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by | Apr 24, 2020

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Since the introduction of online shopping, there has been an exponential growth of ecommerce websites around the globe. That is because people no longer want to spend a huge chunk of their time waiting in long lines to purchase their desired products. However, despite the availability of a broader market for online goods, not every ecommerce site is getting the traffic it deserves. Some are trending, while others are struggling to remain afloat.

Therefore, how do you make your ecommerce website irresistible? Using a fascinating UI and UX design for your ecommerce website you can easily boost your sales. Ecommerce UI development includes defining brand identity, selection of colors, and making use of latest design principles.

Every prominent ecommerce platform uses a simple, attractive, and responsive user interface (UI). They also incorporate a variety of website tools to ease the navigation of online shoppers. With those features, individuals get to have excellent user experience while shopping on the platform. With that in mind, here are nine fascinating UI/UX design ideas that you should consider for your online store.

Try Out These UI and UX Designs For Your Website

1. Cargo Crew

Cargo Crew - UI and UX Design Idea

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The first thecommerce website UI and UX designsing you will notice about Cargo Crew is that it has a simple yet interactive design. The idea is to give customers a fully-functional page without distracting them with overwhelming features. The site incorporates a detailed website header filled with useful information. The drop-down menus are very comprehensive, and that makes the whole platform maneuverable.

Unlike most online stores, Cargo Crew uses block colors for its background. There is then the inclusion of high-quality images that adorns the entire interface, giving it an alluring finish. To set themselves apart, they use a shopping bag instead of the shopping cart, which is stunning.

If you opt for such a platform, then make sure you replicate similar features to your ecommerce mobile app for uniformity. Another feature you will notice is the bold fonts whose goal is to enhance the vibrancy of the interface. Last, there is the inclusion of a testimonial section. Overall, the site is fantastic to enhance user experience.

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2. Querolets


If you have never considered using colors to make your online store fascinating, then you should. Take a look at the Querolets website design, with perfect color combinations, you can end up with a terrific ecommerce website design. Such a configuration ensures your online store stands out. It also charms every online shopper who is after an advanced platform that is neither cluttered nor simple.

The excellent bit about the website UI and UX design is that every page has different color combinations. That is an incredible way of reviving the shopper’s interest in the website. The background of the design is also fantastic. It makes use of a white block color with a watermark of the store name, thus increasing its beauty.

At the menu strip, the clients can access different parts of the site as well as take a peek at the cart. There is also the fantastic inclusion of bold fonts that amplifies the beauty of the design and makes the whole interface attractive. To make it appealing, consider including item images that are professional and high quality.

3. Tavik


If you are after a bold and beautiful online store, then you should consider a UI and UX design of the website called Tavik. The platform welcomes you to a terrific page that uses some of the best features to deliver an excellent user interface. It also incorporates a variety of suitable templates which you will find accommodative.

The first thing that will capture your attention is the magnetic slide screen that gives you a glance at what to expect on the website. They also have an intriguing website header that is simple, with a variety of controls to help you access various parts of the online store.

To keep customers shopping, they make use of great models and include high-quality pictures of the product. The website also has a search bar designed for customers who are looking for a particular product and don’t have time scrolling through your endless list of items.

The wonderful blend of simplicity and maneuverability makes the website design perfect for any clothing store. It also can attract prospective clients who want to have a fantastic time shopping online.

4. Magnavox


Another incredible UI and UX ecommerce website design that you should consider is that of Magnavox. The online store design is one of the best in terms of navigation. It also features multiple ideas that you will love more. Contrary to your expectations, Magnavox introduces an ingenious twist to their platform. That is by using high-quality images to represent product categories instead of a single item.

Furthermore, there is a drop-down menu that has all the categories available on the site. The floating header also makes it easy to switch your selection without having to scroll back to the top of the website. You notice that the user interface is what a customer needs to have an exciting online shopping experience. The more you expand your search, the more you find the design impressive.

Every page comes with a unique and appealing finish. The layouts also vary from one page to another, therefore, breaking monotony. It is the online store plan that will see you attract more visitors. Finally, there is the incorporation of a back to the top button that swiftly takes you to the top of the page with a single click. All those features make it intriguing to website design.

5. The Watch Gallery

The Watch Gallery

The watch gallery uses a timeless website design that captures the attention of the shopper as he or she hops from one page to another. The whole platform is stunning with an incredible full image as its background. That is why it is a captivating and excellent design to consider, especially if you are into jewelry selling business.

The menu bar is classic with a few but helpful inclusions that will enable you to navigate different sections of the website. All you have to do to make your site alluring is to include clear high definition images. To ensure visitors get personalized experience, the watch gallery design uses distinct product categories. It means customers can narrow down to the brand they wish to shop without having to look at the other brands.

It also uses a search bar to allow customers to streamline their search to a particular item in the comprehensive list of products. That makes it one of the most exciting web designs suitable for selling precious gifts and not just watches and jewelry. You will also love the fact that the design lacks room for clutter and so your customers don’t get overwhelmed as soon as they visit the site.

6. V76

V76 - UI and UX Design Idea

Sometimes all you need is a unique ecommerce website design that will amplify the importance of your products to the customer. To come up with such a site, look at the V76 website design. It is a perfect example of a website that incorporates a variety of UI/UX website principles without deviating from its purpose.

With the design, you can easily communicate with the client as he or she searches for the ideal product. The dark background is interesting and bold. It also makes your product stand out so long as you know how well to incorporate them into the site. Instead of using the ordinary ecommerce website layout of arranging items systematically, the design uses a split-screen.

The first half of the screen is for advertising the products while the other half is for showcasing various items available in their inventory. The design also incorporates top-notch graphics with a full background picture to maintain its boldness. It is the online store design to consider if you are after giving your clients a memorable shopping experience.

7. Boohoo

boohoo - UI and UX Design Idea

Boohoo website design is a phenomenal inspiration for any entrepreneur who wants to set up an online store that deals with ladies’ products. What makes the design great is the fact that it combines superior graphics with high-quality product photos to come up with a great website.

It also makes use of a variety of fonts that add class and glamour to the ecommerce site while maintaining its attractiveness. To ensure fantastic user experience, the site incorporates a variety of controls, including a filter feature that personalizes the client’s shopping session.

Not only do customers get to enjoy an incredible cart but also a wish list in which they can add desirable products for future consideration. It is the design that focuses more on customer satisfaction than any other thing. That is why it has a scroll bar, a search bar, and a drop-down menu for navigation.

These UI and UX designs also feature an announcement section strategically placed at the top of the website for easy navigation. With such a design, you are sure that you will attract plenty of new clients whom you can easily convert to regulars.

8. Satorisan


Satorisan is yet another ecommerce website design that comes with a fantastic finish and a unique feel. It uses a high-quality full image for its background, and that is why it has a colorful appearance. Everything included in the design is meaningful.

Having a website with a similar outlook will enable you to showcase your products in a random but unique way. The design involves incorporating various controls with menus that appear within a bold colored frame. Furthermore, it allows shoppers to apply filters and easily end up with items that interest them.

Another notable aspect is that pages with product inventory use block colors for their background to avoid unnecessary distractions. There is also the incorporation of middle-sized pictures of the items in stock. The sizing, however, can change depending on your preference.

Satorisan - UI and UX Design Idea

At the bottom of the page, there is the inclusion of a variety of social media outlets and the payment methods available. All those inclusions make the design fantastic for an apparel store.

9. Appliance Online

Appliances Online - UI and UX Design Idea

Serious buyers often prefer an ecommerce website that is simple and detailed in terms of product listings. They worry less about the color combinations of a website. They are always looking for a site that will see them have a memorable user experience. Well, you can have a glance at such a design on Appliance Online.

First, the website layout is outstanding. That is because it is simple, detailed, and attractive. It also allows the inclusion of multiple product categories effortlessly. The menu bar also comes with an appealing appearance and different selections to make online shopping easy. Just below the website header, there are many product classifications that allow clients to classify their search to specific groups of items.

The layout, on the other hand, is timeless. It makes it easy for clients to maneuver through the site effortlessly and shop without experiencing any problems.

The Bottom Line

With any of the above ecommerce website UI and UX designs, online store owners can come up with a fully functional website that is very attractive to customers.

It is also one of the best ways of ensuring shoppers have fantastic online shopping sessions. As a result, you can easily get relevant traffic to your ecommerce website.

Note that you need to consider the kind of products you are planning to sell before selecting a suitable UI and UX design.

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