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  1. 1. Why should I market to my past customers?
    For most local businesses, the majority of revenue comes from their repeat customers. But your past customers are also being marketed to by both your local competitors and the newer national competitors. It is 7x less expensive to keep a past customer than to acquire a new one. Marketing to your past customers keeps your business top-of-mind and brings customers back sooner.
  2. 2. Why are reviews important to my business?
    1. 1. Over 76% of web users make decisions regarding local businesses based on customer reviews.
    2. 2. Building a strong base of 5-star reviews protects your online reputation from any bad reviews you get in the future.
    3. 3. Reviews improve the impact of all of your other marketing by converting prospects into customers 20-40% more often.
    4. 4. In competitive markets, reviews are often the deciding factor for potential customers.
    5. 5. Reviews are a top 5 search ranking factor for Google and other search engines in ranking local businesses websites.
  3. Do reviews impact the search ranking of my company's website?
  4. Absolutely! Online customer reviews are a Top 5 search ranking factor for local businesses.Local SEO is a complex process but building a strong, multi-site base of excellent customer reviews using BMA is easy. BMA's review software automatically builds your review quantity, velocity and diversity. By generating and syndicating reviews for your business to all major review sites, BMA maximizes the SEO benefit for your business.
  5. What is your privacy and confidentiality policy?
  6. Our policy is simple and effective. We will not sell, rent or trade your or your customers' personal information. Period. Read more about our privacy policy and our data security and confidentiality policy.

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