Effective Instagram Marketing For Business

by | Jul 20, 2018

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Effective Instagram Marketing

It is hard to believe it’s only 7 years since Instagram introduced us to the way to share our lives with the words through photos and videos. Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. It seems like everyone is on the platform.

The platform is not just for personal use anymore. Instagram is a full-fledged, global platform that allows multiple brands to humanize their content, showcase products, and inspire their audience. Now a day’s so many brands are marketing their business worldwide by using Instagram as a platform for promoting and selling their products.

Along with the hunger, love, and fear, visual stimulation is deeply embedded in the human experience. Ninety percent of all information is gone transmitted through visual effects. Due to which users can recognize the same with the least amount of time. The social media platform has tapped into a primal inclination with extremely tremendous success.

Distinctive among them, effective Instagram marketing has quickly proven as one of the most influential forces in content-driven marketing today. The image-based applications become so popular on social media.

Instagram success comes with so many benefits for those organizations who want a source for marketing their products. You must stand out on a platform with a huge crowd of active users who “like” 4.2 billion posts on a daily basis.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing is quickly becoming the social network brands that are turning in order to connect with the target audience. Instagram’s numbers are increasing day by day. The platform passed 400 million users in 2015 and now currently have 500 million users.

There are two vital reasons that make Instagram a marketing channel that other cannot afford. First, the average consumer is active on Instagram on daily basis; it is where the attention can found. The second reason is that Instagram uses Facebook’s advertising features, giving the brand the most extensive options.

Your Instagram strategy is what separates posting for profit from just crowdsourcing self-esteem. To be effective, your all plan needs to clearly define your target audience and outline a clear direction for content.

Here are five ways to create a passionate Instagram following that sequentially leads to increase your business.

Create A Plan For The Action

Your Instagram strategy is the thing, which is helpful for you to increase the crowd who visit your account and check your all products or services. Your plan needs to define your clear target audience and outline a clear direction for the required content, which mentions all the features of products or services.

Creating excellent content that impresses everyone is the result of a well-defined buyer persona. When you incorporate with your ideal customers, you can represent your message in a much better way to attract them.

Instagram might be effective for several objectives, which are as mentioned below.

• Increase your brand value
• Build customer loyalty
• Enhance and complement event experiences or drive sales.

By defining your goal, you will be able to determine the best approach for each step.

Emotional Factor In Marketing

Emotions are at the heart of every relationship, including with brands. According to research, emotional campaigns were twice as likely to generate profit for the brand. Therefore, we choose an image with emotions.

However, not all types of emotions are equally related. The research found that interest and admiration are extremely common sentiments in highly viral content. Positive posts are more liable to share than negative ones, but these things become complicated when it comes to dealing with specific feelings.

Fear is a commonly represented emotion in marketing. This can take the form of showing the downside of not taking action. At our agency, we use social media in campaigns.

Build A Visual Narrative

Show your customers the advantage of using your product or services related to product feature and it will help you to connect your business with people.

When using images of people, you need to show their faces. Instagram photos with faces photos are more likely to receive comments.

If photos are more authenticate which you choose then you will able to form a better support with your customers. Using a real person associated with your company instead of stock photos can increase conversations with customers.

Importance of Conversations/Interaction

Instagram posts should start conversations and encourage self-revelation. Therefore, your social following can become one community.

Consider the desired response from your caption: Are you going to post the statement or something that people will naturally reply to it? Continue the conversations with an exclusive discount or by asking questions, arranging a live session of Q&A. Dedicate time on responding to the comments, liking other user’s image and joining conversations.

Simplify Path Of Purchase

According to research, at least 72% of Instagram users have bought something they first discovered on Instagram.

Now a day, Instagram became a tool, which allows marketers to connect with customers in the most immersive way, making shopping actionable and facilitating impulse buys.


Include a link in your Instagram stories that redirect your customer to the product page on the website.

Stories Highlights:

These video clips appear directly under your bio and above your Instagram feet and play a standalone story, allowing brands to showcase the content they need to get viewed first.

Action Button:

Fans can make the reservation, purchase ticket, place order for booking the services through a third-party partner.


Transfer your Instagram profile into a visual storefront with easy access force in your brand building. Try to upload interesting post, which attracts the user most. Keep posting frequently that user can get daily updates of your product.

With increased user activity, bring more advertisers assembling to the platform, requiring the brand to use intelligent strategies in order to take their Instagram marketing to next level of success.

Post More Video:

Video content is gaining popularity and there are two major contributing factors. It is highly effective for users and no longer costly to produce. Today’s smartphones are available with best camera facility, which give the result as any other video equipment can.

The ratio of video and image posts will vary from brand to brand, and it requires testing before you upload the content because you should know all the details. If video uploading increasing your followers so after this experiment you need to post the higher percentage of videos.

Instagram Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

When you combine the right offer with a perfect promoter, influencer marketing can be one of the most effective strategies, which a brand can use to increase their sales and spread awareness of the product.

There are two ways- seek out influencers for short-term promotions and campaigns, or create a brand ambassador program to create enthusiastic brand promotions.

Brand ambassadors are generally going to provide your brand with more value and publicity. We highly suggest creating a brand ambassador program and targeting micro-influencers. While their following will be smaller.

Daily Data Analyzation

Instagram accounts that are business profiles have access to insights, which is Instagram’s analytics. If you are running personal profile, you can easily convert it to business profile to get access towards Insights.

The new Insights give you access to data that can help you to improve your marketing efforts. The new data is much important and helpful than it was in the past. New data available shows you that where each post discovered. In addition, you can see that how many profiles have visited your post and how many new followers you gained.

When you look at this information on a daily basis, it allows you to see what is working and what isn’t. Then you can add more effort to content that is resulting in the most profile views and followers, and avoid those strategies, which is not attracting new customer.

Use the ‘Stories’ Feature to Tell Your Brand’s Story

instagram stories

Last year Instagram introduce a new feature called stories, a feature that allows users to share photos and videos that disappears after 24 hours.

The stories feature is a great way for a brand to lead FOMO- fear of missing out. Since the content of stories disappears after 24 hours. Your follower needs to watch your stories on a regular basis to get updated with your product or services.

Your brand really needs to take advantage of the attention available via stories. In Instagram, your stories become more popular than other applications and there is no sign of looking back. If your account is completely verified, you can also add a link, and when the user swipe they can redirect to your full story.

Start Writing Good Contents

Too many brands spend so much time to write excellent content, and then they just simply abandon it once it’s posted. Great content will help to get more likes and comments, and that engagement can help your posts to get many new comments.

It is important that you regularly spend time in each post, commenting back, which creates loyal brand supporters. When you reply to a comment even just a simple ‘Thank You’, you are showing the person that you value them and their opinion. This creates loyal support of the company or organization towards their customers.

You do not have to monitor your comment around the clock, spending five minutes replying to your newest post a couple of time a day is sufficient. When you reply to someone, they will receive a notification. So delayed replies can still be effective.


It is getting difficult to do business on Instagram. It has gobbled up another form of advertisement over the past few years with their ability to access the vast number of consumers. Also, it has especially targeted by their demographics at relatively low-cost.

They also provide transparency about what’s working and what isn’t. A transparency is not available in the advertisement in printed media, television or other offline channels. However, as with any marketplace, success has meant more competition, and more competitions mean to have more price.

Define Your Goal

There are so many organizations, who decide to launch an influencers marketing campaign on Instagram without any set of goal in mind. Sure, they want to promote their business just like every other brand. However, it’s not enough for launching a marketing campaign. Its crucial task to define what success looks like to you, so can easily able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Do you want to gain more followers through the campaign? Alternatively, do you want to increase your conversations and revenue?

Whatever the goal is, you need to make sure you clearly define it so you can understand how to properly execute the campaign or improve when necessary.

Define Performance Metrics

Now you have a set of goal in place, you can define key performance metrics with which you can measure the success of your campaign.

These steps can help you to stay organized and successfully expand your business over the social media and also helps you to stay connected with your users. With a proper psychology behind the platform, you will be able to guide your customer’s to take the action that you want and they become long-term customers.

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