A Complete Guide to Using TikTok Hashtags to Boost Your Ad Campaigns

by | Mar 14, 2022

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Guide to Using TikTok Hashtags

Chris Messina introduced the word hashtag to Twitter in 2007, and since then, they’ve become part of our vocabulary.

Social media users now use hashtags on a daily basis, especially on major platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. They’re also used across other popular channels like Pinterest, and Facebook to help categorize posts and help users find what they need with ease.

Hashtags can offer numerous benefits to marketers and brands when they’re used strategically.

You can use them to get your content in front of the right target audiences, help to reach new audiences with your ad campaigns, raise awareness about your brand, improve your SEO rankings, and use the trendiest topics and developments to your advantage.

In fact, modern brands that aren’t using TikTok hashtags in their ad campaigns are missing out.

Here’s how to use TikTok hashtags to maximize the reach and efficiency of your advertising campaigns.

Why You Should Be Using TikTok Hashtags

TikTok’s algorithms constantly present the app’s users with content and videos from new brands and creators based on what it determines will be the best match for their interests and viewing habits. This personalized method allows the algorithm to determine the content that may be of interest to each user, and push it to their feeds.

TikTok hashtags are one way to help the algorithm match your content to potential followers on the main For You page. TikTok allows up to 300 characters per post caption, which allows you to include both descriptions and a variety of hashtags to enhance your ad campaign’s reach.

Here are just a few of the key reasons you should incorporate TikTok hashtags into your marketing campaigns to give your brand a boost.

You Can Create Branded Hashtags for Your Business

This is one of the most powerful things you can do for your TikTok advertising campaigns.

Branded hashtags promote your brand, and can share your company’s slogans, cornerstone products, competitions, and other essential marketing tools to wider audiences.

There are two important benefits to enjoy when it comes to using TikTok hashtags.

First, you can use your branded hashtags to monitor the reach and performance of your ad campaigns using the social media channel’s built-in algorithms.

Second, you can use branded hashtags to encourage your followers and customers to create user-generated content. Every time someone uses one of your branded hashtags in their posts, they will automatically increase your presence and reach on TikTok—a platform with over 1 billion active monthly users and 3 billion app downloads to date.

You Can Use TikTok Hashtags to Participate in Trending Topics

Trending topics offer a multitude of opportunities to enhance your marketing efforts on a budget, as they engage huge numbers of social media users.

Using the right hashtags for trending topics can get your brand, services, products, and content in front of a massive, and perhaps previously untapped, audience. These hashtags have the power to get your content seen by people who aren’t a part of your core target audience, resulting in enhanced brand awareness and more sales in the long run.

You can use TikTok hashtags to join trending conversations in many different ways.

For instance, you can wait until a topic related to your industry or niche becomes popular, and then use the right hashtags to get involved.

Alternatively, you can use tags that aren’t closely related to your industry, such as those relating to holidays, major sporting and political events, and other buzzing topics to create a connection between a trending topic and your brand.

For best results, use hashtags that are at least somewhat related to your brand’s niche.

You Can Use Hashtags to Promote Competitions and Giveaways

TikTok’s significant user base and appeal to younger generations of users make it the perfect platform through which brands can promote competitions and giveaways.

Contests boost user engagement as few other marketing tools can, and users absolutely love freebies and discounts!

Launching a series of smaller giveaways on social media will help your brand to build momentum and reach new target audiences with ease.

Contests may be an even more effective tool, as they generate plenty of user-generated content featuring your brand’s hashtags. This means improved brand awareness and appeal to wider audiences as well.

A great example of the power of TikTok hashtags in brand contests comes from chip manufacturer Lays. The brand used the hashtag #DoUsAFlavor to encourage its followers to provide inspiration for a new chip flavor. The hashtag spread rapidly, spurring the creation of valuable user-generated content that got the brand noticed by all-new audiences.

You can also create your own unique hashtags to promote your business’s competitions, offers, and giveaways to attract new customers. Plus, you can spread awareness about your company and its core offerings.

You Can Use Hashtags to Build an Online Community


You Can Use Hashtags to Build an Online Community

TikTok hashtags can help you build your brand and attract a loyal community for your business. If you choose the right hashtag for a specific ad campaign, your followers can communicate via messages and connect with each other using your branded hashtag.

Your brand’s community can help you connect with eager audiences within your niche and others, which can benefit your business hugely.

Your hashtags can help you build a community that shares goals, values, and missions with your business, which can help you create movements that can do good.

Remember to create original and memorable hashtags to ensure that your community doesn’t get confused with that of another brand or organization.

You Can Use Hashtags to Raise Awareness About Important Topics

If you want your brand to become involved in trending topics on TikTok, you need to align it with movements and events that your followers will resonate with.

Using hashtags about these important topics may help your content to go viral and generate user-generated content. And it will communicate to your followers and target audiences you care about matters that they find important.

Socially responsible brands are more in-demand than ever before, and you can use hashtags to communicate the topics that you are passionate about to your community and beyond.

For example, if you are a cruelty-free cosmetics brand, you could use hashtags to raise awareness about the perils of animal cosmetics testing or the dangers of unregulated mica mining to educate your followers and show them you have a deep knowledge of your niche.

The 7 Best TikTok Hashtags to Use in Your Ad Campaigns

TikTok is filled with hashtags for every product, niche, movement, and area of interest. This means that it can be challenging to find the best hashtags to use on TikTok to boost your ad campaigns and appeal to your target audiences.

The easiest way to use hashtags effectively is to use the most popular trending hashtags to get your content seen by as many people as possible. Pair these hashtags with more specific tags that relate to your niche to attract people who are most likely to be interested in what your business has to offer. Additionally, consider leveraging the power of social media and embed TikTok videos into your posts for even greater engagement and reach.

These are the most popular TikTok hashtags in 2022 that you can use to get your brand and products noticed!

1: #ForYouPage

This hashtag indicates to TikTok users that the site’s algorithms have selected the content in question specifically for them. It appeals directly to each viewer with a personal tag that encourages them to check out what you have to say.

2: #Duet

TikTok duets are an ongoing trend in 2022. Brands, celebrities, influencers, and content creators create duet videos to post reactions, comments, and additions to other existing videos on TikTok. You could use this to your brand’s advantage by offering expert opinions or assessments of other videos that pertain to your niche.

For instance, if you operate in the dental care niche and find a questionable video advocating for unsafe dental care practices, you can duet the video with tips for your audience on how better to care for their teeth using your products.

3: #Viral

Everyone loves viral content, and every brand wants to create media that eventually goes viral. Using the #Viral hashtag will get your posts seen by hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions, of people who are looking for the latest viral trends and products online.

4: #Trending

Trending topics are another huge area of interest on social media channels like TikTok. Your brand can use this hashtag to weigh in on trending topics, conversations, and movements and build an audience with your expertise and insights.

If your products or services pertaining to a recent TikTok trend, you can use this tag to gain more clout and exposure for your ad campaigns.

5: #SocialMediaChallenge

TikTok users love a good social media challenge, and this is one of the best ways for brands to gain exposure in the digital age. Brew up a unique social media challenge for your followers and post it using this hashtag to gain as much exposure and user-generated content as possible.

Be sure to include other hashtags specific to your challenge and brand to distinguish it from the many other social media challenges on TikTok!

6: #Funny

Social media users appreciate humor and memes from the brands they follow, as long as the humor posted is in good taste and relevant to their interests. Humor is a great way to create engagement with your leads and make your ad campaigns even more effective.

Use this hashtag to post funny memes, videos, commentary, and any other media that you think will resonate with your audiences. Some brands have a dedicated day for posting amusing content, like #FunnyFriday, to keep their posting consistent.

7: #HowTo

Users of all ages flock to TikTok to find short, sweet, and informative videos on how to do virtually everything from whitening your teeth to growing tomatoes to going zero-waste. Take advantage of this by using this hashtag to post how-to videos that are relevant to your industry.

For example, a beauty brand could post short videos on cleaning makeup brushes, applying concealer or choosing the right eye-shadow shade, or a food and beverage brand could post recipe clips featuring their core products to get viewers’ creativity brewing.

How to Find Popular TikTok Hashtags


How to Find Popular TikTok Hashtags

It’s fairly easy to navigate TikTok and find the best hashtags for your ad campaigns.

TikTok For You Page has unique features that allow you to open the app and immediately view videos that are picked according to your interests. Scrolling through this page will help you to find the most commonly used hashtags for the videos and topics you enjoy, and those that are the most relevant to your brand.

You can click on hashtags featured at the bottom of each video to go to a new page that provides you with more videos that use the same hashtags, along with the number of views they’ve earned. As a golden rule, use the hashtags viewed by the most people to enjoy the most exposure online.

You can find TikTok hashtags by using the app’s Discover Page. This page includes a range of trending sound clips and hashtags that users around the world are incorporating into their videos. If you’re creative, you can even record your own audio and see if it starts trending. The Discover Page also shows you examples of videos that have used trending hashtags, providing you with inspiration for your own ad campaigns and TikTok videos.

Yet another way to find hashtags for your brand or business is to check out the TikTok hashtags that your closest competitors are using on the platform. This is a highly effective way to find out which hashtags generate the most interaction and views in your niche and to use them to give your brand a competitive edge.

To Sum It All Up

Maximizing your digital marketing ROI is key for any business, big or small. Using hashtags is a fantastic way to make your content and ad campaigns stand out on TikTok. Popular TikTok hashtags will help users to learn more about your brand, products, and services, which will lead to more engagement and more followers for you.

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