What’s New In Google Analytics 4? Upgraded & Powerful Features

by | Dec 19, 2020

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Google Analytics-4

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool offered by Google itself. It provides a lot of useful information to the company about the business that they are running online.

Small businesses get a great benefit from Google Analytics, as it helps the businesses in analyzing the behavior of the website, how the website is working, whether the content on their website is engaging or not, what is helping the website to grow, and much more.

Google Analytics has got a recent update called Google Analytics 4, it is the latest version of Google Analytics formerly known as App+Web. Google Analytics has changed the whole UI from the previous version, and with the new design, it also offers new & powerful features.


It is very tough, especially for small businesses to grab the market share online. In order to do business, small businesses have to be found by customers. Google Analytics helps small ventures to optimize their website by providing tons of useful information to them which helps them to increase their visibility.

Powerful Features Of Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the new generation of Google Analytics and embedded with great powerful features.

Let’s look at the amazing features of Google Analytics.

Machine Learning

This is an amazing feature that is offered by Google Analytics to get smart insights. Google Analytics analyzes your data and predicts the future trends that will be going to happen and give you suggestions according to it.

How great it would be for a small business to get the insights & trends to plan ahead? It is tough for a small business to hire an expensive data scientist to measure the growth and provide trends.

At this point, Google Analytics plays a vital role. It analyzes the behavior of the customers and provides useful reports about the trends that are prevailing right now. It will help the small ventures to plan according to the trends and act on their next move.

Small businesses can plan or make a strategy for the future by looking at the trends provided by Google Analytics 4.

Here is the Google Analytics Guide for Beginners.

Customer-Centric Data

This is one of the best features provided by Google Analytics 4.

This helps to get deeper insights into how the customers are getting on the website or about the customer’s behavior.

The small marketers will get to know how the customers get on the website, how they have engaged in it, and whether they retain any customers.

For example, let’s take a carpet cleaning company. If a carpet cleaning company gets to know at what time of season the customers engage more on the website? How have the customers visited the website? Which source/medium is taken by the customer? Likewise, did any of the customers come back?

It would be great! Right?

Google Analytics 4 does exactly the right thing, it will help the carpet company to let it know about the whole journey of the customer.

All this information will greatly help marketers, in the long run, and make a strategy.

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Here are the life cycle parameters of Google Analytics 4.

⇒ Acquisition

The acquisition shows how your business is acquiring customers & a lot more.

Google Analytics-4 Acquisition

  • Overview: In the Overview report it shows the overall acquisition of your customers.
  • User Acquisition: User Acquisition shows from which source or medium your customers have visited your website.
  • Traffic Acquisition: This parameter shows the source medium of the traffic visiting your website.


Google Analytics-4 Engagement

  • Overview: It shows what the customers are doing on your website.
  • Events: Events are the engagement done by the customers on the website, such as clicking links, commenting, sharing.
  • Pages & Screens: It helps you to know how users are engaging on different pages.

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Google Analytics helps you to track ecommerce data and transactions.

Google Analytics-4 Monetization

  • Overview: It shows the ecommerce purchases using item promotion name, order coupon.
  • Ecommerce Purchase: This shows the items that a customer purchases. It collects the data when someone clicks on the add to cart.
  • In-app Purchase: It shows the in-app purchases data. It shows the quantity and revenue of a particular product ID.
  • Publisher Ads: It shows the Publisher ad impressions by Ad unit over time.


It shows how many customers retain or the customers that come back again.

Google Analytics-4 Retention

  • Overview: This report shows the users that returned to the website. It also shows the engagement by the retained user as well.

All the parameters have several cards that give deeper insight. You can customize the cards to dig out more information.

All these parameters let the marketer know about the things that are making the customers visit the website, and besides that, the marketer can improve those areas much more to increase the engagement.

Deeper Integration with Google Ads

You can make a custom audience using your google analytics data.
Google Analytics can measure the data from both the app and the website. This will help you to get a deeper insight into your audience.

Running a paid ad can be beneficial for a small venture, as it greatly increases the visibility of the business online. Moreover, the power of linking the google analytics data with Google Ads can greatly enhance the business. As it will help the small business owners to get deep insights.

Data Controls

Google Analytics 4 gives you the power to control the data of your analytics account.

Users can control the data collection methods

> Disable Data Collection

You can partially or fully disable the data collection of your property.

> Data Retention

You can choose how long the data can be stored in the analytics account. The data will be automatically deleted from the server once the date passes.

> Data Sharing

You can choose whether to share your analytics data with Google. You can also customize whether to give access to Google Marketing specialists.

Users can choose to use data for ads personalization

> Control Ads Personalization for entire Property

You can disable the use of your data in ad personalization for your entire property. Once disabled, Google will stop using the data for ad personalization.

> Control Geographically

Google Analytics offers you to control ad personalization geographically. You can select a country and after that a state to control the ad personalization.

> Control Ad personalization for an individual session or event.

You can also choose whether to use a single event or session data for the ad personalization.

Users can delete the data

> You can request data to be deleted.

You can delete data from the analytics server, and for that, you have to submit a request for the deletion. It provides a 7 days grace period before the deletion of data. Likewise, al the users & admins with edit permission can cancel the request for deletion within seven days.

> Delete data for individual users

If you have edit permission of the account then you can delete a single person’s data from analytics. The user’s data will delete in the span time of 72 hours and soon from the analytics servers.

> Delete a Property

You can also delete a property. The property will be deleted permanently after 35 days. Once deleted you cannot retrieve the analytics data.

There will be no further improvements going to be on the legacy version of Google Analytics. Therefore, it is a better idea to switch to Google Analytics 4. However, it will take time for users to adapt to the newer version of Google Analytics. So, it is recommended to keep using the property of the previous version until you get a good grip on the new one.

In A Nutshell!

Google Analytics 4 can be extremely beneficial for small businesses that are trying to find their feet in the market. Besides that, it shows the full journey of a customer from beginning to end. This can help small businesses to understand the behavior of customers and plan for the long run to stand tall in the online market!

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