7 Signs You should Invest in Email Marketing

by | Oct 26, 2021

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Invest in Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a very common phrase nowadays. There are 4.6 billion email users worldwide in 2022, and the forecast for 2025 is 4.6 billion. Since email is a commonly used global platform, you should not miss the opportunity of email marketing for your business.

Today, email marketing is not limited to promoting your product or services; artificial intelligence has totally changed the game. Now email marketing is used for lead generation, lead nurturing, up-selling, cross-selling, and relationship building. Most importantly, it can become the most powerful tool when it comes to standing out in the knowledge commerce industry. Email marketing is the best and most effective way which you can inculcate daily to get more out of your brand. People think e-mail marketing is less in demand nowadays, they think it is outdated. They need to understand and think that why big companies like; Google, Amazon, WallMart, Starbucks, Nike, etc are still doing it? So ignore the rest and focus on utility.

Email marketing is a great tool that you should definitely be using in your online marketing strategy.

There are numerous reasons why email marketing is doing good in online marketing strategy;

1. Email marketing is easy and quick.

2. Follow-up with clients is easy.

3. Low investment as compared to others.

4. More audiences can be targeted.

5. CEOs and Founders can be easily targeted.

6. Segmentation is easy.

Top 7 Benefits Of Email Marketing

1. It is Faster

Faster Results From Email Marketing

Email marketing is faster than other marketing methods. Results can be seen a couple of minutes after you start the campaign. It reaches the audience as soon as you start your campaign. If you don’t use email marketing and prefer to use different marketing mediums. You might be aware that you need to wait for weeks to get the details of the sales.

Well, over here you no need to wait for that amount of time in email marketing. Results are pretty quick in email marketing service.

2. Gives the best ROI

Email Marketing Gives the best ROI

All the big companies like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Audi, etc. use Email marketing and they are doing it brutally right???

Because it provides them the best ROI.

According to the research, you get $40 on every investment of $1 isn’t this good?


This is the main reason email marketing is so popular among businessmen when it comes to marketing.

Email marketing ROIs are easy to monitor. The average click-through rate for email campaigns is roughly 3%. Whereas Twitter’s click-through rate hovers around 0.5%; which means you’re 6x more likely to get website visitors from email campaigns. This makes email marketing is the most cost-effective way to run advertisement campaigns as compared to social media campaigns.

As more focus today is on e-commerce sales, business owners are faced with a new challenge. Which is to get the traffic in their in-store sales. Thus, email marketing is a powerful tool for those looking to drive conversion. While the body content of your email is necessary to capture your reader’s attention. The CTAs you use convert your audience into customers.

Also email marketing is one of the most affordable marketing strategies. You can engage a huge targeted audience with minimum cost as compared to other marketing channels. Sometimes email marketing is lower than the cost of a billboard advertisement. The thing that requires investment in email marketing is the email marketing software that can track, customize, evaluate, and automate your email marketing. You can start with gmail, yahoo, aol etc these are free and extremely beneficial. Gmail provides a lot of features that can easily boost up any small business if used correctly.

3. Trackable

Email Marketing Is Trackable

Nowadays most email service providers present us with a platform. Using that platform we can measure stuff like bounce rates, click-through rates, open rates, conversion rates, number of people you unsubscribed. You can use this information and make immediate changes on your landing page (home page) or in the ongoing campaign. Making corrections in the campaign will show you immediate results. Email service providers such as Mailchimp, aweber, constant contact are famous email service providers which help us to track our data and modify it for better results.

4. Audience segmentation

Audience segmentation

Segmentation is a way how we filter our audience. By doing segmentation, we can categorize our audience from age, gender, location, profession, etc.

Email list segmentation is best for those brands who gain detail about their clients. It is been proved that marketers who apply this strategy often boast improved engagement rates as an outcome of segmentation. The old method like sending the email to every customer no longer works, and the campaigns to ensure that they are sending relevant messages to individuals who can be converted to a potential customer. During segmentation and every stage of email marketing, you should prioritize email security and follow DMARC statistics to avoid phishing and spamming.

5. Globalize your Brand

Globalize your Brand With Email Marketing

You can easily reach millions of people with email marketing in just a couple of hours. Doesn’t it sound great?

Suppose: you want people from all over the world to purchase the e-book you are selling. That is where e-mail marketing comes into action. You can categorize your emails and set a target location for it like US, UK, CANADA and your targeted audience is 2 million users. As you make the campaign live your brand will be visible to millions of users, who will see your product or services and would like to know more about it. If the information meets their requirement they will end up purchasing it. This is the best and fastest way to build your brand globally over the internet.

6. Build Relations with Your Customers

Build Relations with Your Customers

Well, we care for everyone who is in the email list or other’s with whom we want to get connected. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to connect with people directly. For instance, if you want to get connected to someone who is working with Google or a well-known celebrity, the first thing you will search for is email, because everyone is comfortable with emails.

For example: when you receive an email from XYZ company or individual, it is on you to reply or not after reading.

On the other hand, if you are using a licensed version of Adobe Acrobat and you find any problem in using it. The next step you will do is mail the customer support about the problem. They will reply for sure and they will help you with your problem. This is how a brand and customer relation is built. Because you can directly take your problems to your service provider and they are likely to revert and end up building a healthy relationship.

7. Shareable Content

Email Marketing in 2018

Email ads are shareable content and with the simple click of the forwarding button. If someone reads your email and they like it, they would love to share it with their family and friends. This could also be beneficial for your business growth. You just need to do is create an interesting piece of content worth sharing. Provide such offers that they cannot resist and you will notice an increased number of shares for your email. This is a free marketing method that you are getting by just creating an engaging and interactive piece of content.

Sent & Received mails through Email Marketing

Quick Email Marketing Tips Only for You

1. Don’t experiment with the sender field

A recognizable name in a crowded inbox is a good thing. Keep your sender field consistent and make it easy for your reader to see who the email is from. This is the first thing that readers look at when deciding whether to open your email or not.

2. Write Attractive subject lines

The second thing the readers see is your subject line. So it’s your job to make a killer subject line. Be original. Be enticing. Keep it short and sweet. Speak to your desires, doubts, needs.

3. Always address your reader

Whether you are sending emails to 5,50 or 5000, write for an audience of one. Build a mental image of your model reader. Be faithful and be clear while you talk as you are talking with them in person.

4. Make it personal

If you know the name of your reader, use his/her name and address her. Use Constant Contact’s email marketing software to automatically include it in your emails. You can also use it in the main message of your email to keep the reader engaged. But don’t overdo it. Jamming your reader’s name into every sentence may sound a bit creepy. The aim is to sound natural.

5. Make mobile-optimized emails

Around ⅔ of emails are opened on smartphones or tablets. If your email doesn’t look compatible and flawless on a portable device (mobile, tablets), more than 60% of readers will get alienated. 6. Keep it short but engaging Readers don’t like to read bulky emails, you must keep your email short and engaging. The use of phrases that create urgency, effective call-to-action lines, and relevant content can make your email engaging. 7. Avoid Spammy Words The email spam rate is increasing day by day, you should avoid the use of spam trigger words to stop your email from landing in the spam or junk folder. Sites like Hubspot provide lists of such spam trigger words. 8. Always Proofread It will create a very bad impression on your customer if you send an email that is either incomplete or full of errors. You should always proofread the email before sending it. Check for the attachments, grammatical errors, etc. Must follow all email marketing trends thoroughly.

Note: Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing Automation


From the points given above, you are mature enough to decide why you should go with email marketing.

Email marketing is the best way to generate more revenue in a shorter period of time. It is fast and flexible and it has the highest return on investment what else you need.

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