Successful Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses Growth

by | Nov 17, 2018

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Successful Content Marketing Strategies

Now a day, individuals look for information before they purchase anything. Because it is better to be educated instead of pitched. Are you one of those business owners who are eager to increase their growth bar by using successful content marketing strategies? If yes, then this guide is the ultimate solution for you providing the most advanced tactics to grow your business.

Learn a New Mantra to Increase Your Online Presence

Let’s be real! It is the fact that content marketing is one of the trending forms of online marketing. It is the strategic marketing approach that includes the creation and sharing of valuable, related and eye-catching content to attract and retain the targeted audience.

Why Do You Need Successful Content Marketing Strategies?

Where more business owners are recognizing the value of content marketing, it becomes very important to know why you require content marketing and how it can be beneficial for your business. Below mentioned are the few benefits which you can achieve using content marketing in your promotional strategy.

why need content marketing

1. Builds a strong online presence

Today, the world has become digital and content is like a fuel that influences website visits and other key metrics. Incorporating content marketing in your promotional tactics helps you build and optimize the accurate content, enhancing your online presence in front of targeted audiences.

2. Engage more followers

It is the fact that social media has made a strong place in today’s B2B and B2C marketplace. However, there are many businesses that find trouble in gaining a secure position on social media platforms. Through content marketing, you can have an opportunity to create organic and engaging content that is suitable for social sharing and brand endorsement.

3. Generates more leads and sales

Quality content goes a long way. It fuels your online marketing channels. Not only that it plays an important role in the specific stages of the sales cycle. Developing content according to the needs of the customers, content marketing makes it easier for you to satisfy the customers. As a result, with a more satisfied customer, more leads and sales are generated.

Content Marketing Statistics That Proves It a Real Hero on a Digital Marketing Platform

According to the DemandGen’s Survey Report, “more than 100 B2B customers depend on the content when they have to make a buying decision.” This states that through unique content marketing strategies the possibilities to improve search traffic and profitable online business increase.

Also, the other statistic uncovered by DemandMetric states that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times higher leads. From brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, sales to customer retention, content marketing is responsible for all. Therefore, incorporating content marketing in your promotional strategies helps you in many ways to grow your business.

B2B content marketing

Image courtesy: sevenatoms

Despite this statistic, if you have a doubt on the benefits of using content marketing then here is the example of high-profile companies that have hit the success goals using content marketing. This success story will surely make you believe the real importance of content marketing.

Observe How Through Content Marketing This Renowned Company Achieve Their Targeted Leads

Cisco Systems, Inc – A very well-known leading company in IT, networking and cybersecurity solutions. Cisco actively believes in using content marketing and social media management services for their marketing campaigns. Yet, their team of brand marketing was not sure about the end result of these strategies until they promoted their new product content solely on social media.

After a couple of days, when their executives measure the ROI of its content marketing and social media strategies, they were totally stunned. Due to the content promotion i.e. digital marketing they are able to achieve leads for $100,000+. As a result, now Cisco firmly relies on content marketing strategies and social media marketing as it is a great way to grab the attention of the targeted customers and get high leads.

Is this example of a renowned company that has inspired you to scale your content marketing strategy? Or you need to know more about the different components and strategies of content marketing in order to stay competitive in the marketplace?

Stay tuned! Read further to explore more exciting information about content marketing!

Important Components of Successful Content Marketing Strategies

  • Well-defined goals: Defining goals is very important while thinking of a content marketing strategy. Because without well-defined goals you are not able to know if your strategy has any impact.
  • Examine the target audience: It is essential to know your potential buyers before planning any strategy. Learn more about your audience through sales calls or customer development interviews as this could be helpful to turn them into your customers.


Image courtesy: Customerthink

  • Competitive research: Content strategy also covers the research part of your competitors. It is important as understanding your competitors can help you find chances to differentiate yourself and fill gaps where your market needs improvement.
  • Keywords: One of the key benefit of driving many businesses towards content marketing is increasing organic traffic from search engines. In this, strategizing keywords i.e. long-tail or short-tail as per market trend and customer’s needs is very important.
  • Types of content: Content is key in planning a promotional strategy. From blog articles, social media posts, email newsletters, podcasts, videos, infographics/images to webinars, all are the type of content. Creating fresh and plagiarism free content is what Google looks for and helps you generate leads.
  • Sharing and publishing: In this part of content strategy, it is important to decide which methods of promotion and sharing is useful for achieving relevant leads or sales. Through social media posts and blog sharing, website traffic can be generated.
  • Measurement and KPIs: To calculate your success rate is very important after executing content strategies. For this key performance index (KPIs) is required for measuring the success of your goals. Some of the common KPIs used are new traffic, returning traffic, traffic from organic sources, traffic from referrals and much more.

Take Your Business To Heights With The Latest 2020 Successful Content Marketing Strategies

After observing the major elements of content marketing, if you want to build a money-making online business, then here we have covered some of the useful content marketing tactics. These strategies will surely make you think twice if you are using some inappropriate promotional tactics.

1. Create Targeted Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages are the single web pages that are different from the company’s main website. With the use of landing pages, you can target specific audiences and convenience them to buy your particular product.

According to the data provided by the House of Kaizen, Nuffield Health has produced 60% more revenue by optimizing landing pages for the targeted keywords. The aim was to learn more about their current market and customer. Through this, they discover new theories and integrate them into content creation.

Overall, when creating landing pages must think about the relevant keywords and create content around the right ones. One of the best ways to create quality landing pages is using templates from Ubounce, Wix or Instapage. Rather than these, there are other websites providing templates that you can go through and create the best landing pages.

2. Do the Audience Segmentation to Drive Engagement

Be a smart business marketer and choose to segment your audience according to the product requirement. Audience segmentation is very important because all contents are not suitable for everyone as everyone has different needs. For example, content created to bring awareness to a new audience is wasted on old repeat customers.

Want to know how to plan audience segmentation to drive maximum leads? Check This Beginner’s Guide to Segmentation and Buyer Personas.

Audience segmentation is hard to do on blogs, instead, you can use email segmentation. According to the DMA report, 78% of companies rate their competence in email marketing as it drives engagement and sales.

3. Provide Your Audience What They Want

Before creating any successful or engaging content, it is very important to know the target audience and their needs. In this, keyword research plays an important role which aims at finding the specific customers you are searching for.

Start developing new ideas and find current topics for your content with the help of Google Trends. Just type your valuable keyword in the search box and observe the available search results it provides.

Remember! By knowing your audience’s interest only you can create the engaging and correct base for your content. As a result, your content marketing strategy will be more effective.

4. Focus on Millennials and Provide Them Adaptive Content

Millennials are one of the most involved segments of social media society. Also, they are the most diverse and largest generation in the United States. As a result, they are the main target audience for your promotional strategy. So, creating the content addressing their needs will be beneficial to get leads.

Know here: Different ways to target millennials through content marketing


One of the important ways is creating adaptive content. It is the combination of using personalization to improve customer satisfaction levels and creating content suitable for multiple platforms. For example, your readers should be able to access the content in their desktops as well as on mobile phones.  

5. Apply Native Ads, But Don’t Mislead

Native advertising is the form of paid media in which “Ad” content matches the platform on which it is published. Since there are many individuals who believe that native advertising is deceptive because they actually do not appear like ads.

But actually, native advertising works and helps to gain more clicks on the website. Sharethrough stated that many renowned companies monetize their content feeds with the help of native ads.

6. Carry Out a Competitive Analysis

Have you ever had a question in mind you mind that why are your competitors outranking? What are their strengths, weakness and marketing strategies? Competitive Analysis provides the answer to all.

According to the information published by Conversionxl, having a look at your competitors’ actions will increase your conversion rates. When it is properly executed and the results are combined with your strategy, competitor analysis can be beneficial for generating leads.


Image courtesy: Sproutsocial

You can know about your competitor activities and about their backlinks through the right usage of automated tools. There are several automated tools such as Sprout Social, Phalanx, Social Blade, SEMRush, Buzzsumo, Similarweb, etc. 

From the competitor’s backlinks, organic traffic to keywords, all can be know using various automated tools for competitor’s analysis. However, it is time-consuming but also beneficial for your business to be at the top of the marketplace.

7. Stand Out Uniquely on the Local Platform

Content marketing is not just for international customers but also for the local clients and customers. According to the report generated by Friendly Voice, 97% of customers use the internet while searching for local products and services. However, local promotion should be the main part of your content marketing strategy.

The search engine is the best way to find any product by local customers. Also, the search is carried out by using local keywords. Therefore, always look out for the keywords used in your content marketing keeping in mind the customers in your locality. You can also use various keyword search tools or Google keyword planner for knowing competition level, traffic or volume.

keyword analysis

Note: Do not target local keywords in any state or city where you are not able to provide the service physically. Using SEO tactics and local keywords you can easily make your content marketing strategy effective.

Key Takeaways

In the digital world, every business is trying to be on the top of Google ranking i.e. to generate leads and sales. At that time, understanding the importance of the concepts involved in digital marketing can be very useful. Content marketing is one of the key elements of digital marketing that helps you to grow your business with several strategies.

This blog covers all the important information about content marketing and its strategies that will solve all your doubts and queries about it. Also, with live examples of companies who have generated leads from content marketing will make you believe that your business requires the one.

Your business needs that spark to achieve success goals. Content marketing is that spark that connects you with your target audiences. Still, if you are eager to know about the tips to drive traffic to your website, then click here! Read this blog and be updated with the current trends! Stay tuned, as a lot more is coming up which will surely take your business to the heights of success.

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