The Definitive Guide To Link Building Strategies

by | Jul 24, 2019

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link building strategies

Backlinks are when your website links back to you only but from other websites. So they are also known as “inbound links” or “external links.” They are the votes from other websites, and each of these tells about how much your website’s content is valuable, credible, and useful to search engines. Hence link building strategies are the most important factors in ranking.

The more votes you get, the higher are chances for your website to rank on Search Engines. For Google, links remain one of the most important search engine ranking factors.

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks for Website?

The creation of backlinks is not equal. There are some backlinks that make a huge difference to your website and others might affect your rankings. Thus, to rank your website in Google, you need to use a quality backlink. But how will you know which backlink is of higher or lower quality? Given below are the steps to build high-quality backlinks.

Step 1: The Three Pillars of SEO: Authority, Relevance, and Trust

The authorized site has higher chances to pass on your website(via links). This concept is known as “Domain Authority.” The best link analysis tools are:

The #1 link building objective is to get a relevant backlink for your website. For example, as shown in the below fig. The search result for carpet cleaning company “Clean N Fresh” has the page authority (PA) is 47 and DR is 94. This means such high PR page backlinks are more valuable to your site.

PR and DA of website

Google puts more weight on such links as they come from a trusted website.

Step 2: Include Target Keywords in Link’s Anchor Text

The links must include anchor text that contains your website’s target keywords.

Links Anchor Text

See the highlighted anchor text includes the “Carpet Cleaning SEO” word. Your search term is the keyword for the link This website appears at the top of the Google search engine. So, we can say that having a keyword in the anchor text is important for website ranking.

Warning: Google penguin hammers the websites that contain lots of links with exact match anchor text.

Step 3: The link is a “Do Follow” Link

Search engines like Google do not consider links with the “no follow” tag. So, such links are not valuable.

E.g., Links from the sources like Blog Comments, Press releases, Profile links, and Paid Advertising tends to be “no-follow” links.

No follow links

If you are using the White Hat SEO technique then there are no worries about “no-follow” links. If your google webmaster is linked with a “do-follow” link to your website, then other people and search bots can follow your site which will benefit your website ranking going higher.

Step 4: The Link Must be from the Domain That Hasn’t been Linked to you Before.

It’s good to have 100 links from 100 different websites than to get 1000 links from the same website. According to the research, the number of sites linking to your website (not the backlink) directly correlates with Google rankings more than any other factor of ranking.

Now, using the above steps, you can create high-quality backlinks. Further, there are more different points to build backlinks from authoritative websites to link to your online business.

Note: Importance of Backlinks

Best 10 Link Building Strategies:

1. A Broken link generator method

The broken link building method is a perfect one for creating a one-way backlink.

You need to contact the webmaster to report broken links on your website and at the same time, you can recommend other websites to replace that broken links. Also, you have to specify your own website as it is a favor for a webmaster to report broken links, so the chances of getting a backlink back to your website are high.

You are only looking for 404 pages while finding broken links on your website.

To find such 404 links, you need to focus on resource pages like E.g. if you are in carpet cleaning services then you can search on google with this search strings ->  “Carpet Cleaning Services + resource page”,“Carpet Cleaning Services + resources”, “Carpet Cleaning Services + recommended sites”, “Carpet Cleaning Services + links”. Here, Carpet Cleaning Services is the

Keyword in each of your search strings pair.

As broken(dead) links create a poor user experience on your website page, they must be resolved. By using Chrome Extension Check My Links, you can easily detect broken links. This program will find any broken links that your page has and also highlights them in red to get identified easily.

broken link generator

In the given below fig., for the MyCleaner Carpet Cleaning website the no. of invalid(broken) links are 2 and also they are highlighted in red color.

After finding broken links, lastly, you have to send the site owner one tested mail script that contains all broken link URLs which you have found and a request to him for giving a backlink to your website.

Your site owner contains quality content related to those broken links on his website pages.

2. Infographics SEO method

Infographics are a popular method for bringing traffic to your website and gaining valuable backlinks. Also, they are easy to understand and share.

Choose your infographics carefully:

  • There must be a unique and exciting story for your audience in each one of them.
  • Follow the latest trending topics and then build your statistical infographic data.

To create an infographic design for your website, you can use Dribble, Fiverr, Venngage, and much more.

Once your infographics are ready, you can make it easy for others to share it. For this, you can create your embed code using Siege Media Generator.

Infographics Seo

The figure above contains LCS Janitorial Services Data embedded in siege media.

Lastly, you have to distribute it to others after this infographic data becomes visible on your website. Now if someone on their website shares this data, you will win a backlink for your one.

3. Advantages of Guest Articles

Inviting Guest Articles is the most effective method to reach new audiences and build authoritative backlinks to your blog, which improves your blog search engine authority. Using this technique will not only aware of backlinks, but you will also leverage your online reputation & expand your audience.

Use google to find blogs/websites that accept guest contributors like:

  • Get Backlinks + inurl:write-for-us
  • Get Backlinks + guest-posts
  • Get Backlinks + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • Get Backlinks + become a contributor
  • Get Backlinks + bloggers wanted
  • Get Backlinks + submit an article
  • Get Backlinks + want to write for
  • Get Backlinks + contribute
  • Get Backlinks + to become an author
  • Get Backlinks + guest post by
  • Get Backlinks + now accepting guest posts

Here in the place of “Get Backlinks,” you can use your keyword and search the possibilities accordingly.

You can use social media(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to discover more options to invite guest articles. Whenever you publish any guest article, always link it to your social media profiles.

If anyone likes your blog after reading it, they will follow you for getting more such content next time, and you will get a backlink for your blog. So, considering social media is an easy way to get backlinks from guest articles. Google also accepts guest contributors on its Google Analytics blog.

Other benefits for guest writers to generate backlinks through guest blogging are:

  • Maximum traffic can be generated.
  • You can attract potential customers/subscribers, which gets you more authoritative links to your website that leads to an increase in brand awareness.
  • You can share your story with a broader audience.
  • Get to know about more resources by broadening your outlook and becoming a better writer.
  • You can also find new business partners so that you learn to cater to various types of audiences.

4. Keep a Spy on Your Competitors

If you want organic traffic to your website, then you need to know all the recent updates about your main competitors’ online marketing strategies. You have to watch your competitor’s social media, their link-building and earning strategy, and also their content marketing methods. Below are some tips!

  • Keep yourself alert whenever your competitors are posting new content on their websites.

So to follow this step, you can either subscribe to their email newsletter or follow them on their social media profiles. Another way is you can create Google Alerts for the keyword “LCS Janitorial Services” as shown in the figure below. You can set similar alerts for your other websites and stay updated.

Spy on competitor

  • Get yourself aware of what backlinks are used by your competitors at which time.

This line states that if your competitor site gets links through guest blogging, then you can become a guest author and start blogging on their websites. If most links are got from blog reviews, then keep your touch with those bloggers, and also you can offer them a trial to test your tool.

Monitor Backlinks is a useful tool that would allow you to add the four most important competitors and after that, you can get weekly reports of the new links they have earned. The best feature about this tool is all those links that are already present on your website will be highlighted in green.

Thus, using a tool, you can easily keep track of all the links your website is earning, and these new links will be visible on your dashboard.

5. Build internal links

The key factor in building a successful blog is to create useful internal links inside it as these are the passing link juices that will allow you to add your anchor texts. Various tools are there through which you can automatically build internal links for your blog.

Tools like ->

So, by building the best internal link structures on your website, you can help users to navigate throughout your site and increase the overall user experience.

6. Content Promotion

You need to promote your content to get backlinks to it. The best way is that you can contact other bloggers or websites that are running weekly or monthly roundups. Also, the different technique is to search on google like “keyword+roundup,” and then you can choose the past week or past month results accordingly as shown in the figure below.

Do emails to your competitor’s site and promote your best articles. You can contact Google Webmasters and give them a quick introduction to your website. Also, send one or two links related to your content to various tutorial sites. After receiving your mail if they find your resources useful then they will link to you in their next weekly roundup.

Bloggers are always on the hunt for great content, so if they find a good one, then they will contact you. Also, with other techniques, please don’t ask for a link directly as that will lead to abuse of your relationship with them.

content promotion

7. Write Testimonial Content for Websites

Writing testimonials on the websites which you are using is a secure method to earn a quality backlink. This link would be earned directly from the homepage of an authoritative site.

Some companies have dedicated pages on their websites for writing testimonials. So, if you have a similar page or information to your vendor’s pages, then you could become a testimonial for them. If they choose to publish your testimonial on their website, then you could ask them to create a hyperlink of your company’s name on their company’s homepage.

Suppose if your vendor or partner has blogged on their website, then you can obtain links from them. Further, if they are fine with your proposal of writing guest blog posts for their website, then it is an excellent opportunity for you to publish your ideas on their site.

write testimonials on websites

As shown in the above fig., the guest post has two links from the partner’s site.

Many business websites have pages listing their partners or clients on site. Get included in such lists with your business link in it as shown in fig. below.

write testimonials on website

8. Get in Touch with the Other Journalists and Bloggers

If you want your blog to be famous, then nothing can be better than email outreach to other influencers and journalists from your site. To find other’s email addresses, you can follow the below trick:

Almost 90% of the email addresses are formatted like,, or, so you can try these types and send emails to the publications and websites.

You can also use tools like AeroLeads,, and Voilanorbert.

Another way is you can send your message using social media like LinkedIn or Twitter, but keep your mail up to the point so that the person takes some interest to read it.

9. Donate to Non-Profitable Organizations

You can earn backlinks through this simple and straightforward technique by just finding the websites that accept donations and get the links back to the site that had donated. Now submit the amount of donation and write your website URL to their sites.

There are some good search combinations on google to find these websites like contributors.

  • page + donate + your keyword
  • donation + contributors + your keyword
  • contributors page + your keyword

Also, there are some factors like Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), outbound links, and the price that must be considered while making donations on such websites.

10. Getting Natural Backlinks from Online Interviews

Giving interviews on podcasts, news sites, blogs, and other publications is also the best way to earn a backlink to your site. Here the interviewer will include a short bio of the interviewee on their website with a backlink. Further, you can even ask them to share your interview with their readers on Facebook and Twitter profiles also.


It’s a little tough to earn a quality backlink, but with the help of the right resources and techniques, you can achieve them. Always remember keeping the backlinks is as important as generating them. In order to keep the track of backlinks your website is getting, consider the tools like Monitor Backlinks, Ahrefs or Majestic.

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