LinkedIn: A Stepping Stone for Professional Growth

by | Sep 17, 2018

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Linkedin for professional growth

As we all know today is a digitalized world. If you want to stand out among thousands of businesses and people then you really need to understand all the strategies and ways of using those strategies to get the desired output. LinkedIn is an employment-oriented medium which you can use through a mobile application or a website. It was launch on may, 2003 and basically used by companies for posting job vacancies and also by job seekers to post a resume for better opportunities.         

why linkedin


So, are you confused about where to start? Then creating a LinkedIn account is the right option for you. Because you are aware of your capabilities and desires but people will not be going to value it until they actually know about it. And guess what!! LinkedIn offers you a great opportunity to connect with more people and expand your connections.

LinkedIn allows you to share professional content which can help your connections to know you in a better way, So, it is advisable to create a strong profile by adding all experiences, qualities and some meaningful content who attracts more people.   

Confused about how to create an impressive profile? No worries, I’m here with all the solutions of your queries. Just go through the below-mentioned information and know how to create an impactful profile.

Tips to update linkedin profile



Steps to Create Strong LinkedIn Profile


Firstly, you are going to create your profile, right? So, just think that what will you check in someone else profile? Keep those things in mind and try to create your profile. Now just start with the basic, add a profile photo of you, your education, work experience and industry. The more reliable information you add, the easier it would be for someone to connect and identify you. 


Once you are done with your basic profile updates. Now, it is time to add some more informative in heading about yourself and work. So, add your specialties, future goal, from where did you started and all your achievements. If you are creating business or company page then you can add your business-related information in your profile.


You have done 90% of works in your LinkedIn account. Now, it’s really important to stay active. So, stay active on your LinkedIn account and frequently sharing is really impactful. Especially, while you are holding the company or business page.

Do you know the importance of a strong profile?

By creating a profile, you have uploaded your online resume, which is a showcase for the people to show who you are and what can you do, where did you come from, and which kind of projects you have done till yet.

Nowadays only resume is enough for an interview. And a LinkedIn profile which is uploaded correctly will help people recognize your profile and talent to offer relevant job opportunities. 

Want to Start your own Business?

Don’t worry, we are here to provide some tips on how you can create an effective Business profile on LinkedIn. Hence, great things in business are never done by one person it requires the potential team. And LinkedIn can definitely help you for the same.

start your own business  

If you are currently doing a job and want to start your business then you must need multiple strong connections. And this the case, where LinkedIn can help you. You can search for the related company pages and gain some information by communicating with the people which are already owning a business in the same field.

If you have a company page then it is very beneficiary to have active connections who visits your profile on regular basis. Hence it is not about only finding jobs but also to grow your business and make it on the top of your field. There are some points which you should need to take care of while you are posting anything in your account. Just look at these points and keep it in your mind for the better results.

Important Points of Posting

  •   Regular Updates:

Regular updates will help you to attract more people towards your account. And it will help you to describe more about yourself and your business. While you upload a post in your company page, LinkedIn will maintain track that how many people have clicked on your post or viewed. The more view you will get, the more beneficiary it can be for your business.

  •     Share Interesting Post:

This will help you to create a personal identity among your followers. For example, if you are a content writer then you should search for the keywords which are most searchable on search engines. And use those keywords for your contents which will help you to gain more views. Besides that, so many content writers use Google Trend to know about latest trends and prepare for the next content.

So, it is vital to know what is the trending topic for your field to attract more followers by updating an interesting post.

  •   Follow Accounts with Similar Profile:

You need to observe account with a similar business profile who own active profile and do regularly posting in an account. Creating a good relationship with people is mandatory to grow your business. Start communicating with people about your doubts through comments it will help you to improve your knowledge as well as relations with others.

  •     Set a Constant Reminder of Your Presence:

Always try to be the first option while people are searching for the similar skills which you have and regular updates will help you to do the same. So many people believe that constant posting with exact time would be more beneficiary for any business. So be punctual while posting anything.

Exact time posting


For successful business having a quality, audience is mandatory. So, try to target the quality audience. You can take the email address of your connections to communicate with them, hence communicating through email is easier than communicating on LinkedIn.

Highlight Your Specialties:

There was one option available on LinkedIn through which you can mention your products and service pages. But, that feature was removed in 2014. So, don’t forget mentioning your specialties on the first page of your LinkedIn Business Account.

Does LinkedIn suitable for small businesses?

The answer is “YES”. Today there are so many business owners who own small businesses but don’t prefer to create a company page on LinkedIn because they find some difficulties or thinking it’s not suitable for their business. Here we have mentioned that why creating a LinkedIn company page is suitable for all businesses.

linkedin for small business


Source: Medium

  • Everyone Should be on LinkedIn:

Let me tell you, why everyone should be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has higher authority on Google. Further, if someone will google your name and if you are holding a LinkedIn account, then your LinkedIn account would be on the top of the search result.

  • No One Know Who Can Connect with You

We all know life is unpredictable, we don’t know who will be our next client. For example, you are owning a carpet cleaning business and someone searches for carpet cleaning services and found your account. Then they will check your account and services and there might have possible that they can hire you the next day.

So, having a LinkedIn company page is always a beneficiary.

  • Cost Effective:

As we all know advertising your business is so expansive. But advertisement is an essential requirement to grow your business. So, what will you do?

Calm Down! I have a solution. Use your LinkedIn company page to promote your business and showcase your business expertise among millions of people. You can do the regular posting and reach out to your customers.

Difference Between Personal and Company Page on LinkedIn:

The major difference is that one is for personal use and another one is for professional use which describes your business. So, even if you are holding a company page still you need to create your personal account for personal use.

Here are some details, what you should add in your personal and business page. 

  • Personal Account:

You should add your personal life information to your account which is as listed below.

Education: You need to add your education details like college or graduate school.

Work Experience: It is an important portion of your LinkedIn profile where you need to add your past and current work experience with job responsibilities and designation.

Certifications: You can add the professional certificate to add some easily recognizable details in your account.

Awards: You can mention all your awards with industry name.

Summary: Here, you need to mention all your future goals and about the organization, you would like to work with.

  • Company Page:

LinkedIn company page is like your Facebook or Instagram business page where you need to add your business information which can be useful for your business and also useful to spread awareness of your products.

For example, check out our company page on LinkedIn. 

Industries: Need to mention your industry name which is fit for your business.

Location: You need to mention your location even where you are providing the online services.

Employees: You need to add the number of employees which are working with your company.

Company Description: You need to give a description of your company that what does your company do and its motive.

Connect Your Employee: You need to connect all your employees with your company page.

We hope above-mentioned details will be useful for you to understand the difference between the personal account and business account else we already have discussed steps to create a strong profile.

Till now I have mentioned all the tips to create a strong profile. Now, it’s time to check some advantages and disadvantages of creating a LinkedIn account.

Advantages of LinkedIn Account

  • Able to know more people and create a good relationship with them.
  • To gain more knowledge from people who are expert in it.
  • To represent our self and thoughts in front of people.
  • Business owners can able to create a good professional image in the market and can able to spread more awareness about their products.
  • Job seekers can able to grab much better opportunities.

Disadvantages of creating LinkedIn Account

Spam Alerts:

It is obvious that while you create an account on social networking all the messages you receive are not useful. So, the way you want everyone to recognize your profile similarly others also want that. The best way is to filter out all the spam. But, make sure your valuable post will not get deleted by others hence same might seem like a spam.

Business Account only for Sales Prospective:

Major of the account on LinkedIn focused on the sales and not making relation with client. They are promoting how good their services are but forgot that there are so many companies available who provide the same services and might be with better results. So, keep this in mind when you are promoting or posting anything, that your viewer should feel that you want to help them more then you just want to sell your product to them.

LinkedIn Business will not always Happen in Real Time:

Once you start creating business relationships on LinkedIn there is no prediction that how much daily active connection you will get on LinkedIn. So, the best way is by providing interesting and useful content which can attract more people to your account.

As we all know “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Therefore, our responsibility is to give our best without thinking about the outcomes.

What are you waiting for? Go and join LinkedIn. Then see how LinkedIn become stepping stone of your professional growth, but don’t forget to follow the tips mentioned above. Hence, it’s better to know in detail, before getting started.

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