Google Analytics SEO: A Guide to Improve Google Ranking

by | Oct 27, 2018

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Google Analytics SEO_ A Guide to Improve Google Ranking

As we all know to get ranked in Google search engine is really important for having a successful business. hence if you own a website and it’s not appearing on the first page of google search result then it’s really not going to work, because no one will go to the next page of search result just to find your website, right? Thankfully, with Google Analytics SEO ranking strategies you can measure your website’s SEO success. This can help you to find a way towards improving the outcome and to set your own SEO benchmarks for future business plans.

Yes, it’s true that Google has its own criteria for SEO ranking, but once you understand the tactics, then trust me it’s not that hard to perform well in Google ranking.

SEO Ranking will get increased when visitors will stay longer on your site, scroll your web pages and keep repeating their visits.

Now, you might be thinking how to use Google Analytics to improve SEO ranking, right?

Therefore I have come with the steps of generating SEO report using Google Analytics which helps to find loopholes in your SEO strategies. So, you can fix it to get a better SEO ranking.

So, here are some steps which you should follow in order to utilize Google analytics for better and bigger SEO success.

1. Track Demographics and Interest of Viewers

Do you know about your visitor Demographics and their interest?

If, “NO” then how will you able to deliver the quality content for viewers according to their interest?

Now, you really need to work on it for having great customer response, and guess what!!! Google Analytics have enough facility which can help you with this.

Now, let’s check the Google Analytics demographics report by selecting the Audience section and proceeding with the overview tab under demographics.

Google Analytics SEO Demographic details

Post performing this task your Google Analytics SEO report will get generated which would look like below:

Google Analytics SEO demographic report

Further, if you want to check the same with more details then visit Audience >>Interest>> Overview and the final report with more details will get appear for you.

Google Analytics Demographics interest report

Now, you get an idea about your visitor’s interest with the help of Google Analytics SEO tracking, so start delivering more interesting and useful content for your audience which would be beneficiary for your SEO ranking.

2. Examine your Organic Traffic Ratio

In this first step, we will examine the most important aspect of your website ranking which is called “organic traffic”. When users reach out your website without clicking any link on another website like a paid advertisement or any referral links, then it is called organic traffic in Google terms.

Hence, the ratio of organic traffic proves, that how popular your brand is and how positively it affects your audience. To check the numbers of organic traffic you need to go through the Acquisition section and proceed with channels as displayed in the screenshot below.

organic traffic

As you can see this website is getting 9 organic views per day which is comparatively very low for getting SEO success.

Therefore, to boost up your organic traffic there are several things to do and some of them are as mentioned below.

  • Consistently create quality content
  • Use long tail keywords for your content
  • Use Google Analytics To Find Keywords
  • Make better use of social media marketing
  • Utilize more internal and external links

So, these are some basic points which you need to keep in consideration while working on organic traffic generation for the website.

Besides that, What if someone wants to check the data for previous months?

Thankfully, Google Analytics has already given this facility for selecting the date to generate the report according to your need. So, for that, you can choose date picker available on the top right side of the Google Analytics.

Click on the Organic Search Result then adjust the date according to your choice and click on the apply button for report generation. As you can see I have selected the last 30 days.

Google Analytics date Picker

Now you can able to see totally refreshed Google Analytics organic traffic report.

3. Examine the Quality SEO Traffic

So many marketers believe that quality is subjective, therefore you can’t measure it with an exact ratio. But, I think it’s just a wrong assumption.

Fortunately, Google Analytics provides an opportunity to check your conversions and which is enough to prove my point, that we can measure quality traffic for the website.

Yes, I agree,  there are other tools available for the same, but I feel google analytics is the best among all. So here is the steps of using Google Analytics SEO tool to check website conversions.

To measure the same you need to go through the Conversions >> Multi-Channel Funnels >> Assisted Conversions and use the generated report for measuring your conversions to check does your SEO strategies has improved your conversions rate or not.

Google Analytics conversions report

Source: Neil Patel

Now, you might be thinking that how to improve conversions rate, right?

Actually, it’s a valid question, in fact, if I would be at your place then it might be my first question to fix the issues and give a better performance for SEO ranking.

So, for increasing the conversions rate we need to prove our viewers that how good we are with our services and you can show all these things through your website. For this, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  • Provide a guarantee for quality services
  • Use Tangible action words at the time of creating content. Ex. grab the opportunity, become the first lucky person, reserve your seat.etc
  • Add Testimonials on your website. (This gives a proof of your quality services)
  • Clearly mention the benefits of your services and products along with how it will solve their issues

So, Add these above-mentioned things in your website and make a better use of Google Analytics SEO ranking strategy.

4. Check out Google Analytics Landing Page Report

Want to know which content and keywords of your website are performing well?

what will you say, if I tell you that with help of Google Analytics Landing Page Report you can able to know top landing pages of your website?

Yes, it’s true and to generate this report you need scroll down through the Behavior >>Site Content>>Landing Pages and you are able to see that what pages your users are landing on.

google Analytics SEO landing pages

This report is generated on the basis of the keywords which are used by viewers to search your website. So, it is clear that these all are the ranking keywords of your website.

Now, you need to think that what will you do with this report. I mean, think about improving the result with these keywords.

Let me tell you how, all you need to do is optimize those keywords for generating a quality content. Hence, quality content is a base for getting a better SEO Ranking.

Use of Google Analytics Keywords Research facility is not a bad idea for finding the best keywords. Hence, keywords are the major tactic for quality content. Therefore google analytics has provided an alternative to find ranking keywords of your website.

To get those keywords you need to use Google Analytics Toolbox and select Acquisition>>All Traffic >> Channels and then click on Organic Search from the generated report.

Google Analytics keyword seach

Once you have clicked on Organic Search then your report is ready with some more keywords and which would look like the below-mentioned screenshot

Google Analytics Keyword tracking report

Source: Neil Patel

5. Measure Your Google Analytics Site Speed

Google has rolled out the statement that site speed is an important signal which will get considered by its updated algorithm for SEO ranking.

Are you aware of it?

If “YES” then which steps you have taken to get ranked in a search engine?

Let me help you to find how to use Google Analytics to improve SEO strategies of your website.

To improve your site speed it’s important to check it first, right?

Therefore, to know your site speed you need to select Behavior >> Site Speed >> Overview then you are able to generate your Google Analytics site speed report.

page speed toolbox

Now your report is ready which might look like this:

google analytics SEO page speed

As you can see there is everything about your site speed is mentioned including average page load time, Average Redirection Time, Average Domain Lookup Time, Average Server connection time and Average Page Download Time.

If you want to explore this report with some more details such as from which country you are getting the traffic along with the browser they are using for search. Then click on the Country and Browser button available below the generated report to check the same.

Now, it’s time to take action on the generated report, such as if your site speed is low then take action to improve it.

But, for this Google Analytics has given the solution in which it will provide you the suggestions to improve your site speed.

Just scroll down through the  Behavior >> Site Speed  >> Speed Suggestions and once the report gets generated then click on Page Speed Suggestions to get the important suggestions about improving your page speed.

cliclick page Speed Susgesstion

Now, the suggestions list will get generated as below, so just apply the same on your website for enhancing your google search ranking.

Google Analytics Page Speed suggestion Report

6. Generate Your Own Google Analytics SEO Dashboard

Sometimes It’s becoming easier to find out the required information from a limited amount of data, isn’t it?

So, by creating a Google Analytics SEO Dashboard we can easily able to check the required information.

You just need to import your Dashboard and start creating your widgets by clicking on “Add Widget”. Give it a title according to your choice. Personally, I always wanted to check organic traffic on my website. So, let’s create a widget with the name “Organic Traffic Report”. Now, you can give it a display according to your choice, and I stick to the “Metric’ display for an organic traffic report.

Then select the “Sessions” under the “ Show the following metric”. Hence, we want to filter the organic traffic from whole data so need to set filter too. For that, click on Add a Filter and select Only Show>> Medium>> Exactly matching >> Organic, now save it.

Google Analytics SEO Dashboard

After completing these steps your Google Analytics SEO Dashboard is ready. Similarly, you can select the other aspect and create the widgets in Google Analytics. Some important widget which I prefer to create is listed below.

  • All Organic Traffic report
  • Top SEO Landing Pages
  • Most Successful Keywords by Goal Completions
  • Top Organic Keywords
  • Pages per Visit by Organic Keyword

In the world of digital marketing, there are numbers of opportunities available to grow your self or business. But it is very important to prove your self towards your boss or client with effective SEO results. Therefore, to make those things done you need to analyze your own work and find the weak links. Which would be beneficial to make your SEO strategies much better than before. In this case, Google Analytics provides enough facility to examine your SEO success or failure. So, you can make the required changes for improvements.

We hope after reading this blog your question is resolved “ how to use Google Analytics to improve SEO ranking”, right? So, start using Google Analytics tool and make a way towards the highest Google SEO ranking.

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