Digital Marketing Trends to Keep on Your Radar [2024]

by | Nov 30, 2022

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends have become some of the most important aspects of running a business. There are so many trends going around that it becomes crucial to identify the ones that have the most potential and tap into them before anyone else does.

With the digital revolution booming around us, the most important marketing trends are the ones that incorporate video and Artificial Intelligence in general.

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting digital marketing trends in 2023 and how you can make the most out of them.

1. Video Marketing

Video marketing can’t be neglected if you are planning to do digital marketing for your business. An average person spends a whopping 100 minutes a day watching online videos. The potential of video marketing is endless with it becoming one of the most popular activities on social media. You can tap into this cultural zeitgeist by creating video ads or educational videos.

What Is Video Marketing And Why Is It Important

Video marketing refers to incorporating the video format in the marketing strategy to promote a brand, product, or message to a target audience. It aims to connect and engage with the audience through videos that are about said product or message.

Video marketing is a dynamic way to form connections with your audience through video content. It has gained significance in the marketing world because it gives you an excellent opportunity to explain your product while entertaining/engaging the audience.

Having a free stock footage video for edits from websites such as Videvo will help you create premium-quality videos in no time. Not only will your videos be of superior quality, but you also have the option to repurpose existing content for new occasions such as festivals and holidays.

Is video marketing effective?

86% of video marketers agree that video marketing has been effective in generating meaningful leads and has had a positive impact on their sales. It is believed to be so effective as it blends both audio and video elements to create an engaging environment for the user.

Examples of Video Marketing, Step-By-Step, and Best Practices

Video marketing incorporates different types of videos such as advertisements, educational videos, how-to videos, event videos, live videos, disappearing videos, demo videos, interviews, case studies, and customer testimonials.

Here is how you can start video marketing today:

  1. Define the campaign you want to execute — target audience, the product or message to promote, and what goal you want to achieve out of it.
  2. Brainstorm to come up with video ideas.
  3. Create videos using free stock videos or your own content.
  4. Post your content on video platforms such as social media platforms and video hosting sites.

Some different types of videos you can experiment around in your marketing strategy are:

  • Explainer videos
  • Demo videos
  • Advertisements
  • Live videos
  • Expert interviews

The three types of videos usually found in video marketing are social media videos, content marketing videos, and conversion videos. The 5 types of videos are generally categorized as educational videos, videos meant for entertainment purposes, documentaries, informational videos, and promotional videos.

Note: Restaurants need to focus on video marketing

Video Best Practices

Video Best Practices

The key to successful video marketing lies in telling your story and forming bonds with the audience rather than focusing on sales. You need to know your target audience well and what engages them.

Some of the best practices in video marketing focus on hooking your audience and telling a story instead of creating overly sales-y videos. An important practice to remember is to make sure that your videos work without sound as well, increasing their accessibility.

A good marketing video is one that is clear in relaying its message to its target audience. It’s entertaining, engaging, informative, and relatable to the target audience. It also has a clear CTA at the end of it.

Advantages and disadvantages of video marketing

Some of the major benefits of video marketing are:

  1. An excellent way to engage with an audience.
  2. Universal accessibility as many platforms incorporates video.
  3. Works great on social media platforms.
  4. Offers more room for creativity than other media such as pictures.

Some of the drawbacks of video marketing are:

  1. Production takes time and resources.
  2. You might face technical issues uploading and sharing it.
  3. The audience can skip them right away if they are not interested.
  4. It’s tough to update them according to current events

Video Marketing: A Powerful Tool In The Future

Video marketing is here to stay because it targets the root of all marketing: helping customers make their purchase decision easier. It accomplishes this by informing them about the product and how it can engagingly help them.

Video helps your customers understand your products better and how it can help them with the issue they are facing. This not only helps you attract new customers but also helps existing customers make the most out of your products.

We advise free stock video footage as it is readily available and can be easily used and reused.

Video Marketing Trends

Silent videos accompanied by captions and raw videos that act as behind-the-scenes footage are some of the newest trends in video marketing.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence uses technology to perform automated tasks. It is widely used in digital marketing to help customers in different ways. Many tools make use of AI to engage with customers for routine tasks, such as chatbots, search engines, and content creation. AI is boon for small business, it can scale business by improving customer service, sales, and marketing.

Wepik – the AI-generated images service gives users the freedom to generate images on their own. They no longer have to find the perfect image, they can simply create one themselves with the help of the AI generator. Using AI generated images and templates from Wepik small businesses and non-designers can create designs for social media posts, flyers, posters, etc.

AI-generated images help marketers be more creative in their marketing efforts. Similarly, you have tools that help you optimize your existing content to help it rank better, create better content, write marketing copies, and analyze data.

3. Digital PR & Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing and digital PR are major trends in digital marketing that help you spread the good word about yourself through reputable sources. Influencers — big or small — are collectively a $13 billion industry as of now.

Influencer Marketing

By collaborating with an influencer, you get exposure to a wide audience that you may not be able to reach earlier. This is further compounded by the positive word of mouth the influencer gives you, helping you form a positive impression on the new audience.

Look for influencers that are related to your niche as their audience is more likely to engage with your brand upon hearing about you from them. Start with smaller influencers as their audience is more authentic and compact to persuade.

Here are a few examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns:


The online learning community hired YouTube influencers to spread the good word about itself while enticing customers with exclusive discounts on memberships if they signed up through the influencer.


This lifestyle subscription brand partnered with celebrity chef Ayesha Curry for their marketing campaign on Facebook. It got the attention of both her fans and the recipes showcased were ‘simple and fun’ to attract casual users as well.


The food service also hired YouTuber influencers to talk about how the company’s food service has been beneficial in enhancing their eating habits personally.

Final thoughts

We’re constantly faced with new digital marketing trends that have the potential to take the market by storm. It’s important to recognize trends that fit your brand and have the potential to help you grow organically.

Video marketing, AI-powered tools, and Influencer marketing are some of the biggest trends in digital marketing that have immense potential for big and small businesses alike. As you tap into them, make sure that you fully understand them and make the most of them.

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