Best Tips to Write Effective Google Ads Copy

by | Mar 21, 2019

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best tips to write effective google ads copy

Are you using Google Ads to generate leads for your business?

Not sure what to write in your Ad copy.

How to Write Ads that get clicked?

While you are writing ad copy, it is important to think about the experience your visitor is having from the query to ad copy, to the landing page. You need to make sure that the words in your ads are speaking to your audience, convincing them to click.

You need to be creative to stand unique from other advertisers with whom you are sharing the search result page. Here are the best tips that you need to incorporate to write effective Google Ads copy that will bring you higher quality score, higher click-through-rates, higher conversion rates.

1. Use Your Keywords

One of the crucial mistakes advertisers make while advertising is failing to use important keywords in their ad copy. If you do not include the keyword in your ad copy why would anyone waste time to click on your ad? They are going to scroll right next to your ad.

After all, when you are bidding to appear in the search results page for certain keyword, why not include that keyword in your ad copy? Do not make your prospects guess what you offer or sell. Unassumingly, add a keyword for your prospects.

Adding keywords to ad copy is quite simple. But it is also important to make sure the keywords are being used well. Do not just stuff in as many as you can. By adding too many keywords that do not convey any message or does not reflect what you sell could be worse than an ad with no keywords. Make sure there is a connection between the prospects search query and your effective Google Ads copy by incorporating the keyword in the headline.

Keyword placement can also play a major role in your ad copy. Sometimes it works best in headlines 1, or sometimes in headlines 2 or sometimes in the description. Therefore, you need to test keyword placement.

For example:

I made a search for “dry carpet cleaning san diego”

The search result appears as:

use your keywords

As you can see the first result, it does not contain the keyword that I have searched for. Your headlines should contain the keywords for what the customer is looking for. Although you have great deals and offers, the customer would go with your competitor. Therefore, including the keyword in your ad copy helps visitor’s intent and gain their end goal.

2. Be Specific About Customer Intent

Whenever people make Google searches, their query is specific. They need an answer to their query or want to buy product or services. If you are not writing your effective Google Ads copy with customer intent in mind, you are losing chances of having clicks on your ad copy.

Every time when you write an ad copy, you must be direct to potential clients. For a consumer to click on an ad, it has to meet their needs and match their intent. If they are being more specific, you should try to match whatever their query is.

People are looking for the ad that appears to read their mind, that appeals to make them feel that this is what they were looking for. You can take advantage of your keywords, by placing them in the headlines or descriptions. For an ad to mirror a search query it should have the same keywords for what the customer is searching for.

In short, whenever someone makes searches, they are telling you what they want. Pay attention to their query and deliver results which are more specific. The more specific you are, the more believable you become.

3. Use Clear and Simple Language

Words are the greatest tools in your ad copy, so it is important to choose them carefully. All web users want information quickly. Clear and simple language makes easy for people to understand and take action. It also helps to build a better relationship.

Use plain and clear language in your ad copy; i.e. in headlines and description. Alternately, it helps your audience read, understand and make it more accessible, and more clickable. If possible, choose a simple word or phrase over a complex one.

Writing in clear and simple language does not mean you are oversimplifying the message. It means you are communicating your important and complex ideas as clearly and effectively as possible. You can choose common, everyday words rather than jargon or technical terms.

Visitors do not respond to the ad which is hard to understand. Just because you are thorough with English and you know complex words, does not mean that visitor will know the meaning of the complex words you have used. Create your ad copy in a way that comes naturally to you with plain and simple language.

4. Focus On Benefits

Description of product or service is important for converting visitors to buyers. When you are writing an effective Google Ads copy, remember that visitor want to know by selecting your service or product, how will it benefit them. By putting the focus on benefits rather than detailed description, you can increase conversion rates.

Your customers are selfish. They are only interested in what you can do for them. To attract your potential buyers, you need to determine how your product or service can benefit them over your competitors. Think about the end goal your customers are trying to get to with your products and services. People want to know straightaway the end results and how this can positively impact their lives.

For example:

I made a search for “upholstery cleaning Toronto”

focus on benefits in your google ads copy

As you can clearly see the benefits that I have highlighted. By focusing on your benefits, you increase your chance to get clicked.

5. Target Your Local Market

Google Ads allows advertisers to target their geographic location. So that you can focus your target on specific locations. The volume of location-related searches is growing rapidly, and businesses that are not using location in their ads are missing out on massive opportunities.

As per WordStream “Three out of every four people who search for something nearby using their smartphone end up visiting a store within a day, and 28 percent of those searches result in a purchase”

There are many advertisers who target more than one city for their Google Ads campaigns. Some also advertise countrywide. Even if you are advertising nationally or worldwide, you won’t be attracting customers and show them that help is right in their local city. For that, you need to create geographic-specific Google Ads campaigns and have your ad copy and call extensions specific to that geographic area.

Nowadays people usually make a search on Google using the term ‘near me’. Let me show you an example:

I had conducted a search from San Diego city for “water damage restoration near me”

target local market on google ads

The search result appeared related to my current location. Therefore, targeting the local market will be beneficial to your business as people trust a local business more than others.

6. Test Your Ads

Testing ads are extremely important to online advertisers. It is the key to Google Ads conversion success. Always run 2-3 (or more) ads simultaneously. You need to determine which of your ads are going to get the best results.

To determine which ad will generate the most successful actions, you need to conduct tests to find your most successful combinations. You can run A/B testing by creating simultaneous ad campaigns that use different features to figure out what type of content users are responding the most. Testing makes you ad campaigns cost-effective that generate better results.

Thus, keep testing your ads and keep improving them.

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7. Relevant Landing Page

If you are running a Google Ads campaign and after clicking on your ad, it does not take them to a relevant landing page, then you are wasting a lot of money. As soon as the visitor clicks your ad, they expect to land on a page that’s relevant to what they saw in your ad. If they don’t instantly find what they expect, they’re more likely to leave your site and go for your competitor.

If an ad is for a specific product or service, create a landing page for the ad.

To create a landing page read: How Can You Create An Effective Landing Page Design?

Include relevant and useful information to convert the customer on your landing page. Usually, a well-designed landing page will almost always convert more visitors rather than if you simply sent the visitor to the home page.

8. Unique Call-To-Action

When it comes to creating a Google Ad, do not forget the reason why are you running an ad. Simply, because you want the visitor to take some action. Therefore, make use of unique and clear call-to-action in your ad copy. A unique call-to-action tells mobile visitors what to expect from you. Thus it encourages them to perform the action you want them to take.

While creating an ad copy, you need to make use of verbs like “Get A Free Quote, Call Now, Buy, Sign Up”. Every converting Google Ad has a call-to-action. Keep in mind at every search on Google is made with intent. Therefore, you need to use a unique call-to-action to match that intent.

unique call to action in google ads copy

As soon as the visitor had their expectation clear with your ad copy, they are more likely to take action on your landing page that mirrors the unique and clear call-to-action. Thus, by selecting the right CTA, you will avoid paying for clicks that are not for your business and increase your conversion rates.

9. Mobile Friendly Ads

In this fastest growing world, people want everything on their fingertips. Most of the search is conducted on mobile phones. As an advertiser, you cannot afford to waste time and money on ad campaigns that are not mobile friendly. In other words, before linking your Google Ads campaign to a landing page on your website, you must make sure that page is mobile responsive.

10. Use Ad Extensions

As we all know that there is a limit to character count in Google Ads copy. But Google also provides options to make your ad better by adding ad extensions. They are quite the same as their name. Ad extensions allow you to expand your ad by adding more information and extend the size of your ad.

This extra information helps your ad to stand out and increase click-through rates. There are many different types of ad extensions. They can include additional text, call buttons location information, promotion text, and more. The best thing is that the extensions are completely free, but you are charged as normal for clicks on your ad. Here is the list of ad extensions that you can use:

Google Ads Manual Extensions

Here is the real world example of Google Ads with ad extension on the desktop.

google ad extension on desktop

This ad contains ad extensions such as callout extension, sitelink extension, and call extension. By adding these ad extensions, the Google Ads copy provides more information to visitors. It can increase the chance of the ad copy being clicked. Below is the snapshot of how this ad copy appears to be in mobile phones.

google ad extension on mobile

In mobile, you can get a quick preview of the services. Also, there is a call extension, which helps visitors to make a direct call to the business. Thus, adding ad extensions to your Google Ads copy is much necessary.

To get in-depth information about Google Ad Extensions Read: Google Ads Ad Extensions

11. Use Countdown Timers

The best way to boost up your conversion rates for your Google Ads is by adding countdown timer. It is human psychology that when they see the countdown on their favorite brand’s offer or offers on product or service, they quickly want to grab that offer. Google Ads allows you to ad countdown timers to your ad copy.

The Bottom Line

If you want to boost up your business quickly and increase online reach, then Google Ads is the best option. It is the most cost effective online advertising platform for small and new business owners. Always remember that advertising is an endless sequence of tests. Write effective Google Ads copy and always track your ads. Never stop testing different keywords and ads to improve your conversion rates. With each test you run, you will get closer to understanding what makes ads perform well.

Above all, start creating and testing…

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