An Ultimate Guide on Calculating Average Cost of Website Design

by | Nov 23, 2018

Average Cost of Website Design

An Ultimate Guide on Calculating Average Cost of Website Design

A better website is directly proportional to a better business. Now a day, small to big businesses operates entirely online. For such company owners website is their place of business. If you are one of them and need to increase your business revenue, profitability or improve customer satisfaction, then unique and attractive web designing plays a vital role. But, if you have never worked for the new website project then the first question which arises in your mind is how much is the “average cost of website design for small business”, right? Well, the answer to this question is much complicated. There is no specific cost blueprint for the website design because website pricing depends on various factors.

Here in this definitive web design pricing guide, you will be able to get an exact idea about the cost required to build different types of websites. Let’s explore together!

Let’s Decide What Type Of Website Is Right For You!

Every business is different with their specific requirements, design or images which keeps on changing with time. So, as their need for website designing also differs. Initially, determine which type of website your business requires to get the idea about the cost of your website design project.

  • Small Business Websites

A small business website includes basic information with little customization. It covers fewer web pages i.e. not more than 20, with few stock photos and exceptional functionality. Approximately it costs around $3000 to $9000. If you want to know what more you can include in your small business website, then click here!

  • Medium-Sized Websites

Most probably developers designed medium-sized websites including less than 75 pages, enabling content management system i.e. CMS, custom design layouts and imagery. It would cost you around $12,000 to $20,000.

  • E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are the online portal that supports online transactions of goods and products. In this kind of websites integration of payments is essential as is imagery, avoiding the issue of copywriting. Also, it covers content management system and beta testing. Usually, it cost starts from $6000 to $50,000 which can vary due to a number of the product featured and their intricacy.

E-commerce Websites

  • Large Business Websites

A large business websites consist of hundreds of web pages, customized layouts, unique graphics and images, a content management system or advanced functionality. Also, it includes other features such as personalized development, multimedia creation, blog integration and more. Generally, a large business website design costs you between $26,000 to $41,000.

Factors That Impact The Average Cost Of Website Design For Small Business


Here are many web development companies that work with content management systems i.e. CMS and framework. CMS let you edit the content of your website. If your website design is simple and does not have any unique features, then a CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla is the perfect fit for your project. They can help you edit the content whenever you required.
content management systems

If your website design is more complex which includes a lot of unique features, then you need to build a custom CMS according to your needs. Therefore, depending on the size of your project and number of features required to edit using standard CMS the cost of your website will be decided. Approximately the cost of CMS system will be $10,000 to $100,000 including all the features in the package.

2. Customization

A unique website is a way towards a successful business. Using templates for website designing which covers all the essential designing elements can help you to reflect the uniqueness of your business. Some of the top website templates available are Benri (WordPress), Tersus (Muse), Rhythm (HTML5), Composer (WordPress), Enfold (WordPress) and much more. But it is also true that not all the templates offer the customization factor.


You must opt for custom website designing as it will allow you to add USP of your business in the site. As a result, customers can easily get the essential information what they are searching from your site. The cost of the custom websites keeps on changing depending on your company size, features, functionality and much more.

3. Responsive Design

In this digital world, every individual is more connected to their mobile phones as compared to desktops and laptops. However, they use all the digital platform for accessing information, items, and services. As a result, if you want more satisfied customers then provide them with a smooth platform through which they can easily redirect from one device to another.

Responsive DesignImage courtesy: Responsive Images

Creating a responsive website design ensures that your website is been formatted according to the device. On the basis of customization, the cost of responsive design is calculated, but generally, it might cost you between $3000 to $15000.

4.Number of pages

If you already have a website including all the web pages which needs to be imported to another website, then it can have an impact on the average cost of website design for small business. It has a simple logic i.e. more pages means more content management and addition in cost.

custom website design packages

The cost of website design also depends upon the complexity, number of redesign requirement and size of your design. Remember, that if you frequently require updating and revisions for your website throughout the project, will eventually take extra time that influences the final cost.

5. Maintenance of website

The real hard work to bring your website look better day by day begins after it launches. There are many small business owners who develop their website and do nothing after being launched. We suggest to maintain and improve your website for better performance and to engage customers.

website Maintenance

Take the support of digital marketing agency to help you maintain your website, solving errors and makes them up-to-date. As a result, maintenance of your small business website impacts the final cost of website design.

6. Navigation

Navigation is the feature which plays a vital role in your whole website designing project. This is because various website visitors explore your site and move seamlessly from one service page to another. This can only be possible if there is navigation feature enable in your website. It is the fact that people have a short attention span.

Website Design
Image courtesy: xtremecleaningsd

If the individuals are not able to find the details they are looking for in your website, then without wasting time they will move elsewhere. Therefore, always include site navigation in your website. Also, it is yet another important factor that affects the average cost of website design for small business.

7. Content Creation

Content is the king of every website. But, also it is the most overall looked part of the website. Importing of content from one website to another can have a strong impact in increasing or decreasing of the final cost of your website design.

Content Creation

There are many small business companies who recruit talented content creator for rewriting the content. Eventually, it will reduce the cost of creating new content. Remember! Content is an important way towards the success of your website. Various online marketing strategies only work if the content is authentic and unique.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your responsibility increases after the website being developed. To grow your small business it is very important that your site reaches on the top page of Google. So, that people came to know about your business and services.

importance of a good website for businessImage courtesy: pixabay

Website Design Cost Calculator – A Doorway To Get Accurate Web Design Pricing

Now, you just got an idea about various factors that are responsible for the final website design cost. Still, the question of calculating the accurate average cost of website design for small business is going in your mind?

No worries! We, at Branding Marketing Agency, have developed website design cost calculator to help you find the precise price of your website designing project. Websites come in different sizes and complexities, hence it is obvious that the prices will vary according to the type of website.

All the above-mentioned factors are responsible for influencing the final cost of your web design. In our simple yet beneficial website design cost calculator, you just have to use the sliders to indicate your needs, then click on the “See Pricing” button to get a free, instant quote.

Process Involved In Our Quick and Efficient Website Design Cost Calculator

Start with selecting the range and number of pages you need to add in your web design project i.e. from 1 to 250+. In sequence, go with choosing the style of design you want to attract customers such as simple yet attractive, moderately stylized, high end and world class.

After that, choose a number of pages for copywriting i.e. content writing following with targeting SEO keywords to be placed in the content i.e from 30 to 150 keywords. We guarantee with 100% organic placement of SEO keywords and unique content to help your business rank on the top page of Google.

website design cost calculator

As we have mentioned previously in the factors section that how responsive design is important for your website. So as that depending on your business requirement choose whether you want to have a responsive website or not. Coming to database integration i.e. a data store for multiple applications that combines the data across these applications. In that, change the slider depending on your project complexity from basic, advanced to full development.

Our website design cost calculator also includes the selection of e-commerce functionality and CMS i.e. Content Management System. In what way you want to present your online business in front of customers is what e-commerce functionality all about. Choose one of the options from basic, advanced to the enterprise. Same goes with CMS which allows you to edit the content in your site as mentioned above.

website design cost calculator

Overall, with our quick and easy web design cost calculator, you are able to get the proper estimate of your web design project. This allows you to make the perfect online marketing strategy for your small business development without breaking the budget.

Good News! Now You Can Increase Your Small Business Revenue Quickly!

An attractive looking website integrating your business goals and services is a gateway towards customer engagement and profit levels. As a result, your small business will develop to a great extent. Let us observe some examples of top business companies who have achieved a success, making small changes in their web design.

You can also consider these examples as strategies and apply in your websites which will not only provide an attractive appearance but also affects the average cost of website design for small business.

1. Carpet Cleaning – Pristine

This is this simple yet engaging website on carpet cleaning. It provides visitors to easily navigate through services. The call to action in the center is the smart way to provide easy communication for customers. Overall, due to color selection and simple representation of the website makes it more informative. If you have a small budget with big ideas, then you can choose this formal representation for your website.

web design pricing guide22. Janitorial Cleaning Services – LCS

Having a well-developed, completely responsive website for your business provides you the full advantage of marketing your business 24/7. LCS not only provides the engaging menu but also contains high definition images. Having various social media platform on the website helps visitors to directly connect with you.  This website is the best example of increasing user interaction and eventually growing business.

web design pricing guideThe Bottom Line

It is the fact that web design takes time and a lot of planning procedure to make it a successful marketing tool for your business. Consider this web design pricing guide covering the great examples of website ideas to stand out successfully from your competitors.

You will also get an exact idea about the factors responsible for calculating the average cost of website design for small business. Not only this, our web design pricing guide includes the estimated cost of various types of website.

Find out how much your website will cost you within a minute only at Branding Marketing Agency! Check out more about our website design and development services browsing our website.

Contact us at 619 798 8179 and unlock the secrets to grow your business!

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