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by | Sep 21, 2018

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linkedin marketing strategies

Social Media marketing is a technology, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people. You just need to find the right medium for marketing and actually don’t even need to find much, we have the answer and it’s LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing strategies are working well on the market.

Do you know! LinkedIn has 500 Million users and there are 200 million active users who regularly visit LinkedIn. As we all know LinkedIn has fewer subscribers than, other social media like Facebook, but do you know the reason behind that?

The reason is, LinkedIn only has career-oriented users and it sounds interesting for all the marketers, isn’t it? So, you will get a more targeted audience than other social marketing sites to expand your business and spread awareness about your product.

Linkedin for professional growth

But, the most important thing is having the best LinkedIn marketing strategies because without this nothing is going to work in the right way. Therefore, we came with this blog to give you a better understanding of LinkedIn marketing strategies.

Firstly, do you know what does marketing strategy stands for?

Marketing strategy is the guide that helps marketers to choose, plan, prioritize, and execute projects to gain some profitable customer action.

Now, you might be thinking that how it is useful for businesses, right?

So, the answer is marketing strategy is not only about sharing and creating content, Yah, you can say it’s a part of that but the work of marketing strategy is to direct all these things in the right way and produce some beneficial results.

Marketing strategy not only helps you to target the right content or the right audience but also lets you understand what is the importance of marketing in the growth of an organization.

So, let’s create a checklist of marketing strategies that you need to apply to your LinkedIn company or business page.

1. Target Quality Audience:

With the help of LinkedIn, your work for selecting a quality audience has already been decreased. You can create a list of unique user accounts and based on that you can target a quality audience.

Most importantly at the time of performing a quality audience searching task.  You need to make sure you are making it clear that what kind of audience you want and if you are a job seeker then you need to have a clear image of the organization with whom you want to work. So, this is an important key for targeting the audience.

2. Methods to get more quality Audiences:

To promote your Company page and product in an effective way, you just need to know about where and how to promote it. But it’s also important to have a huge audience who are actually going to see your promotional activities. LinkedIn provides two different ways for the same as mentioned below.

  • Display Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

Display Ads: Display ads are like banner ads that allow you to reach a huge amount of audiences like Facebook ads. You need to provide appropriate information on your key pages, so your audience can easily collect the information on the page they are landing.

Dynamic Ads: Using dynamic as you can get more organic traffic to your company LinkedIn page. All you need to add a “Call To Action” button to your ads which directs viewers to your website’s landing page of the LinkedIn company page. So, the followers of your account can see all your updates in their LinkedIn feeds, allowing them to reach organically.

3. Keep Track of Your Updates:

Whenever we are doing anything new for business or our own self. It is really important to check that your previous strategy is working or not. Online advertisements through Facebook and Google Ads Campaigns are really useful to give a fresh start to advertising. This also can help you to know which factor is working and which factor still needs some improvements. Hence, everyone learns from their mistakes and understands how can we create the best.

4. Marketing Tactics:

For the best result, you need to execute your strategy with the right method, which is called tactics. There is a number of tactics available. Some of them are as mentioned below.

linkedin marketing tactics

Pay Per Click (PPC): This is a paid marketing tactic that displays your ads on social media and you only need to pay for that when the user clicks on your content.

Sponsorship: In this technique organizations sponsor some shows or event to highlight their products in that particular show.

Crowdsource: This is one of the best and beneficial tactics. In which you can gather the crowd and ask about their requirements and future needs to make changes accordingly. So, this will help you to deliver exactly as customers want.

Engagement: It’s important to communicate with an audience for better engagement with them.  Which will help you to gain more trust from an audience? Normally, you can engage with your customers or viewers by uploading content or replying to their comments.

Personalization: You always need to mention the person’s name with whom you are communicating. For example, if you are relying on the comment then always mention the customer’s name in it.

Co-branding: When you collaborate with another brand and you both start creating content with mutual understanding which can be beneficial for both of you will be called co-branding.

So, there are so many tactics available you just need to understand the right one to execute your plan.

5. Make Your Brand Popular:

Does your customer identify your brand with name, ads, or logo?

If no, then you need to work hard and make it known to your target audience. For example, people will easily identify the clothes of Levi’s just through its logo.

People also promote their products through Ads and it is necessary. Keep in mind whenever you are making a new Ad you make unique content in the Ad, but also make sure you follow the standard format because human psychology quickly collects similar patterns and quickly connects with the brand. Using standard format every time will make it easier for people to remember your brand and it will also show your business presence.

6. Work Smartly with Resources:

Nowadays, everyone wants to be on the first page of the Google search result. But it requires some techniques and regular posting. You can refer to our previous blog to check SEO-related information.

work smartly


Source: Udemy

Sometimes you don’t have sufficient time or resources to create content for posting. At that time, you can use services like Google AdWords to be on top of SERP results. To have a better understanding of Google Ads.

Note: How to Create the Best Google Ads Campaign?

7. Create Showcase Page:

LinkedIn allows you to create a showcase page for your company through which you can promote individual brands.

A showcase page is a perfect way to segment your inbound traffic on a LinkedIn page.

It is the best option when you want to represent the business unit or brand. These pages will use to create a strong relationship with a specific audience. Through the showcase page, we can target one segment of customers and provide information related to them. Additionally, utilizing LinkedIn scraping apps can further enhance your ability to gather insights and engage effectively with your target audience on these showcase pages.

Here are some tips for creating a showcase page. 

  • Use a simple word in the heading which users can easily understand.
  • Give a short heading so it can appear easily without truncating in the display sidebar.

8. Save Search:

In today’s world, everyone is busy and people don’t have time. So, in this case, no one wants to spend their valuable time doing the same thing again and again.

Sometimes it happens that if you have searched for something very hard when you want to save that to get the exact result when you search it for next time.

Save search option is available on the right corner of your advanced search window.  Once you have saved the search you are also able to set the notification for the next time. But, keep this into your mind that without an upgraded subscription you are only able to save three searches. So, use this feature to save your time and searches.

9. Product Details Sharing:

LinkedIn Groups provide you with a helpful opportunity to have an authentic conversation and build a relationship with your community. Most importantly, you always need to keep focusing on your product marketing and due LinkedIn is not providing a place to pinch your product and services, you need to make billboards ready with quality content.

So, when LinkedIn will get relevant searches, your page will be in one of the search results. LinkedIn has analyzed that the buyers will prefer to have few interactions with your brand and content before they take a decision to make a purchase. So, use LinkedIn Marketing Strategies with the right plan to have good future purchases of your product.

10. Boost Your Open Rates and Conversions:

If you want to promote downloads of your latest post then LinkedIn sponsored emails give you the best way to send personalized messages to all your LinkedIn users. You will get much higher users through Open rates comparing to the email campaign.

Here are a few tips which you need to keep in your mind at the time of campaigning.

Keep your content under 1000 characters and include a body link.

  • You need to add strong visual
  • Personalize with the recipient’s name.
  • Need to add a clear call to action including few keywords like, join, reserve, download, try, and registration.
  • Your landing page should be mobile optimized.

11. Build Trust Among Customers:

LinkedIn is already a huge and trustable platform. This is a platform where you can connect with individual parts of your brand like team members, employees, or valuable customers. Here everyone is free to share their thought and content you have a better opportunity to communicate with them which results in building trust among your customers. Hence, customer trust is a vital aspect of LinkedIn marketing.


12. Be a Wise Publisher:

If you really want to grow your business through Linked in then you need to use LinkedIn marketing strategies wisely. Just look at the below mentioned short recap of the above-mentioned few strategies.

  • Add Show Case pages for products that help you to add through leadership content.
  • Ensure your all employee has created a LinkedIn profile, if not then tell them to create an optimized profile.
  • Create “Always on” with your employees. Marketing is all about building long-term connections with your audience, and do you know how is it possible? You need to post quality content consistently.

13. Encourage Employee to Promote their Thought:

As we mentioned above individuals of the brand need to have an account on LinkedIn. And brands should encourage their employee to share own content and promote the brand via the personal LinkedIn account. This LinkedIn Marketing Strategies will help both brands as well as an individual if the brand will get promoted.

The Bottom Line

We hope above mentioned LinkedIn Marketing Strategies will guide you on the right path to get the best benefits of LinkedIn marketing. Want to know more about LinkedIn in detail? Go through our previous blog LinkedIn: a Stepping Stone For Personal Growth and dive deep into the world of LinkedIn.

Hence, LinkedIn believes that active users will get more success on LinkedIn then what are you doing here? Go and apply these LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to get the best business through LinkedIn.

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