Painting Contractor Marketing Ideas for Attracting High-Value Leads

by | Aug 25, 2020

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Painting Contractor Marketing Ideas

One of the biggest challenges for the painting business is to generate clients or leads after starting it. As you all know that lead generation for a painting business takes time and proper efforts. Why? Because you need to first gain the trust of your clients from the practical work.

Moreover, being a painting contractor it is your duty to establish the best technologies for painting and decorating the house or office areas of their clients. Also, make unique planning strategies for your residential and commercial clients.

Mainly, residential clients will offer you a good opportunity for doing creative work and it is less time-consuming. While commercial clients give long-term contracts and large jobs for painting.

First, learn here the different ways to promote a new painting business and then know the top 10 painting contractor marketing ideas to gain high-value leads.

Which Are The Ways To Promote Your Painting Business?

Ways To Promote Your Painting Business

  1. Create an attractive website for your painting business. Mention the images of paint products and their relevant details properly.
  2. When you are financially capable, sponsor the local events or charitable trust to create brand awareness of your painting business.
  3. Ensure to list your paint business in different directories and on Google Maps.
  4. Form a good network with your relevant business partners to grow your subscriber’s list.
  5. Develop both types of online and offline marketing strategies to market your business products.

Top 10 Painting Contractor Marketing Ideas To Boost Business Leads

1. Target on Local Search Engine Optimization

While building a website for your painting business, do add all the important features of your services and location. By adding these features, you can ensure the online visibility of your website. 

  • You can use the key terms like “commercial painting contractors”, “residential painting contractors near me” which are likely to be searched by your target audience.keyword_research
  • Add your major city and all other locations to where you provide the painting services.
  • Also, fill the business address and contact information.

Place all the above information on multiple pages, in blog headlines, headers, and footers of your painting website. This way you can grow your local business and can generate more leads for it.

2. Design New Custom Landing Pages

A probable customer will visit your website through a search like  “professional painters in San Diego” or by clicking a google ad. Here, they would likely want to know about the painting service of your business and your expertise in it.

Cabreras Painting landing page

Image Source: Cabrera’s Painting

  • There are chances that your targeted user may want to access the customer testimonial pages. 
  • The customer may look for your recent painting projects or other information about your business.

So, you must design the landing pages of your painting website in such a way that any new visitor can easily navigate between them. Moreover, you can also make a customized landing page design of promotion or special offer pages on your website.

3. Grow Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business page is the first information that is displayed, whenever any person searches your business online. This information includes business location, contact details, working hours, and ratings of your customers.

Sometimes it happens that before working with any type of business, people search for its online visibility. Therefore, if you stay at the top of the google page, then it will make a good first impression of your business in front of clients.

Look after a few things listed below while listing your business on Google My Business(GMB) page:

Google My Business Page

  • Ensure that all the information added on the GMB page is correct.
  • If any details are pending like business year or founder name, then add it to the page.
  • Ask your first-time visitors or customers to share their website experience or reviews on the page. You can do this by using any communication strategy (E.g. Social media, direct mails, etc.).
  • When you get a good client review, give immediate feedback to it. Express them how you feel enjoyed working with them and expect to stay connected in the future for more.
  • If you get a negative review from your client, then first check out which type of issues they are facing on your site. Then, try to resolve them.
  • Keep a track on your Google My Business profile page in a time duration of a week or a month. This way you can know new reviews and updates on it.

4. Print Varied Professional Painting Business Cards

One of the best painting contractor marketing ideas to generate more leads is to get business cards printed. For that, you need to include the few branding elements or details like the logo of your painting site, color selection, and font styles.

Cabreras Painting Business Card

  • If you get confused while designing the business card on your own, then contact the best graphic designers near your area. 
  • However, there are many other local print shops and online painting design softwares available. You can take their help in knowing better ideas.
  • You must ensure that the style and color of your business card meet with the branding format. Do provide correct contact information on these cards. 
  • Mention that you are providing residential or commercial painting services on the business cards itself.

5. Make Simple Lawn Signs Of Your Business Information

When you paint a house or office, take permission from your customer to put a lawn sign in their front yard. The lawn sign is the best way to attract leads towards your business, as people can directly look at your work done in action.

Painting Contractor lawn signs

  • If your client allows, then you can leave the lawn sign of your painting business for a few months in front of their house.
  • More free advertising opportunities will be available for your business when you leave a lawn sign for a few months.
  • Try to design a simple lawn sign in such a way that all the small details are visible to the other people.
  • Add all relevant information of your painting company like logo, phone number, and company name.

6. Do The Promotion Of Customer Reviews Through Different Sources

When you have a quick online presence, the happy customers will leave reviews regarding their experience on your painting website. 

Customer Reviews

  • If your customers leave positive reviews or feedback for your service, then interact with them immediately.
  • While if the negative review is written by any customer, try to first identify the exact root cause of the problem. 
  • After the problem or issue is analyzed, resolve the negative comments, and let your customers believe in you for the next time.
  • Stay in touch with your valuable and precious customers and maintain a positive relationship with them.  
  • When you have a painting business, Instagram social media plays a good role to advertise your sample painting images and ideas.

7. Create Different Referral Programs

Referrals are the best way to generate leads for your business. When you provide high-quality and reliable painting work, you will get a good number of referrals for it.

Referral Programs

  • The old and experienced clients of your business will help you to bring more new clients by following the best referral strategy.
  • To build a successful referral strategy, you need to plan about rewarding your old or referring clients to ask for referrals.
  • Do allow everyone to know about your referral program or strategy.

If you are following all the above points, then you can surely get benefit from your referral strategy.

8. Try Different Direct And Digital Mail Marketing Ideas

Email marketing is always the best way to spread the word of your business and grow your subscriber list.

  • When you send digital mails like newsletters, postcards, or other special offers, it encourages referrals and new clients towards your business.
  • Nowadays, you don’t need to manually or individually send each and every mail to your clients. You can use email automation techniques and create the best emails for every type of event happening at your place.
  • If you apply a traditional way, then you do direct mailing, print advertisements, or attach door hangers for promotion.
  • For a traditional approach, you can hire the best representatives and then ask them to get 1-2 painting leads daily by promoting your business door-to-door.

You will probably get a wider and general market by direct promotion compared to digital mailing. Also, you can grow more new clients for your painting business.

9. Get Benefits From Online Advertisements

One of the best painting contractor marketing ideas is to take maximum advantage of online ads. 

  • Online ads start from Google Ads to all the social media ads scrolled on Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • There are many different platforms to maintain and manage these online ads like Mailchimp
  • On these platforms, you can easily create and manage your painting ads for Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Even though online ads need some initial investment but if your target market takes interest in it, then try it once. Set a small budget and a goal to carry out successful marketing of your business through these online ads.

 10. Create Good Content Quality With A Local Focus

It is important to create the best content quality that focuses on your local clients and that is relevant to your customers. 

  • If you develop a locally focussed content on your painting website, then it will enhance the visibility of your business more in the search results.
  • Moreover, good content quality will raise your social media presence and also help you to gain more business popularity in your local area.
  • Start writing on articles like painting tips, local news related to it, and other resources useful for your customers.

Final Thoughts:

As you have seen the top 10 painting contractor marketing ideas above, so now it is easy for you to create your own marketing strategy. You must follow all the marketing tips listed here to increase your painting sales and generate high-value leads.

However, marketing is not a thing that is “one-size solution fits for all”. So, you need to create your own marketing plan, initiatives, and goals to lead a good milestone in your painting business. Even, after you apply all these marketing strategies once, you need to analyze them again and again.

Finally, you are able to identify which type of marketing strategy works for you and which is not suitable after repeated analysis of these ideas.

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