Step By Step Guide To Create Google Display Ads

by | Apr 18, 2020

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google display ads

Are you advertising in Google Ads?
Are you only advertising with Search Campaign?
Want to know more on advertising with Google Display Ads? Let us begin,

What is Google Network?

Basically, there are two type of networks across Google.

  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network

If you are advertising only with search network, then your ads are limited to Google search result page. But with Google Display Network, your ads may appear on millions of websites, videos and apps across the internet.

The Google Display Network is a vast network and has power to reach over 90% of internet users where Google Ads can appear.

Google Network Ads

As per Google:
“The Google Display Network is designed to help you find the right audience. It contains more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps, and plays host to a huge variety of ad formats and sizes.”

What Are Google Display Ads? (Image Ads)

Google Display Ads are visual ads with images, pictures, text and logos that display across Google Display Network or GDN in short. These ads have the ability to appear in front of users while they are shopping, doing research or even watching videos. The ads are like visual banners.

Step By Step Guide To Create Google Display Ads

Now let’s start creating Google Display Ads. Luckily, it’s quite easy to setup an effective Display Campaign.

First step is to login to your Google Ads account. In the homepage click on “Campaigns”. Here you can create Google Ads Campaigns.

Google Ads Campaigns

Next step is click on blue “+” button and a drop down menu will appear.

New Campaign

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Now, click on “New campaign” to create a campaign. Next, a new page will appear as below:

Create New Campaign

Here, you need to select GOAL for your campaign. For Google Display Ads, you need to select goal such as “Sales”, “Leads”, “Website traffic”, “Product and brand consideration” and “Brand awareness and reach”. If you are not sure about your goal, you can select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”.

Select a goal as per your business target. After selecting a specific goal, options will appear as:

Campaign type display

Now select a campaign type “Display”. Here you need to be specific as you are creating Google Display Ads Campaign. After selecting display campaign type, you need to select campaign sub-type.

standard display campaign

Here, select “Standard display campaign” as you want to display your ads across display network. If you want to display your ads on Gmail, then go for “Gmail Campaign”.

gmail campaign

Now enter your business website address and click blue “CONTINUE” button. A new page will open here.

gmail campaign name

Here, you need to enter your campaign name. Then, comes the locations tab:

campaign Location Name

You need to be quite confident here. Select the locations where you want to show your ads. For multiple locations, you need to click on “Advanced search”.

Advanced Search

A new tab will open as above. Here you can add multiple locations. You can also add radius (i.e. area in miles or kilometers) for specific location.

select language

Now come the “Language” tab. Select the languages your customers speak. Below this will you will see the “Bidding” tab.

select bid strategy

Basically, every ad is focused on conversions. Here you have three options, “Conversions”, “Conversion Value” and “Viewable Impressions”. Select the Bid Strategy as per your goal. Below bidding, you have the “Budget” tab.

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your budget

Enter the amount that you want to spend daily. Note that, daily spend may vary but you won’t pay more than your daily budget times the average number of days in a month.

If you want to schedule your ads for specific business hours, click “Additional settings”.

Ad schedule

Here you have “Ad schedule” tab. Add the days and hours when you want to display your ads. All others are pre-defined options; you can change them as per your requirement.

Next step is the “Ad Group”

Ad Group

Create an ad group and name it. Next you need to select the “Audiences

Select Display Audience

Select the audiences to whom you want to show your Google Display Ads. Target the audiences whom you think can increase conversion rates. Below that come the “Demographics


If you want to target specific people, then you can select: Gender, Age, Parental status and Household income. Now it’s time to select the “Content” where you want your ads to show. Click on content and below that you will find three options: “Keywords”, “Topics” and “Placements”

1. Keywords: Select keyword related to your product or service.

Targetted Keywords

2. Topics: Choose topics to target webpages, apps and videos about certain subject.

select topics

3. Placements: Select specific websites, videos or apps where you want to display your ads.

Ads Placement

Next step is “Targeting Expansion”.

Targeting Expansion

Here you can set weekly estimate for your ads to display and reach more high-performing audiences.

Now it’s time to create your ads. This is the main and basic step of how your ads will look like.

responsive ads

Click on “Responsive display ad”. Here you will come across interface as below:

Responsive display ad

Firstly, enter your final URL. Then go for “IMAGES AND LOGOS”. Here you will get a popup window as:

upload images & logos

You can add image for your website, Facebook page and Twitter page, or you can upload specific images. Keep in mind, that you need to select the best and clear images that previews your product or service or the purpose for which you have created ad.

Then after write compelling “Headlines” of 30 characters. You can add up to 5 headlines.

Below that come the “Long Headline” of 90 characters.

Under that come the “Description” of 90 characters. You can add up to 5 descriptions of 90 characters each. Write descriptions that showcase your product or service. You can also provide brief explanation about your offer.

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At last enter your “Business Name”. You can preview how your ad would appear on display network right hand side.

Now it’s time to save your ad by clicking on “ADD TO AD GROUP”. You can create different ad groups for different products or services.

Finally, you are good to go as you have finished creating ad and click on the blue button “CREATE CAMPAIGN”.

Once Google Review process gets completed, your Google Display Ads are approved and you will start getting impressions and clicks. You can view them on the overview page.

You can also add Call Extension to Google Display Ads.

These is the basic and step by step guide to create Google Display Ads. Test writing different ad copy and different images. Keep testing and you will get best out of it. Ads can bring better results if it has good landing page.

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