry out tests using different combinations of benefits and features to find what works best in your ad copy. Moreover, add numerous tests if products or services have many features and many benefits.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

As per the above ad copy, they have clearly introduced their benefits and features. It helps searcher with what they are looking for.

c. Test writing User Intent

As every ad is for the user, so test your ad copy keeping user intent in mind.

d. Test changing Description Line Order.

Flip Description line-1 with Description line-2 to test which works well for your ad copy.

5. Test Call-to-Action

A strong Call-to-Action is essential in every ad copy. Be specific here, because CTA is the final text a user sees before clicking on your ad copy over your competitor’s ad. CTA is simply the way you ask the user to trust your brand or try your product or service.

As per WordStream, most popular CTA’s in non-branded text ads are “GET, BUY, SHOP, TRY, LEARN, BUILD, SIGN UP, DISCOVER, and CLICK”. Carry out tests using your CTA (related to your ad) with at least two different ad copy.

a. Test adding CTA in Headlines

As per research, 30% of A/B tests are carried out to test the Call-to-Action button. This is simply because call-to-action works well. Carry out test placing CTA in a headline on your ad copy. Using an actionable headline help to increase click-through rates.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

b. Test adding CTA in Description

Another way to test CTA is by adding it to the description. Test using different call-to-actions in several different ways in the description of your ad copy. Try different verbs to see which one works well with your target audience. In most ads, CTA is placed at the end of the description.

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

c. Placement of Call-to-Action

As per the type of business and the phase of the purchasing process a prospect is in, you need to differ the placement of Call-to-Action. Try using your CTA in Headline 2 or Headline 3 and at the end of your Description. Also, test a call to action in different parts of your ad.

d. Flip CTA with Benefits

Change the order of benefits and CTA in your ad copy. Test on which ad copy your customers react better.

e. Test using Different CTAs

When was the last time you carried a test for CTA? Try testing different CTAs in your ad copy. Instead of telling your searchers to choose your brand, encourage them to learn more.

6. Test your Display URL

This often gets unnoticed, but still provides some exciting opportunities for testing. After clicking on your ad user want to know where the ad copy will lead them. Moreover, you can modify your display URL with a “/” after the domain. It provides another opportunity to increase relevancy to your searcher that you have what they are looking for. Try testing different keyword related to your product or service in URL subfolder. For Example

Google Ads Copy Testing Ideas

7. Test your Landing Page

Landing pages are a great marketing tool. It is the page to which a user lands after clicking your ad. It gives your target market a chance to decide whether to act further with your business or not. As a result, testing your landing pages is an essential part of doing business online.

As per White Shark Media, you can carry out following landing page tests for your ad copy:

a. Link to your homepage.

b. Link directly to the most popular product/service in a category you are advertising.

c. Link directly to the category page.

d. Try out different sorting methods on your category pages:

  • Best-selling first
  • Cheapest first
  • Newest first
  • Best reviewed first
  • Promotions first
  • Manual placement

e. Link to a search made for a particular brand, product or type of product.

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8. Test adding Extensions

Extensions can improve the performance of your ads by providing extra information in your ad copy. It can help potential customers with the information they want and help them to decide to take further action. Therefore, try testing different Google Ads Extensions in your ad copy.

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The Bottom Line

Google Ads copy testing is different for different business. Take care that all your tests not only comply with Google Ads rules but also with correct product or service messaging of your client or company. As soon as you see statistical improvement in the performance, implement it in your ad campaign. On the other hand, if you are losing performance, start running other tests.

Repeatedly testing new ads will improve campaign performance and you can stay on top of your competition.

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