Google Ads FAQs For Small Business Owners

by | Mar 24, 2020

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Google Ads FAQs For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, if someone asks you- Are you using Google Ads?

Then what is your reaction?  If no, then why aren’t you using it?

But, you might have many questions in mind.

Where to start? 

Do not worry, here you will have all your queries solved. I will cover all the basic and major questions arising in a small business owner’s mind before or while investing in Google Ads.

Google Ads FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) For Small Business Owners

First of all, a frequently asked question is that – 

Q: What Is Google Ads?

A: Google Ads is an online advertising platform, where all businesses whether it is a well-established business or a small business can advertise their services or products in front of their target audience across Google network. It also gives the flexibility to set goals as per your business to drive website visits or phone calls. You only have to pay when someone clicks your ad. 

Q: How Does Google Ads Work?

A: While browsing across Google you might have seen those small pieces of ads which appear above the search results are Google Ads. Below image shows how they look:

carpet cleaning jacksonville fl - Google Ads FAQs

I had carried out a search for “carpet cleaning Jacksonville fl”. Google showed the search result containing the keyword in the ads on the top and the organic results below it. As you can see that the keyword which I had searched is highlighted in bold in the ad’s description copy. 

This makes it easy for the user to determine that they have come across a relevant company offering the services which they are searching on Google.

Basically, Google Ads is a system that works based on keywords. 

The keywords are selected by the businesses to bid on them. Later Google uses these keywords to display relevant ads to the target audience who carry out a search using the keyword. 

The higher keyword bid and the best match wins the top position on the search results. Moreover, the relevant keywords with a low bid can also show on the top position.

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Q: Why Small Business Owners Should Invest In Google Ads?

A: Google Ads is one of the biggest online advertising platforms. Moreover, it helps businesses to reach about 90% of the audience using the internet across Google network worldwide.

As per Google’s Report: “Small businesses that use advanced digital tools, such as online advertising and data analytics, experienced revenue growth in the previous year that was nearly 4X as high vs. less digitally advanced businesses”.

Therefore Google Ads is the best fit for almost every small business owner. For $1 spend on Google Ads, the businesses make $2 in revenue. You can not get leads from elsewhere rather than Google. Because people are actively searching on Google when they need a service or product.

Q: Is Google Ads Right For Small Business Owners?

A: Google Ads not only helps large-scale enterprises to boost their business, but it also helps small businesses to drive traffic to their website. Google Ads gives you quick results that you can not get from any form of advertising.

As a small business owner, you might provide services or products in your local area. For that reason, Google Ads lets you target your specific geographic location. Moreover, it helps you set a range from a specific location that you serve.

Google Ads provides the option to set a time frame to run ads. Therefore, it gives the flexibility to display your ads during business hours. Most of the small businesses are running during the daytime. So, why waste money showing ads during or business off-hours?

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Q: As A Janitorial Cleaning Business Owner Should I Invest In Google Ads?

A: My answer is YES. A local janitorial cleaning business should invest in Google Ads. You can get great leads from Google Ads by the people who are actively searching for a business like yours.

Nowadays, every commercial office and business is searching online for janitorial services in their area. This is the right time to get in front of them and grasp the opportunity before your competitor gets on it.

You might wonder of what budget to start? There is no minimum or maximum budget to advertise on Google Ads. First, you need to decide how much you will pay for a new customer?

Set your own budget and start. Moreover, Google Ads gives you the flexibility to change your budget anytime. If you get your desired leads, then you can increase your budget or make desired changes in your ads.

Let me explain you with an example:

I had made a search from mobile (most of the searches are carried out on mobile devices) for “janitorial cleaning services San Diego”. The search result seems like the below image.

janitorial cleaning google ads faqs

First of all, I saw the ads on top off the search result. If there are best results on the top, then who would like to scroll down. Moreover, you can see the phone number, upon tapping it directly leads the user to the dial pad of the mobile phone.

Also, the location is clearly mentioned in the second ad. If someone wants to know the location of the company or how much time to reach you, Google Ads provides all the options. Lastly, it also displays the business hours, whether it is open or closed and displays the time when it will be open.

Q: Why Should A Carpet Cleaning Business Owner Invest In Google Ads?

A: It’s no secret that almost every business is advertising online. So as a local carpet cleaning business owner why should you stay behind? To get quick online recognition, you should invest in Google Ads.

If your competitor is investing in Google Ads and you are not, then you are losing all your valuable customers to your competitor. By using Google Ads you can even attract your competitor’s customers towards your business.

Google Ads has the potential to provide quick results if done correctly. It is the most cost-effective way to gain customers to boost up your business. Besides that, you can set up Google ads with the desired budget of your choice.

For that, you need to decide how much you want to spend daily, weekly or monthly. Google Ads will not spend more than your average monthly budget. Therefore, to get one step ahead of your competitor, as a carpet cleaning business owner you should invest in Google Ads.

For Example, I have made a search for “carpet cleaning Castle Rock” on a computer. The search results are as below:

carpet cleaning castle rock - Google Search Result

For a better understanding, I have highlighted the benefits in red boxes. As you can see, the first ad shows an offer with urgency. The second ad shows the location including the open timings. Likewise, the third ad shows the phone number and some website links.

Google Ads on a computer device shows more data than mobile devices. Also, it provides the facility to add website links to your ad for describing other services that you are providing along with carpet cleaning.

Q: As A Junk Removal Business Owner Should I Use Google Ads To Advertise Online?

A: The prime way to generate great leads for a junk removal business is by using Google Ads for online marketing. Most of the people in need of junk removal services go to Google and search for “junk removal services near me”.

There are several junk removal companies online serving in your area. But to stay ahead of them as a junk removal business owner, you should invest in Google Ads. It is quite affordable and cost-effective advertising platform.

Let me explain you with an example: I was looking for “junk removal NYC”. I got the following search results on the computer on Google:

junk removal nyc - Google Search Result

If you advertise on Google Ads, then you will gain the benefit by showing your ads above the organic search results and with more detailed information. As you see the first ad, it shows the phone number including the location. In the second ad, the company has added the types. Likewise, there are website links on the second and third ads.

In short, Google helps you to climb the search results by showing your ads to relevant searches across Google network. Moreover, it provides the facility to add more information to the ad such as location, phone number, website links, services, and types.

Q: Why Should I Advertise My HVAC Business On Google Ads?

A: Everyone knows that Google Ads cover the top half of the search results with ads. Therefore, it very essential for every business to advertise using Google Ads to reserve the spot on top of the page.

Keeping every small business in mind, Google has created the Google Ads platform. HVAC business owners can advertise their efforts through Google Ads to gain customers. Google Ads provides flexibility to handle your campaigns.

As an HVAC business owner, you can advertise on Google Ads with your desired budget, location, and time. To get recognition in a short time, you need to invest in Google Ads.

Now you might wonder what benefit you will get by investing in Google Ads. Let me explain you with an example. I had carried out a google search on a mobile device for “air conditioning services San Diego”. The search result appeared as:

HVAC business google ads faqs

On top of the search results, you can see the ads. These ads can act as a direct lead for HVAC businesses. Seeing the first ad, it has a direct call link. Tapping on the ad leads to the dial pad of the mobile phone.

Whereas the third ad has both facilities to make a phone call and visit the website to learn more. It also has additional website links to other services provided by the advertiser. 

When people need HVAC services, they directly search from their mobile devices. Nearly 45% of people trust the first three search results. Therefore, Google Ads is very fruitful for HVAC businesses.

Q: Why Electrical Business Owners Should Invest In Google Ads?

A: Most of the business owners face a budget issue before investing in any new marketing strategy. But with Google Ads, budget is not a major issue. You can advertise with any budget of your choice.

As an electrical business owner, you need to decide how much you will pay for new customers. Moreover, Google Ads gives you full control to make changes at any time. You can start, stop or change your budget anytime.

Likewise, Google Ads comes with many benefits. To get an overview, let me explain with an example. I had made a Google search for “electrical contractors Escondido”. Here are the search results.

electrical contractor escondido - Google Search Result

As you can see that the top portion covers with Google Ads. The first ad has a phone number, which helps users to make a call. The second ad displays service areas. Whereas all ads have their website links below the ad, respectively. These links can help people to know more about other services.

Therefore, Google Ads can be the best option to broadcast your electrical business in front of people who are actively searching for a business like yours. Moreover, if Google Ads is set up well, you can see a gradual change for return on investment.

Q: How Can Google Ads Help My Landscaping Business?

A: Google Ads is the most valuable and powerful way to boost your landscaping business. Most landscaping business owners overlook Google Ads while setting up marketing strategies. Let me tell you that Google Ads is the only way to build online visibility in a short time.

As a small business owner, you might provide services in your local area. Therefore, Google Ads helps you target your local customers and provides you full control for whom to show ads when and where across Google network.

Google is the largest network around the world. Most of the people are using Google to find stuff around them. To show your landscaping business on top of the search results, you need to invest in Google Ads.

Let me explain to you an example of what you will get by using Google ads in your marketing strategies. I was searching for “lawn mowing service Dallas tx” on desktop and the result appeared as:

lawn mowing service dallas tx - Google Search result

As you can see that the first three results are of Google Ads. All ads contain a phone number and website links for more information. The third ad has a location extension, which makes it easy for a user to find the business near them. 

Using Google Ads you can easily find your competitors and can improve your campaigns better than them. As a landscaping business owner, you can earn higher returns using Google Ads.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Google Ads For Small Business Owners?

  • If done correctly, it provides quick results.
  • Pay only for the clicks upon your ad.
  • Easy to create and manage ad campaigns.
  • It allows you to target your local areas.
  • You can measure and track results easily.
  • It is suitable for any budget.
  • Quick online recognition.
  • You can know your competitors.
  • Chance to display your business on top of the search results.
  • It allows you to show your location to users.
  • You can easily show your contact information through ads.

There are many more benefits of Google Ads for small businesses. But you can not experience it until you use it. Therefore, every small business owner should invest in Google Ads to achieve great results for their business growth. 

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