How to Use Visual Content to Enhance Website Conversion Rate?

by | Apr 5, 2023

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Ways to Use Visual Content

With the rise of digital media, conventional marketing strategies have significantly reduced. But one thing that can remain common in both conventional and this new-age digital marketing is visuals.

Whether it’s a newspaper advertisement or a social media post, great visuals help attract, engage, and convert your viewers into customers. This makes it super important to implement appealing and attractive visual content in your marketing campaigns.

However, with the evolution of digital marketing, the requirement of using visual content has changed, and now you have to adapt unique ways to use visual content to enhance website conversion rate.

Here are some of the tips to use visual content that will make your website more engaging and attractive for visitors.

10 Ways to Use Visual Content to Enhance Website Conversion Rate

1. Images

Images are the most basic form of visual content that works great for your website. And with the rise of visual search, images have become a crucial aspect of websites. Whether you sell products or services, adding appropriate images can help you get visitors’ attention and higher conversion rates. However, using any image randomly won’t provide you with the right results.

The first rule of thumb while using an image on your website is that the selected image must be relevant to the context of the webpage. Also, try to use original and high-quality images instead of stock photos available on the internet.

Furthermore, the size and place of the image also matter a lot. While you use images in the background, make sure to use a relevant image with the right opacity. So that text and other elements are properly visible along with the original image.

Check out the webpage of Carpet Cleaning Company. They have used the real image of their staff and cleaning truck with the required text (unique selling propositions in this case).

Carpet cleaning company website homepage

Similarly while using an image with text, you need to make sure the size of the image fits with the text paragraph making it look more aesthetically appealing.

Using adequate white space on webpages

You can do A/B Testing for different image sizes and choose what looks most appealing on your site.

2. Videos

Video is one of the most helpful ways to use visual content to boost your conversion rate by keeping the visitors engaged. A video of a demonstration gives a better overview of your product or services to your potential customers. Right videos can increase your sales and also improve trust.

But similar to images, you cannot just put any video on your website and expect results. There must be a detailed study of user experience followed by AB testing. For product-selling companies, you can add a featured video of your products while for services, you can demonstrate the nature of your services.

screenshot of carpet cleaning company website homepage

Here is an example of a Body Treatment company website. They have used a feature video as the background of their homepage giving a clear idea of their services.

Along with this, you can share the ‘how to’ videos demonstrating the working and benefits of your product/services.

3. Actionable Content

From its name, actionable content is a form of content that encourages visitors to take a desired action. Using visual content in an actionable form can increase conversion or at least reduce the bounce rate of your website.

The most common form of actionable content is Call To Action (CTA) Button. Based on your product/services you can add suitable CTA buttons on your webpage that will increase the chances of conversions.

CTA button on website

Furthermore, you can use different formats like sliders, carousel, hoover, etc to present your visual content in an actionable way. Like this –

actionable content on website

This carpet cleaning company has used a slider format to show the before and after results from their cleaning services. Using content in this form lowers the bounce rate and improves the average time spent on your website.

4. Infographics

Numbers, facts, and data certainly attract people and also keep them engaged. That is the reason, Apple said – “1000 songs in your pocket” instead of 5GB storage capability.

However, while presenting such data, facts, and numbers you can use attractive infographics. Infographics are one of the best ways to use visual content. It can be anything that represents data and information in a simple form.

Infographics on website

Here is the website of Hood Cleaning Services. They have explained their cleaning process in simple steps instead of using large paragraphs (that no one likes to read).

Presentation in the form of charts, graphs, tables, and other visual representation tools creates more impact and engagement as compared to plain text.

Let’s understand this with an example of a Marketing Agency. For presenting the data of their client’s increased revenue or web traffic or ROI, a marketing agency can use a suitable infographic instead of plain text. This will grab the visitor’s attention and give a clear idea about how efficient that marketing agency is.

5. AI Generated Content

We are living in a technology-driven world where technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality have become part of our lives. You can also take the advantage of AI to improve your conversion rate.

The concept here is using AI to show your customers the after-results of purchasing your/product or services. For instance, a lifestyle product company can leverage AI by showing how their products will look after wearing them.

AI generated content

Similarly, businesses like cleaning, interior decoration, painting, and home remodeling can show their clients AI-generated final results before purchasing their services.

6. Client Testimonials

According to statistics, 92% of online customers read reviews and testimonials and 88% of consumers trust online reviews like recommendations from their connections. You can ask your previous customers to share their reviews and testimonials.

These reviews and testimonials will be more effective if they are in video format.

Customer testimonials video format

If video testimonials are not possible, try to include real images of clients instead of an avatar or icon which will make it genuine.

clients testimonials on website

Here is an example of how to use detailed testimonials with real names and images. Besides that, there is a form right next to testimonials that will encourage your visitors to take action, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

7. User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is the new way of building word of mouth for your business. As its name suggests, it is content created by the users of your product or services.

This type of content usually includes reviews, how-to guides, unboxing videos, recommendations, etc. User Generated Content also works as social proof of your business and creates trust and credibility.

Users can create this content in different forms like blogs, videos, or social media posts. You can use suitable content on your website with the permission of the user.

8. Leverage Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way of attracting customers and keeping them engaged with your business. However, you can also use social media to increase your website conversion rate.

You can directly showcase your social media feeds on your website by adding a suitable plugin. You can include social media posts like social proof and UGCs that will increase engagement, clicks, and average time spent on your website. Furthermore, try adding social sharing links to your blogs.

You can also invest in influencer marketing to gain more trust and brand awareness. As influencers have huge followings and engagement, their endorsement can help you boost your conversion rates.

9. Use Emotional Content

Emotions are an integral part of every marketing campaign. No matter what marketing strategy you leverage, an emotional touch is a must to connect with your audience. This is also applicable while using visuals in your marketing campaigns.

visual content with emotion

Here is an example of a leading pharmaceutical company, Pfizer. The image of an old patient with a smile shows relief which indicates the value of Phizer to making their consumers relieved from illness and disease.

Adding visuals with the right emotions will connect with your audience and increase your conversion rate. While using images or videos make use of whether they reflect the right emotions or not.

10. Popups & Landing Pages

Landing pages and popups work great for increasing your conversion rate. A popup/landing page with all the necessary details and benefits of your product/services will help you convert your visitors into customers.

While incorporating Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns you must focus on landing pages to get the maximum results. A clear ad copy, great visuals, proper use of CTA, and an emotional touch are some of the core essentials of a great landing page.

However, these popups might be annoying for some users and lead to poor user experience. This makes it super important to use the right popup at the right time. Investing in personalized popups can be a better option to increase conversions.


Visuals play a pivotal role in the conversion rates of a website. Using the right visual content will help you convert your site visitors into quality leads and customers. Images, videos, infographics, testimonials, and user-generated content are some of the effective ways to use visual content to enhance website conversion rate.

However, you must consider the user experience while using these visuals. Also adding an emotional touch to your visual content strategy will help you get the most out of it. Lastly, you can leverage social media and AI-generated content to increase engagement. These strategies will help you boost your conversions.

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