10 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips To Boost Your Engagement

by | Jan 8, 2021

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Powerful Twitter Marketing Tip

Like any other social media site, Twitter has become one of the most actively used platforms for marketing purposes. Statistics show that, on average, a Twitter user follows five brands.

Combine that with the 330 million monthly active users that Twitter has, and you will get an idea of the impact one tweet or retweet can have on the popularity of a brand.

Even though Facebook and Instagram are more identified with marketing, it cannot be denied that Twitter can be one of the most powerful allies in your marketing campaign when used correctly.

10 Lifesaving Tips To Powerful Twitter Marketing

Here are ten lifesaving tips to help you unlock the power of Twitter marketing.

1. Have A Solid Plan

A marketing campaign requires careful planning. Start by identifying your goals of having a Twitter account for your business. It could create leads, generating sales, increase Twitter engagement and traffic, targeting a new demographic, or even just building brand awareness.

Once you have done this, arrange them into SMART goals, and design a workflow based on your goals. Set specific periods to attain each goal, note down what you need to do to achieve that, and how you plan to measure your success.

2. Create An Impactful Identity

When you create your Twitter profile, you create your brand identity for everyone to identify you with on the platform. Therefore, you need to be thoughtful about each of the components that make up your Twitter profile – the Twitter handle, profile picture, header image, and bio.

It must be clear, short, simple, and easy to remember. They should be unique so that people instantly recall your brand when they see any one of these. As you can see in the above image LCS Janitorial Services has a great profile. They have mentioned all the details, their location, their website, a short description, and their Twitter handle is easy to remember.

3. Publish Unique And Relevant Content

People maintain continuity in their marketing efforts by posting the same subject on all their social sites and leading viewers from one to the other. However, visitors will have no reason to go from your Facebook or Instagram post to your tweet if they find the same thing there. You need to offer them something extra every time.

Poll on Twitter

If you do a poll on Twitter, you can create suspense on Facebook or Instagram, asking people to follow the results’ link. You also need to refrain from plagiarizing content or copying the tweet style of another account. You can derive inspiration but tweak it to create your version. Do something novel, eye-catching, and trendsetting to attract followers. Your post must also deal with something people are interested in, else they won’t derive any value from your Twitter.

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4. Stick To A Schedule

The significance of having a schedule for posting is twofold. First, your followers will know when to check Twitter for your tweet so they do not miss it. Second, when you create a schedule, it is usually done based on when most of your followers are online and more likely to engage with your tweet as obtained from data analytics.

Twitter Schedule

A schedule also keeps your work organized. If you have a system that can schedule and automatically send tweets, it will also reduce your workload. Moreover, Twitter also offers an option to schedule your tweets as per your desired time.

5. Promote, Sell, Help

While what you tweet will be based on your objectives, it is essential that you maintain a balance and not turn your timeline monotonous. Use your Twitter to cater to your followers, promote your products, and even sell them as Domino’s does.

Promote, Sell, Help

Many companies use Twitter to provide prompt customer service, as well.  The possibilities are endless if you open yourself to them.

6. Engage Shamelessly

One reason social media sites are so popular is that it allows brands and their customers to engage freely and continuously. Studies reveal that 77% of Twitter users will consider a brand more favorably when they are responded to.

One of the best ways to expand your customer base is to go beyond your followers’ list to react and aid people. You can search Twitter for mentions of the product or service you sell and provide answers or solutions to people. In turn, more people will take notice of your brand.

7. Balance Your Keywords And Hashtags

It is easy to get over-enthusiastic with the keywords and hashtags you use and spam them all over your tweet. Sure, there might be 280 characters allowed now, and you can always create a thread. But people on Twitter expect small, crisp messages; so, when they encounter a lengthy tweet, most will not bother to read it.

Hence, it is essential to keep your use of keywords and hashtags under control. Two hashtags have been shown to garner maximum engagement.

8. Pepper In Paid Amidst The Organic

While organic results are an accurate indication of how people are regarding and engaging with your Twitter, paid ads’ contribution cannot be denied. Twitter ads raked in $70 million in 2017, and the numbers have only increased since then.

Paid ads can give you greater exposure and help you target the right audience with greater control.

9. Leverage Analytics

There is no use in implementing a Twitter marketing campaign without obtaining, processing, and using the data you receive to make the campaign more effective.

Usage statistics, testing results, customer profiles, and the brand journey should all be factored in when utilizing data to find your campaign and adjust your goals.

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10. Use Media And Interactive Elements

Using media and actionable elements gives people a reason to further explore and engage with a post. If a tweet has an image, it gets 150% more retweets.

Including videos and gifs show GIF similar results. Interactive features like polls, links, CTAs, charts, etc. encourage people to interact with the tweet. It helps increase the engagement of people with your brand.


Every social media platform has a unique essence. People associate Twitter with news, activism, important messages, deep interactions, and severe advertising. As long as your campaign caters to your customers, stays true to the brand image, and creates Twitter-worthy posts, your Twitter campaign should be a grand success.

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