Major Benefits of Blogging for Small Business

by | Sep 22, 2018

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Major Benefits of Blogging for Small Business

The digital world is a bunch of opportunities to make your business and brand successful and known to the whole world. Nowadays everyone is doing well with digital marketing. But, as every coin has a flip side, there are some business owners who don’t believe in digital marketing or need a proper guidance to get a better understanding about what is the importance of blogging, social media, quality content, or digital marketing for business growth. 

So, here we have mentioned some of those things that why regular blogging is beneficiary for small business and how it connects you with the world.  

You all must have one question. That why blogging is required for business? Right?  

So, the reason is, with the constant advancements in technology it is vital for small businesses to develop an effective and unique web presence. In this having highly optimized website can be beneficiary. So, by creating a website you already have done half job, now for providing useful and relevant content to the quality audience, regular blogging is vital.

Nowadays, business owners who have expanded their business and running it successfully it’s all just because of consistent blogging. Blogging provides you the way to keep the user engaged.  

As per the analysis, it has been proven that average person can read 10 blogs per day and 23% of all internet time is spent on blogs and the social network which is useful to share them. So, people are using it today, for having a better business tomorrow. And if you also want to expand your business then you really need to reach out to the customers. 

Here, are some important facts which prove that blogging is beneficiary for small businesses to boost up and expand their business.  

Brand Awareness 

Nowadays, the majority of people check online products but not only for purchasing. Do you know why? The reason is they search for it because they want to know the feedback or some basic information. But, when it comes to purchasing they will buy it from some trustable brands. 

Blogging will allow people to understand your brand quality, Business Character, a personality of your company and vision. So, people who feel it interesting can join with your brand and enjoy your services.  

Enhance Your Knowledge: 

If you keep posting unique content for your business, brand or product then it will keep you updated with the latest technologies and all new updates related to your business. So, you can handle business in a better way.  

You can mention about new trends in your business blogs. As you can analyze those trends and can find that how it can be useful for your business. Hence, doing these things will help you to be on a top of the latest industry updates which make you curious about trends. This will help you to stand out as a thought leader.  

Increase Ranking in Search Engine: 

Today everyone is running in a race to become 1st on search engine result. So, a search engine will read all the pages with similar data and store the unique one in a huge index. And next time if similar searches are found search engine will pop up your page as result. 

You can consider blogging as fishing. The more hooks you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish. So, if you are regularly posting your blogs there are more chances to get ranked in search engine which will indirectly increase the organic search for your website and increase web traffic. 

Create Platform For Sharing: 

One of the best benefits of regular blogging is that it creates an opportunity to get more shares and reach out to the huge amount of people. Hence, visitors can share your blog on social media or with their friends. It will viral your content and it might increase more traffic towards your site and enhance chances of growth.

If you are interested in your business exposure, then you can invite people online to read and share your blog through email. Further, you can use a different social media platform to share your blog through your business page which makes your followers more aware of your business, product, service, and quality.  

Further, if you want to promote your brand through regular blogging and don’t have the required resources or person who can write it for you, then you can hire professional digital marketing agency like Branding Marketing Agency. So, they can manage relevant and engaging quality content for your brand.

Helps to Handle Active Social Media 

As we all know social media is a key platform to grow your business. So, you should maintain active social media business account in each and every social media platform. But it is really difficult to be active on social media without unique and relevant quality content. Yes! You can share other people’s content and it’s not a bad thing to do, I mean you don’t have any lose by doing that right? But, did you notice that you are directing crowds to someone else website? If no, then think again about it.

At some points, you want to direct that crowd towards your website, right? So, regular blogging definitely helps you for the same. As you can share your own content through your social media account and which results in increasing organic search to your business website. 

This is the benefit of blogging for small business which makes your business popular among the crowd and helps to increase its revenue.  

Build Authority: 

A blogging is an effective way to establish your small business and brand as an expert in your field. As it allows you to share your important thoughts related to your industry. And if your content is good then people start mentioning you in their content which represent you as an expert in that field.  

These things build trust, familiarity, and authority in your brand.  

Helps to Improve Conversion Rates:

Regular blogging helps to prove towards your customers that your business is alive, loved and maintained well. But consistency in the blog posting is required. If you are not able to be consistent then it may be better not to have one at all. A blog with high-quality content will help to prove your brand loyalty and increase your conversion rates. 

Help you to Become Better Writer: 

There is only one way to become a better writer is- to write pages and pages regularly.  

This is what active bloggers are doing and spends his or her time. The more you write, the more you blog- and the better writer you become. 

Creates Inbound Link: 

Having a high-quality link is a very important aspect of SEO. But without blogging it is not possible to attract a more authoritative link to your business website. When you add some new content and if some blogger like it and use in their content, this is called an inbound link. Which can generate significant traffic back to your site. 

Want to know something more about it? Then Read: 9 Essential SEO Ranking Factors To Optimize Your Website

Effective in Increasing Leads: 

As per the research, it has been proven that if your website has more pages there are a higher level of chances for getting more leads. So, if your website has pages between 401- 1000 pages then you have 6x more leads then fewer pages like 51-100. 

So, it means the more you write for blogging the more leads you will generate for your business. Which leads to more form submission, more quote requests, and ultimately more sales.  

Build a Huge Network: 

All the successful people believe that creating a network and blogging is a guaranteed way to expand your network. So, once you have started posting some interesting blog for readers. Then you will start receiving comments and personal messages through your contact page.  

Some of them want some help from your side and some of them want to help you. Hence a bogging is a good platform for small businesses who wants fresh startup and want to expand business reach. 

Allow to Know Your Customers: 

As we all know blogging allows you to connect with more people which also give you an opportunity to communicate with them. And viewers are open to sharing comment or feedback. So, you are able to understand their need and what improvement they want in your content. 

Post collecting all user reviews, you can make a full proof strategy to write your next content. 

Further, you can use blogs to answer frequently asked questions on your site. 

For example, the FAQ section includes the list of commonly asked question on your site which proves so many customers have the same query related to your business or product. So, by creating depth blog with some pictures, videos or diagrams you are able to represent a clear image of your business. 

Now you can add the link of your blog in FAQ section so people can easily get the result for what they are searching. Not created FAQ section in your website? Then this is the right time to add that section which helps to represent your business in a much better way.  

Maintain Your Online Identity: 

If you are owning a business and working digitally, there’s probably lots of information available about you on the internet. 

So, your job is to ensure that they are getting complete and correct information about your business. Starting a blog that covers all the bases is a perfect way to control your online identity. And always need to make sure that the first page of the search engine makes a right impression.  

Enlarge Your Client List: 

Having optimized website for your business is good. But unfortunately, it will not help you to gain more clients for your business. 

But, if you are constantly posting blogs related to your business that help potential customers to solve their query. Then they start believing in you and thinks you are an expert in your field. So, whenever they need similar services as you deliver then they are likely to be interested in hiring your business. 

Allows You to Achieve Freshness: 

Freshness is an important factor and Google just love this word. As if you are adding more fresh content to your website, there might have more chances to get rewarded by having a high ranking in search engine. And once you are at the top of the search engine then no one can stop your business by achieving the success. 

If you have more content that means you have more opportunity for adding more internal links. This will help search engine crawlers which can effectively spread PageRank through your business website.  

Do you think, your blog needs to be hosted on your Website? 

I know after reading all the above mentioned major benefits of blogging for a small business your answer is “YES”, and it’s correct. Hence, hosting your blog on the website is vital because hosting it somewhere else will not produce the expected result. So many people prefer to use a free blogging platform like  

Hence, blogging is useful for small businesses if the same has been hosted on your business website.  

We hope the above-mentioned benefits of blogging for small business are good enough to convince you that blogging is significant for better businesses growth. If not, then just go through all these topics mentioned above and think are you really visible to your users? If “NO”, then stop restricting yourself and start building your unique identity among your users by regularly blogging for your business. Here, we have tried to cover all the major benefits of blogging for small business. If you think we have missed some of them then let us know with your valuable comments. 

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