30 Spa Marketing Ideas & Strategies to Grow Your Business

by | Jan 24, 2024

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It is difficult to break into the spa industry given the stiff competition. The global spa market was worth $56 billion in 2023. To keep up with the competition, you must try various plans unless you find the ones that best suit your needs. In this blog post, we will explain to you 30 proven spa marketing ideas and strategies to keep your spa thriving with loyal customers and stand out from the competition. The following is an exhaustive list of strategies that will help you grow your spa:

Top 30 Spa Marketing Ideas & Strategies

1. Offer Discounts

Offering discounts on your products and services during festivals, holidays, and off-seasons is a good way to attract customers. Discounts usually help you in the competition during occasions when the market sees a surge in customers. For example, offers during Christmas and New Year. However, if your spa is in and around a landmark or a tourist spot, you may see a dip in sales during off-seasons.  Under such conditions, you may offer limited-time offers to boost sales.


2. Offer Add-On Services

Add-on services are the services you offer at an extra charge in conjunction with a service. These services usually don’t take much time and are a great way of growing your sales. They increase the time your customer spends during a visit and improve customer experience by allowing you to cater to individual preferences. E.g. Manicures with nail art and a hair spa after a haircut.

3. Offering Free Product Sample

Giving a free sample product to your customers after they have used a service may encourage them to buy it during their next visit and recommend it to their friends and family. Always offer a free product only after availing a service. Otherwise, your customers may just take the free product and not buy any of your services. E.g. Offering a free shower gel after a facial or a clean-up.

4. Recruit Brand Ambassadors/Influencers

You can popularize your brand by recruiting brand ambassadors and influencers. It is not necessary that you only get an endorsement from public figures in your industry, any face that your audience recognizes will do. This is a very commonly used marketing idea in this industry. Prioritize local micro-influencers as the popular ones will be quite expensive to work with. Make them promote your spa on social media, YouTube, etc, and offline.  In exchange, you can offer them a discount on your services.

5. Use Your Staff To Create An Impression

The way your team conducts itself and communicates your brand’s message can greatly boost your marketing efforts. Teach your team to use some spa marketing strategies when dealing with customers. Train your staff to focus on personalized services to build strong customer relationships.

6. Use Customer Feedback Surveys

Fulfilling the demands of your clients helps you drive sales. The best way of doing that is by making them fill out feedback surveys. Ask questions about their opinion on various services, products, areas of improvement, and their overall rating of your spa. Tell your customers that you will make changes according to their feedback. Doing so will help you gain loyalty and referrals from your customers.


7. Referrals

The main aim of your spa marketing is to attract customers and referrals are quite successful at doing that. Your services should speak for themselves so that your clients recommend your spa to others. One way of encouraging referrals is by offering incentives for them.


For example, offering a free shampoo bottle or some percent discount for every referral.

8. Gift Cards

Selling Gift Cards is a powerful and cost-effective way of boosting sales. You can use the countless free templates available and get your cards printed or even just offer them digitally. Gift cards help you generate income during times such as a health emergency, or a recession. Some online tools that are used to create gift cards are Adobe Express, Canva, and Vistaprint among others.



9. Improve Street Visibility

Though you will promote your spa by all means, it should have an enticing street visibility. Prospective customers such as passersby, and people working or living near your spa should be drawn to it. You can achieve that by:

  • Having an attractive exterior
  • Play music inside and outside your spa
  • Use the sidewalk to show spa-related art, informational banners and to demonstrate some of your services such as electric chair massage.

This is one of those traditional marketing techniques that still works well in the era of digital marketing.

10. Business Cards

Select a business card design that aligns with your brand’s values, stands out, and is easily readable. Always give your business card to both existing clients and prospective ones. Many free and paid templates online allow you to design the card yourself.  You can also research affordable graphic designers in your area.

11. Client Reviews

Online reviews influence whether or not your potential clients choose your business.  Users commonly leave reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Your clients should always be asked to leave reviews online.  Positive reviews establish trust in your spa among the public and also rank it higher on Google. Regularly respond to your customer reviews and maintain the utmost professionalism even when dealing with negative reviews.  Analyzing customer feedback can help you improve your services.

12. Host Events

Hosting events at your spa will help you draw a crowd and engage them with some fun or informational activities. Events usually involve face-to-face interaction with your prospective clients, which will help you to build a long-lasting relationship with them. Some examples of events that you can host are :

  • Christmas weekend event to sell gift cards
  • Open house to inform your prospective clients about your services
  • Allowing networking groups to host small business events

13. Mobile Marketing

Reach your customers and the prospective ones through their mobiles as they use them quite frequently throughout the day. Mobile marketing involves promoting your product through SMS, MMS, app push notifications, in-app marketing, etc. You can send appointment reminders, promotional offers, and discounts on your services. Ensure that your SMS and MMS content are not intrusive. Otherwise, you may be blocked and marked as spam. Personalized mobile campaigns allow you to forge a strong bond with your customers.

14. Maintain a Professional Website

Your website influences the impression your clients have about you.  A poorly designed or unprofessional website may drive people away. It must align with your target audience’s needs, embody your brand values, and be search engine optimized. Show pictures of your spa, and provide details about the operating hours, contact information, and services. Have a section on your page that answers the frequently asked questions about your spa.

You can hire a web-designing team to build your website or build it yourself using the many free and cheap templates available online if you have a budget constraint.

15. Contests And Giveaways

They are commonly used spa marketing ideas on social media. Users are asked to post, like, share, or perform other activities to win prizes like a free service, gift card, package, or a beauty product. You want the maximum participation in contests and giveaways, hence social media is preferable over offline methods.

16. Spa Membership Program

Membership is an incentive that can keep your customers coming back to you. It is offered on an annual basis or for a few months. Your clients are charged discounted fees and don’t have to pay for each visit separately. Offer them special perks and access to member-only areas to create a sense of loyalty. Sending them a reminder in advance of their membership’s expiry with engaging content can encourage them to renew it.

17. Collaborate With Local Businesses

Try partnering with businesses in the same or similar industries as yours, like beauty and wellness since they may have similar clientele. This way you can cross-promote each other’s offerings. You can collaborate with other spas, beauty parlors, gyms, and yoga studios.

18. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your site and other online handles of your spa can be made to rank well for location-based queries on Google through Local SEO. Compared to traditional marketing ideas, this is very affordable. Three types of search results will be shown upon entering a query, namely organic results, local map packs, and paid ads. Claiming a profile on business directories such as Google Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angi can boost your local ranking.

massage impression local and organic seo results

Your Google Business profile will have operating hours, photos, videos, contact information, and the location of your spa. It allows clients to leave reviews that attract potential customers. Reserve with Google can be integrated with your business profile to allow your clients to book appointments from there directly Other business directories like Yelp also contain local citations(Name, Address, and Phone number), business descriptions, and the services and products offered.


19. Offer Bundle Sales

Selling spa packages can fetch you more sales per appointment and keep your customers returning for more appointments. Combining multiple services for a discounted rate is also a great incentive for your prospective clients. Offering packages makes your clients get more value at affordable prices and they’ll feel like they got a superb deal. For example, a body scrub, a sauna session, or a dry winter package.

20. Set up Photo Stations at Your Spa

Setting up photo stations in the social media era where people love to share moments of their lives through photographs is a great spa marketing idea. Photo stations give you free marketing while offering your clients an enjoyable experience. The spots in your spa that you use for a good selfie or a photo booth should be easily discoverable and should have good lighting.  You can provide props at the stations to make it a fun experience.

21. Loyalty Programs

They are one of the best spa marketing ideas to foster customer engagement and recurring purchases. Over 52% of customers go out of their way to buy from a business they’re loyal to. You can appreciate your loyal customers by gifting them memberships, gift cards, loyalty discounts, and a free service on their birthdays. This will make your clients feel like celebrities and will also make them give referrals to their friends and family.

22. Reward Your Staff

When your employees see their work getting incentivized monetarily and also receive public admiration, they automatically give their best. This indirectly results in your customers positively perceiving your brand, which increases customers and referrals. You can organize a competition among employees individually or in teams. In the latter, you can reward both the individual and the team’s performance. Their exceptional service and conduct should become a testament to your brand’s values.

23. Personalized Email Marketing and Newsletter

Sending personalized emails and newsletters ranks among the most cost-efficient spa marketing ideas. They add an element of personal touch to your communication which drives engagement. Segmenting your clients according to services availed and their visiting frequency will help you send personalized emails accordingly.

Email Template

For example, sending body massage promotions to those who use that service and facial promotions to those who frequently visit your spa every month for that. Your emails have to be easy to read and engaging. They don’t always have to be about sales but can be about beauty hacks and emerging trends in the spa and wellness industry.

24. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Platforms

You can tap into the massive online population to find your prospective clients through Pay-per-click ads. They are displayed to your audience on social media, search results, and Google partner websites. You pay a fee each time your ad is clicked. The most commonly used PPC platforms are Google Ads and Meta Ads.


The advantages of these platforms are that they can be done with a low budget and be managed in real-time.

25. Social Media Marketing

You can’t miss using social media for your spa marketing owing to its huge user base. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have emerged as the most popular platforms for growing your clients. Social media’s biggest advantage is its interactive nature which helps businesses to drive engagement. Posting images, videos, polls, and other forms of media that promote your business can be used to do the same. Posting in an active voice is recommended since it is best suited to encourage calls to action, improving your engagement. Use social media to answer people’s queries and to collaborate with similar businesses. Strive to keep your interactions creative and humanized.



26. Have an Attractive Interior

8 in 10 consumers say they would recommend a store if they liked its ambiance. Your spa’s ambiance undoubtedly has a psychological impact on your clients. They should feel pleasant throughout their stay in your spa. The theme you use in each spot depends upon the function it serves. Use the proper combination of Music, visuals, and scent. E.g. the area where the natural tea tree facial is offered could have a nature-related background, natural scented candles, and soothing music.



Apart from the aforementioned factors, the conduct of your staff also plays an important role in making your customers come again.

27. Maintain Uniform Branding

Not just your visual identity, but your values and services too shape the public perception of your brand. Communicating your brand to your audience in a way that resonates with them makes all the difference. When your service stands out as exceptional, you can charge higher prices, and your clients will refer their family and friends to you. Refer to our branding and marketing blueprint to know how to develop a strong brand and the ways of marketing it.

28. Provide Easy Booking Methods

Ensuring that your clients can conveniently book your services is one of the spa marketing ideas you can’t overlook. You ought to offer online bookings. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to get clients in today’s world. Online booking makes your services very accessible to those who are too busy to drop by your spa or call in. Some popular spa software used to manage online bookings are Zenoti, Vagaro, and GlossGenius.

29. Video Marketing

Short-form videos like the Snapchat spotlight, TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts are ruling the internet. This makes video marketing an excellent spa promotion idea. You can show your services, beauty tips, tutorials, customer testimonials, and even information about upcoming products using short videos. You just need to embed YouTube shorts on website and give your products a wider reach. Long video format suits some content better, such as a spa tour or a demo of your services. A well-implemented video marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd.

30. Utilize Traditional Media

Traditional media remains a powerful marketing tool. Outlets like TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers are still very effective in letting your business be known to the public. This will boost the odds of getting clients and improve your brand awareness and trust. However, the caveat here is that advertising your spa on traditional media can be pricey depending on the number of advertisements and the popularity of the outlet.


Our comprehensive list of spa marketing strategies will boost your revenue and create a strong public perception of your brand. Always stay abreast of all the latest spa trends and use them in your spa. Running a spa is tough, it requires a lot of research, time, and resources. Marketing is something that requires a lot of trial and error to master. Having read our marketing ideas, It is time that you take the first step toward growing your spa. Ready to experience the full potential of digital marketing for your spa? Contact us now and know the results we’ve delivered by reading our case studies.

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