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by Chris Yadv | Feb 14, 2018

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Facebook marketing

Facebook has more than 800 million users over the globe. With no doubt, it is the biggest social media platform that internet has. This is the reason why online marketers never take social media marketing for granted. Facebook can provide the business. In fact, more & more marketers are creating their business page and promoting their business over the globe with help of Facebook.
Social media marketing is very necessary these days, as Facebook is one of the most favored platforms for promoting small business. The interesting fact is that it is FREE!!!.
A Facebook page has many potential benefits for the marketers for there business like generating leads, getting customers, helping them through chat process and many more.You can Promote through advertisement and sell products through Facebook. Some of the things of Facebook are similar to websites.
Facebook filters the people you want to target your business and helps to drive more sales. As it has users in billions it will help in online as well as offline business.

So, here is the detailed list of how to access the benefits of using Facebook for business marketing:

1. Open Business Relationship With Customers.

You can create a Facebook page of your brand and connect with your customers. The transparency reflects a good business ethics which will help you get loyal customers.

2. Easy to Find.

Facebook is commonly used platform where your business and services can be found easily. Almost every generation is browsing Facebook nowadays. So it becomes very easy & quick to find your business page.

3. Reach Targeted Audience.

You can post branding messages on your wall or you can share messages to the targeted people, invite them to events and promotional offers. Don’t keep on hammering with daily e-mails because they can get irritated by this. Keep a follow-up email promotion once or twice a week. It will help the customer to keep them updated about your brand.
In addition to this, you can also use your own CRM and page data to create look-alike audiences with the help of Facebook’s own data. This will help target your Ads at people who look like your current customers, website visitors or Page fans.

4. Build Brand Loyalty.

Your business can do wonders if you succeed in building a brand loyalty within the customers and market. I mean if you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal. Stay in touch with your satisfied customers to leave feedback on your Facebook page. The advantages of sharing testimonials of satisfied customers on your Facebook page is that it will inspire millions of Facebook users to like and buy from you and also increase your website traffic without spending any amount for lead generation on Facebook.

5. Live Chat Room.

You can stay connected with your customers 24/7 through your facebook chat room. It will help you to help your customers with their grievances and concerns immediately. Facebook also helps to keep you connected with your, readers, audiences, clients, subscribers, followers anytime of the day or night on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, and desktop by using functionalities such as desktop notification, post notification etc. This maintains clarity about your business practices and it increases trust and loyalty among the customers.

6. Data Insights.

There is a good feature provided by Facebook called as “Data Insights”. It helps in tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts. Data insights can play a vital role in decision making and business can get a detailed analysis of traffic on their page and plan out according to the available insight. Data insights were developed by the Facebook core team.

7. More Activity means More Traffic.

It is true that the higher your activity on your Facebook business page, the better chance of ranking on the top of news feed. As you rank in news feed there are more chances of getting clicks. It is good if you serve with different new things to the new visitor logs into Facebook because you are not aware of likes and dislikes of the visitor. But too many updates can be disturbing to people.

8. Facebook advertising increases word-of-mouth and referrals.

There is no better place than Facebook marketing, Facebook marketing can go viral. If your ads are reaching the targeted people, they will like and share it their friends and family. The quality to spread word of mouth & referrals will be significantly beneficial to your business.

9. Signal to Google Crawlers.

Google plays a vital role in business websites and usage of the Facebook business page will give an alert to Google about your services and product quality. The more likes on your business page the better Google ranking your website will get. SEO experts have proved that Facebook page likes can boost organic SEO.

10. Facebook advertising is most cost-effective ad investment you can make.

Facebook is the best and cost-effective ad investment you can make. Its benefits are endless. You can grow your business two times through Facebook marketing. It filters the people according to your business. It is the cheapest source of advertising. You can target previous customers, website visitors. You can create awareness through this platform.
Hopefully, these 10 benefits have convinced you that having a Facebook business page is an absolute no-brainer.

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