What is Content Marketing?

by Chris Yadv | Apr 7, 2018

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Content marketing is the main piece of your marketing plan. When you think about content marketing, it drives traffic to the website or a blog. The better the content and the larger and more engaged the social networks, the brands become more visible to the users. Content can generate leads and sales. Content marketing is about being ubiquitous. So make sure you start your content marketing after proper analysis.

You should be clear about your ideas, why are you creating content, who you are you helping, what are your expectations from the content, what you want to explain to the readers. Basically, organizations use content marketing to build customers and get business through it. One can get profitable results through it like increased revenue, lower costs or better customers.

Nowadays everyone is focusing on content and you might have heard hundreds of time. Let’s see what you can do, that can increase the visibility of your content.

  1. Blogging: If you are not using blogging website that its time to get updated because everyone in the marketing is using blogging website to share the content. A blog will help your SEO and will give your brand more opportunities, it can create better customer relations and will drive more traffic to your website, so it will be a win-win situation for you. And even you can look for influential bloggers where you can do a guest post. Through this, you can attract more eyeball on your content and can increase business through it.

Tips before you write your first blog:

  • Research what you readers are looking for.
  • Write interesting and shareable content every week.
  • Do a guest post on influential blogging sites.
  1. Infographics: It has been proved people like to read content which is explained with graphics or the content having images. If the content has no unique without any graphic becomes monotonous for the reader. If they are designed well, they look nice and viewers on the internet love to watch them. When you plan to create infographic you need to plan out a story because an infographic description goes like a story or a step by step solution. Always remember to make an appropriate story that you want to deliver because readers go through lots of blogs every day, so it better you do a proper research before you start creating an infographic. A pro tip would be: Always create post according to the latest updates which help you to hold your readers and convert them into customers. Here is an example of a post with an infographic included.

Tips for your first info-graphic:

  • Deliver stories using attractive designs and powerful stats.
  • Organize surveys for updated facts.
  • Promote it on blogs, social media and to relevant groups.
  1. Videos: Video is considered as the best way to promote a product or a service. It is also been proved that video connects the majority of people as compared to other promoting ways. According to Forrester Research, a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 billion words. The reason is the video is easy to understand and easily remembered. Many business owners have started using animated explainer video, which explains the pros and cons of the product or services. Basically, it is a software in which characters are available you just need to enter the story and compile the file. The video will deliver a short story promoting the product in animated movie format. You can also use to solve problems of your customers by giving step by step solution through this animated video.

Tips while making your product video:

  • Highlight the positive parts of your product in the video.
  • Give solutions to their problem through video.
  1. Slide Share: It is one of the best ways to flaunt you content creativity to 60 million global users. It is also known as worlds largest content marketing platform. You might be aware of that it is commonly used display presentation. But if you don’t know let me tell you that it is also used to share infographics, videos, PDFs, documents, and even webinars. It is a great platform to get eye traffic to your content and raise brand awareness.

Tips while using Slide-share:

  • Keep on sharing your content periodically.
  • Be active on Slide-share account, be responsive to the audience comments it can bring business opportunities.
  1. Press Release: The motive to do a press release is to create brand awareness. Basically, a company does a press release when they want to share the ongoing updates in the company. It is based on the company as to what your press release could be about.

Tips for Press Release:

  • Make press releases that audience are willing to read
  • Share your press releases on blogs, PR websites and send to publications

If you are willing to know more how to be successful in content marketing click here.

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