Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Website Template Designing Hacks

by | Nov 16, 2019

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Carpet Cleaning Website Template Designing Hacks

If you are among 40,000 carpet cleaning business owners in the United States, then having an engaging carpet cleaning website template design is really important.

According to the recent website design statistics, “Two out of three people prefer to browse through an appealing designed website.”

All of these statistics are pointing out one thing –  “A visually appealing website template attracts customers which eventually grows your carpet cleaning business”.

There are many online platforms providing free templates to build a website. But, what if you don’t have knowledge about what should be considered while designing a website.

No matter how trendy or imaginative template you choose, it is of no use if your website is looking dull and not user-friendly.

Here we have listed 10 design ideas to consider into the website template to engage your customers. This way you can grow your carpet cleaning business efficiently.

Top 10 Creative Ideas For Carpet Cleaning Website Template

1. Web Design Should be Clean and Engaging

Get ahead of your competition with a user-friendly and clean carpet cleaning website template.

You have only 10 seconds to make an impression on the visitors and let them know what they will get while visiting your carpet cleaning website.

Don’t overdo it with color schemes and confusing images. Instead, just make it a simple and decent looking website template. This is because the look and feel of the page are as important as the functionality.

Web Design Should be Clean and Engaging

Above is a great example of a versatile, elegant, and contemporary carpet cleaning business website template of a company called Denver Pros. Like this, always consider the design which is user-friendly having good navigation. For that, you can include call-to-actions.

Color combinations also play a major role in attracting users to your carpet cleaning websites. According to the web design color theory, “Adding brighter warm colors (red, orange, yellow) tend to energize a user and make them more alert.”

Overall, color theory in web design is more than just a visual decoration. It can be a game-changing effect on your carpet cleaning business. If you don’t believe it, then look at this article explaining how color psychology can improve your website conversions.

Creativity is important whenever you consider web designing as it helps you get an engaging website.

2. Keep The Content In The Limit

Today, there are approximately 1.9 million websites in existence. So, how can you make your carpet cleaning website template unique from other websites?

Capturing the reader’s attention in this digital world is challenging. There is 55 percent of visitors who spend only 15 seconds on a particular website.

Good website writing is the only thing that can break this statistic. Well-written carpet cleaning content is capable of getting your business on top of the Google search engine.

Keep The Content In The Limit for website

But one thing you should keep in mind is to keep the content short and simple that the user can easily understand. Get straight to the points in a few words. Don’t put so much content on your carpet cleaning website template.

However, while writing the content keep in mind your audience, stick to active voice, avoid jargon words, add call-to-action, and make your text scannable.

You can see in the above image of the company called CRP Cleaning, it is a nicely-designed website that breaks down the main page in sections to different kinds of content. Also, it contains minimal content which makes it user-friendly and more clear.

Overall, show only the text and visual element on your site which you want visitors to take action on. After designing, content is the foremost thing that helps you get more customers to your carpet cleaning business.

3. Add Discount Wheel Popup To Site

What you need is the customer’s attention to grow your carpet cleaning company. One of the easiest and trendy ways to make your customers notice your website is to add a discount wheel popup to your site.

Spin to win popups is the option forms that visitors can interact with. It is an easy concept just spin a wheel, select an option, and be a lucky winner.

Website visitors will play it like a game and this turns out to be a great way to make your marketing campaign more memorable and interesting. As a result, it will boost your business conversions.

Add Discount Wheel Popup To Site to boost conversion

Add Discount Wheel Popup To Site 2

Above an example of the company named JP Carpet and Floor Care is the best example of a discount wheel popup to a carpet cleaning website. Implementing this to your site will help you build up a massive list of user details including its name and email addresses.

If you have a ready list of email ids, then you can send them useful tips about carpet cleaning. This can help in converting them into clients. Overall, it will break all your sales records.

Therefore, stop using outdated techniques and start implementing proven methods to generate leads. This spin to win wheel is a great addition to your carpet cleaning website template.

4. Embed Google Maps To Your Website Template

Adding a visual representation in the form of a map on your carpet cleaning website let your customers know where you are located.

If any customer wants to hire your service, then they can easily discover you and visit your place for further inquiries.

Also, not every website visitor has the patience to check out your address on Google maps manually.

Therefore, if you consider Google maps to your carpet cleaning website template, then your customers don’t have to do an extra effort and can remember your location.

Embed Google Maps To Your Website Template

Above an example of the carpet cleaning company named Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning shows you the best addition of a map on the site. You can easily add Google maps to your website through the Google Maps widget.

It lets you quickly and easily add a perfect map including thumbnail and lightbox in minutes. Using a series of thumbnail map options, you can change the appearance of the map such as color, size, and more.

Overall, Google Maps is unique and customizable which allows different elements like road and satellite view, zoom level, and language.

5. Display Social Network Icons on Website

One of the best ways to increase your followers or customer base is by sharing your social profile links on your carpet cleaning services website.

You can put social media icons, buttons, and badges on your carpet cleaning website template to ensure maximum visitors redirect to your social profile.

Display Social Network Icons on Website

As you can see in the above image of the company called All American Carpet Cleaning, social media icons are placed on the home page of this carpet cleaning website. The best idea is to add icons on both the footer and header of the website.

You can add social profile buttons like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn to your website template. Again it depends on your business marketing strategies to promote service content on a particular social media platform.

Overall, adding social media icons to your carpet cleaning website increases engagement as well as fans and followers.

6. Provide a Menu That is Easy to Navigate

Website navigation is among the factors which can make or break your online business. It’s one of the key factors determining your site’s usability. Get it right, and visitors will be able to explore and interact with your site instinctively and find what they’re looking for easily.

Once that happens, they’ll quickly scoot off to explore elsewhere, which generally means you’ll be driving them into the hands of your main competitors. But most of the time even though having a creative website people get confused and lost due to inappropriate navigation.

It does not end here. Moreover, to decide how easy and fun your site is to use, your navigation affects a host of other things too, from increasing pageviews and boosting SEO to decide how long people spend on-site and how likely they are to convert into clients. So make sure your website provides efficient user experience by way of clear and consistent navigation which constantly guides your visitors in the right direction.

So if there is a visitor on your website, what are the questions they want to be answered?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What type of services do you provide?
  • How much do you charge for a particular service?
  • How can I book your services?

These are some basic but important questions that can be answered in a services page, an about page, a pricing page, and a phone number or request a quote button.

Extreme Total Cleaning Services makes it easy for visitors/clients to find answers to their questions (and get that much closer to contacting the company) with its easy to navigate the menu. The main menu also has a drop-down menu so customers can find specific, but relevant info:

Provide a Menu That is Easy to Navigate

Moreover, they have made great use of white space to categorize the pages. People would love such a carpet cleaning website template because the information is presented in a format that’s quick and easy to digest.

7. Make it Easy For People to Get A Quote

Clients always appreciate convenience. They want to know what you offer and how much it costs. Unfortunately, sometimes to provide pricing information, you need some questions answered by your clients, so make it easy for possible clients to get the conversation started about pricing.

Make it Easy For People to Quote

Here, Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning has given a simple request form on its site that prospects can quickly fill out. The form is detailed enough without being cluttered. You can simply fill out your personal and residential details with the type of cleaning you want whether it’s carpet, upholstery, or rug cleaning.

8. Keep Engaging Photos & Video 

The majority of people prefer visual content. So you need to make sure that your carpet cleaning website template has images (or even a short video) that clearly indicates what you offer.

Also, make sure to use images and video that can capture emotions and cause action, and avoid cheesy photos. There are many websites where you can get free images related to your services.

When you use high-quality images it can affect the load time. So make sure you reduce the file size before using it. For image compression, you can use tiny png. Also, add alt text to your images in case mobile devices block any image by default.

The TNT Carpet Care homepage is an excellent example of emotional imagery. They have featured a series of short, high definition, and mouthwatering images that play on a loop behind a simple title, sub-headline, and read more CTA:

9. Have Clean And Clear Call To Action 

Call to Action (CTA) is one of the most important things that a perfect website has. It has the power to boost conversions. So make sure your carpet cleaning website template has a clean and clear CTA button.

They are important because they invite users to make a buying decision or any other action that you want them to do.

For instance, your call to action may be about asking users to buy products or asking to follow them on social media for regular carpet cleaning offers and service updates.

For example, you can place an attractive and clear pop-up to your visitors who are scanning your web pages. Moreover, also keep the text on the CTA (Call-to-Action) direct and short. It may be simply a request for a donation to a cause.

Also, make sure you ask your carpet cleaning website designers to design the buttons in such a way that they stand out from the rest of your design elements.

Have Clean And Clear Call To Action

10. Gain Trust by Showing Testimonials and Reviews 

Just for a minute think as you are a website visitor in search of an AC and not able to make a decision. The first thing you will do is shortlist the AC in your budget and read the reviews they have. The same rules apply when potential clients are looking for a carpet cleaning company.

Testimonials and reviews are an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to quality work and client services. You put a lot of effort into ensuring customers have a good experience.

If you want that positive experience to double their ROI (Return on Investment) then request written feedback from customers; that you can post on your site along with their first name. In Addition, if they’re comfortable, you can also post a picture.

Gain Trust by Showing Testimonials and Reviews

Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners have shown that we are “5 Star Rated services providers” and given a link on the home page itself that will drive directly to the Google review page, so people can read in detail how others felt about their services.

Moreover, they also have shown some reviews on the home page. Also, with a more review option, where people can read more reviews.

Apart from these to establish trust and credibility include showcasing reviews, industry awards, and quality guarantees.

The Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in the quality of their services. Such a satisfaction guarantee reduces hesitation for new customers.

Wrapping Up

Always balance creativity with functionality.

If you want your carpet cleaning website to be unique and engaging; then it is important to add something appealing to your site.

As you have seen in this blog there are various creative carpet cleaning website template design ideas to consider for increasing the customer base.

These website design hacks will help you represent your brand effectively. It will also grow your business while attracting customers.

Therefore, when you are ready to build an engaging carpet cleaning website, consider these web template design trends. It will surely help you achieve your business success goals.

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