Best Ways To Get More Commercial Cleaning Contracts

by | Mar 26, 2020

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Best Ways To Get More Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Are you starting a commercial cleaning business or already a janitorial contractor looking to grow business?

Chasing leads is never too easy.

The problem is how to get the right clients for your cleaning company? However, getting clients is not enough. You need to convert them into customers implementing various strategies.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the best ways to get commercial cleaning contracts and help you achieve your annual business success goals.

Ways To Get More Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Leads

When you first research online on how to get more customers for the commercial cleaning business, you will observe many approaches.

But no one will tell you how to know your customers and maintain a long-term relationship with them. This is very necessary to keep your cleaning business running successfully for years.

Look below for the tips and tricks to chase leads for your commercial cleaning business. Implementing these janitorial marketing ideas and tips you can take your business to the next level.

1. Customers Care About Themselves Not You!

Sometimes cleaning contractors involved so much in telling their story to customers. But in reality, customers don’t care about all these. They only want to hear what makes them happy or what is better for them.

How can you know what customers want to hear from you? The trick is to understand your target audiences and what triggers them. Below are the different points you can follow to identify your ideal customers.

Identify who your ideal customers are

First, know your ideal customers and accordingly align your business in the form of what they need. This is because people only care about the benefits they will get from your cleaning service, not how great your company is.

2. Listen and Focus On Target Audiences

To get commercial cleaning contracts, listen and focus on your target audiences when they call for an inquiry. It helps you know their necessities, concerns, priorities, problems, and expectations.

Knowing their requirements, you can prepare a demo and display your business services that they desire. For example, if your customers are looking for office floor cleaning services, then you can put in front of them exactly what they need.

Listening alone is not enough. You also have to be active. Active listening is one of the effective ways to uncover information required for customer satisfaction. Below are the tips to sharpen your active listening skills.


Here you can also ask them questions like, how long have you been dealing with this problem? Or when you need the service and under what budget? Asking questions helps you know better about them and the chances of getting a commercial cleaning contract increase.

3. Refresh Your Commercial Cleaning Website 

Once you know your target customers’ commercial cleaning requirements, it is important to make changes according to that on your current website. Refreshing your website is one of the biggest contributing factors for growing commercial cleaning business.

This is because the first place where your customers will look for cleaning services in their area is your website. Thus, it should look professional and include all the details the customers are looking for. Here are the points to keep in mind while creating a user-friendly commercial cleaning website.


A website is a strong online marketing tool. Once your commercial cleaning website is ready to engage maximum customers, you can also create an attractive landing page. It is the page where the customer lands after clicking your Ad and has a call to action. Landing pages are an important part of website design and development.

4. Get Cleaning Contracts Through Social Media 

Commercial cleaning business owners in this competitive environment must have a well-rounded and long-term marketing plan. No magic will help you gain more commercial cleaning contracts instead you have a consistent advertising strategy.

Social media is one of the powerful marketing strategies to attract maximum customers to businesses. If you are wondering how to get clients through social media, then here is what you can do.

You must be aware of Facebook — a renowned social media platform. It has the feature button known as “Call Now” or “Book Now” which is free for business owners. Below is the example of the commercial cleaning company using this feature.

Facebook Page of commercial cleaning company

You can link your cleaning service booking page to Facebook social media profile. This way when any customer visits your website and clicks on the Facebook icon, they can easily call you or book their needed service without any delay.

Another way to engage customers in your business is through regular posting your cleaning service images or videos on social media platforms. This way consumers can interact with you by commenting on the posts and know your service better.

Facebook Page of commercial cleaning company-2

Overall, with the right social media strategy, you will be on your way to booking commercial cleaning appointments in no time.

5. Promote Your Business on Local Directories & Local Listing

Do you want to increase website traffic from potential customers? If yes, then get your business listed in local directories. It is free and can help you increase your business web traffic. Some renowned local directories are yelp, bing places for business,, Hotfrog, show me local.

Approximately in two days of adding your commercial cleaning business in local directories, the web traffic from mobile grew from 0 to 18% of total traffic. This is because the maximum number of consumers are using mobile during searching for local information. You can observe clearly from the statistic below that how important it is to register your cleaning business in local directories.

Local Directories & Local Listing

Apart from local directories, you can also register your business in Google local listing. There you can register your commercial cleaning business by adding details like the name of the business, phone, number, website address, local address, and timings, and much more. All these details are stored online which makes it easy for customers to access.

The main goal of the Google local listing is to make your business more searchable among customers. It is the best way to gain more commercial cleaning contracts as your business is visible to the people working or living near your business area.

6. Double Your Business By Doubling Your Conversion Rate

Have you done everything from creating user-friendly websites, spending money on Facebook ads to pushing updates on social media platforms?

Still, not getting commercial cleaning contracts? Why? It’s not that your marketing strategy is wrong, it’s just you need to think differently here than your competitors.

Focus on what you have rather than jumping and rushing on getting more. Pay attention to your current commercial cleaning customers and try to convert them into repeat customers. This strategy is known as Conversion Optimization. Many marketers called it as A/B testing, monetization, revshare, and churn to describe it.

Conversion optimization is a hardworking procedure in which you have to focus on your current cleaning customers and try to make them your long-lasting clients. Here you need focus and attention. Below are the steps to follow to double your conversion rate on your website.

Way to increase conversion rate

Following these ways, you can increase your commercial cleaning business conversion rate. This means if there are 3,000 people who land on your cleaning website, 150 converts into leads. For perfect calculation of conversion rate you can use this formula: Conversions/Website visitors x 100. 

Shortly, with higher conversion rates you can achieve the most out of your marketing efforts.

7. Let More Customers Find You Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a cleaning website and want maximum leads, then SEO is the best service use for branding your business. You just have to make sure that your website has everything that matches the search engine algorithm needs.

From content words, titles, external and internal links, words in links to fresh, engaging content, all are the ingredients that the search engine needs to rank your website on top.

Apart from these, there are other SEO strategies that can help increase your website visibility while getting more commercial cleaning contracts. Below is the image showing you some of the top SEO tips to increase your cleaning website leads.

Tips to get more SEO leads

According to the statistic, 1.2 trillion searches are performed per day on Google worldwide. If you focus on the above-given SEO tips, then surely you can generate many leads online.

Overall, SEO helps to get your commercial cleaning business on top of the Google search engine while attracting more customers. But it is not the overnight process to see the results.

Be Patient and Get the Business Leads!

8. Get Cleaning Clients Even More Faster With Facebook or Google Ads

Up till now if you have followed commercial cleaning marketing strategies outlined above, then you have a well-optimized website with organic content to generate leads.

Now if the foundation of marketing your cleaning business is set, focus to boost your results. With SEO and organic content, you can generate leads but as mentioned above it takes time.

With paid advertising on Facebook and Google, you can flip the coin and start getting leads right away. Facebook ads and Google ads are both pay-per-click advertising platforms where you have to pay each click ad receives.

If you want your cleaning business website to appear in top results in Google search engine result pages, then Google Ads are the ultimate choice. Whereas, Facebook Ads appear in social feeds and help you attract customers through demographic.

Look below for further differences between Facebook Ad and Google Ad.

Facebook ads VS Google Ads

Whether it is Facebook or Google advertising, each platform is responsible for enhancing brand awareness and driving more commercial cleaning contracts. However, creating ad campaigns is the job of focus and skill as failure can cost you money and no leads.

It is very important to create a high conversion Facebook Ad copy to gain attention from your potential commercial cleaning customers. At the same time, for Google Ad, you need to hire a professional marketing expert who has complete knowledge about paid advertising.

An expert team is able to manage your paid ad campaigns while helping you achieve higher ROI (Return On Investment). Do think, Invest, and Get More Cleaning Work!

The Bottom Line

Many companies are providing commercial cleaning services across the United States.

According to the Statistic, small cleaning companies compete in the local market and their success depends on the marketing strategies.

If you are a small growing commercial cleaning company or a leading janitorial contractor who wants to boost maximum leads, then these above-mentioned marketing ideas are for you.

It helps you to get more commercial cleaning contracts while achieving your business goals. You will not only be able to get customers but can keep them for a long time.

Follow these marketing tactics, and drive traffic to your commercial cleaning website. Also, if you are in the commercial carpet cleaning business, then follow these unique ways to generate carpet cleaning leads.

Just remember no marketing strategy will be fruitful until you invest your time and money into it. Focus on what your cleaning business needs and then implement the above strategies into your business plan.

You will surely achieve what you desire for your cleaning business.

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